History Boys

12888a.jpgThe History Boys is on at the Arts Centre Playhouse. It’s a great play, though the review in The Age says this production drags on a bit. It was made into a film as well (not sure if it made it across the overly large pond), but it’s such an intimate play that it’s best to see it live.

Here’s the blurb:

An unruly bunch of bright, funny sixth-form (or senior) boys in a British boys’ school are in pursuit of sex, sport, and a place at a good university, generally in that order. In all their efforts, they are helped and hindered, enlightened and bemused, by a maverick English teacher who seeks to broaden their horizons in sometimes undefined ways, and a young history teacher who questions the methods, as well as the aim, of their schooling.

The best bit is that if you’re under 28 tickets are only 27.50 instead of 68.90. There must be some confusion because the rate for under 26, pensioners, and unemployed is $60, which makes no sense. Anyway, if you’re in the ever-expanding definition of ‘youth’ (30 is the new 20!) then you should definitely go see it. The cheap tickets are only on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

I don’t know what the AU cast is going to be like, but the writing of the play makes it worth the ticket price. Cheap theatre is great!

The History Boys runs through 12 May.

Ticketmaster (though you may be able to buy tickets at the venue)

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