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Send Postcards by MMS

It’s always good to see Melbourne based companies come up with clever technology. MMS Postcards allows a user to send a picture via MMS to the company. In turn, the company will print the picture into a postcard and send it to anyone in the world. Charges are automatically placed on your phone account thus requiring no credit card. Many modern phones have syncing abilities with Outlook or other PIMs giving you the ability to store people’s addresses in your phone.

When travelling overseas, it is always a pain to find a shop that sells postcards, then buy a postcard, and finally figure out how many stamps it will take to send to someone not lucky enough to be on vacation with you. In non-English speaking countries, it can be more difficult. Hopefully, this company will ease some of the postcard sending stress.

MMS Postcards

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Road Closures

Its probably worth noting that next week, April 01 2007, there will be road closures for the Run For the Kids race. Consider taking public transport (remember the Sunday Saver – $2.50 for the whole day, Zones 1+2).

The Burnley Tunnel is still closed, which generally means fun traffic jams along Kings Way (I know, I was caught in slow traffic not long ago). It will however, re-open at 10am, on Tuesday 27 March, according to CityLink.

Best cafes in Melbourne

Your opinions please.

There is a group of us currently at Joe’s Garage in Brunswick. Mediocre fries, smelly pizza & a smoothie which apparently “tastes like someone ate a watermelon & threw it up”.

My vote goes to Brown Sugar in Block Place, in the CBD. They have the best coffee I’ve tasted in Melbourne & great food (especially the bruschetta with basil & tomato, & the sticky date pudding).

Metroblogging Melbourne Meet up!

in keeping with john’s and my attempt to spam the metroblog with constant updates of our meet up

Charles and Gala
Charles and Gala!

“We are eating some grub!”

Present today are Ronny, Janice, Colin, Gala and I.

Gala’s having a bowl of thin chips with Heinz ketchup and sour cream, Colin’s having a medium seafood pizza, Janice’s tucking into her eggs benedict and Ronny’s refusing to drink his watermelon algae-shit.

I’m having a chocolate mocha, iced.

We are blogging LIVE! from Joe’s Garage right now!!

Hey everyone!

the team from Melbourne Metroblog are now gathered in Joe’s Garage, Brunswick Street. We are blogging LIVE!, simultaneously and disrespectfully :O

If you are in the vicinity, swing by, say hi, grab a drink and tell us how much we RAWK!!

Melbourne is not in the Top 11! *shock* *gasp* *horror*

Top 11 Train Systems

A particular story has been, in the last two weeks, heavily discussed among several Metroblogging cities with great enthusiasm. I have been following it with a keen amount of interest, as some of the cities involved (and uninvolved) are places I’ve actually visited and lived in. Melbourne has not gotten wind of it – perhaps with good reason – but I’ll like to bring this conversation down to the Antipodes. Besides, Melbourne is too big a city to be left out of this conversation!

Virgin Vacations has, rather audaciously, ranked the world’s top 11 (strange number, but a ranking nonetheless) train systems with their own set of unpublished guidelines.

Missing cab driver/Stolen cab

Just got back from a great dinner and coffee session with two old friends who live together in the western suburbs. They told me that there’s a cab parked along Melon Street, Braybrook in the same spot for over a month with no one claiming ownership.

The male counterpart has called the taxi company, only to be rebuffed and told to call the police instead. This was three weeks ago. My friend adopted a wait-and-see attitude, hoping something would come out of it and decided not to call the police.

The cab is still there.

Accident given unprecedented coverage

The tunnel accident has been given unprecedented coverage within the RMIT online community. All 55,000 students – each with a student email account – have received an email with a gentle warning and perhaps ‘alternative’ form of news update. I have fellow RMIT students wondering why the email is sent to them when no one they know is affected.

I’ve never seen such actions taken by RMIT before. They ought to do it more often. Students do read their emails regularly; perhaps they could use the email as a viable and free way to advertise other stuff.

Major incident in Burnley Tunnel

Traffic is going to be bad today, as the Burnley Tunnel is expected to remain closed for the whole day.

There was a crash in the tunnel, three people are confirmed dead, and a major fire – some causing burnt cars to be unrecognizable. CityLink are advising people to avoid sing the roads, and use other roads – Warrigal Road exit, the Princess Highway, and so on.

VicRoads has some information, The Age has some news, lets hope things get better. Drive carefully.

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