Don’t spend all your money on Easter eggs!

Tempting though it may be, if you save your pennies you will be much happier.


Because there is an amazing clothing sale coming up for men & women!

On Friday the 13th of April from 12-9pm, Saturday the 14th & Sunday the 15th from 12-6pm there’s going to be a sale on Chiodo, Comme Des Garcons, Y-3, Martin Margiela & ic! berlin clothing.

Location? 111 A’Beckett Street. Ground floor — it’s a gold art-deco style building, on the corner of Elizabeth Street.

Definitely one to mark on your calendar! For the style-conscious, of course ;>


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  1. felix (unregistered) on April 16th, 2007 @ 2:58 am

    God you are bad aren’t you, your skills are quite under efficient and I have no idea how you are kept inline the metblogs MUST be running hard on journalists if they need the likings of you, your now Edgar Allen Poe or Charles hemming way so I think you should go back to school or even prep and re-learn how to at least keep your readers excited about something maybe your skills are more efficient to re write the book see spot run, run spot run but then again that may be a little to hard for your skills.

  2. Whatever (unregistered) on April 16th, 2007 @ 10:47 am

    Cripes! What’s bugging this guy? Is this a serious attack? If so, just a wee observation for Felix: Before you go attacking someone else’s writing skills you may want to check up on you’re own grammar and punctuation because yours is, quite frankly, pretty bad.

  3. Gala (unregistered) on April 16th, 2007 @ 10:55 am

    It appears I have a fan. Haha!

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