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“Aussies Don’t Fight” – a dissenting opinion of ANZAC Day

Yesterday in Melbourne was the commemoration of ANZAC day, which Neil’s already covered. It’s officially an Australian holiday when we “remember the sacrifice of those who died in war”, but I’d like to approach it from a different aspect.

I’m afraid that for me, ANZAC Day doesn’t inspire a great deal of pride in my country. In fact, its role as a sacred cow only highlights the problems with our culture. It could be a worthwhile day of remembrance, but as it currently stands, ANZAC Day is an event that desperately needs some disruption and dissent. Allow me to explain.

Farm Animals at Victoria Market

anybody catch the farm animals that were at victoria market last weekend?

far animals

i wonder what they were for.

Is it me…

…or is Autumn not as cold as we have all come to expect?

It’s almost the end of April. I’d have thought the word ‘layering’ would come into play far more often than the sporadic bouts of cold that Melbourne gets these days.

I can still walk around in a tee-shirt in the day and not having to worry about a cold draft. It only gets progressively colder (or cooler) in the late evening.

Is this part of the ‘climate change’ (note choice of words, global warming is so 9/11) that everyone is talking about? Is summer and warm days longer and hotter, and winter and cold days shorter but colder?

I vote no for both questions.

Sleepless in Melbourne.

The days and the nights are getting cooler over the weeks. I’m beginning to feel the onset of S.A.D., that is, seasonal affective disorder, more commonly known as winter-depression (I know! It’s only autumn). It doesn’t show much in the day though, because I’m unbelievably chirpy. Yay.

It hits me when I’m trying to convince myself to sleep instead. Ohhhhh the agony.

So I came up with this list for well, myself and anyone else feeling S.O. S.A.D., minus actually going to a sleep clinic (maybe that’ll be number 10):

1) Apparently inducing sleep by reading lecture notes doesn’t work. Listening to a recorded lecture DOES work, ironically (hee hee).
2) Camomile Tea. Luke-warm. Strong smelling. Mmm.
3) Avoid Earl Grey Tea at night. Gosh, can those keep you fidgeting.
4) Try not to drink excessively (like, anything). The constant need to pee after midnight is such a bother.
5) Take a short-run in the day to have those happy-hormones working.
6) Eat some dark chocolate.
7) In love? Great! TLC calms the nerves.
8) Single? Night is when lonliness creeps up and melancholia settles in. Try talking to a friend. It works.
9) Single and in love? Ouch. It sucks to be you.

Goodnight, folks.


A good portion of the Melbourne Metblogs audience are international students. We try and point out fun things in Melbourne but sometimes we must point out some sad events. April 25th is more than a day off work/uni but an important date in Australian history. It is a day to remember the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (The ANZACs) landing in Gallipoli during World War I. It is also a day to honour those who serve and have served in the armed forces.

If you really want to experience the national pride and history of Australia I would HIGHLY recommend waking up early and going down to the Shrine of Remembrance for the dawn service.

Dawn Service
The Shrine of Remembrance

Wikipedia: ANZAC Day
City of Melbourne: ANZAC Day

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AJAX Online Radio Station has put together a neat site featuring an easy to use interface for listening to Melbourne (and other major Australian cities) radio stations. With the magic of AJAX and without using Windows Media player (or any other external player), listening to different radio stations is as easy as turning a dial on a regular radio. I might be the last person on earth to not have an IPod, so I really appreciate this site. [via Digg]

*All the Melbourne radio stations worked last week but Gold 104.3, Mix 101.1, and SEN 1116 don’t seem to work as of today.

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Gas Leak at Melbourne Uni

If you were really excited about your noon class and it’s anywhere between the Microbiology Building and at least Econ and Commerce, get less excited.

I just rode out of the car park and was told there was a gas leak. Don’t have many details (and the uni hasn’t sent around an email), but the woman said stuff had been closed down for at least an hour. I asked if anyone had been hurt, she said she didn’t know, but probably not. She said someone smelled gas and everything was evacuated.

It doesn’t appear to be overly serious, there aren’t people screaming and running around, but she did ask me to shut off my mobile phone – which you should do if you’re near the area. Go ahead and shut down your laptop while you’re at it. That being said, there was another guy on his mobile standing directly next to someone in a hard hat, so it doesn’t appear dire.

So, if you’ve got friends on campus give them a ring to see if you need to be here before you come down. I have so much extra time to do my reading now.

Update I: Here are Melbourne Uni’s official gas leak policy and procedures. Exhilarating!

Update II : They opened everything back up at 1pm. I found and returned a girl’s wallet. It’s a small chance to play hero, but I’ll take it. On the downside – your classes have resumed. I mean upside! Upside! Education is great!


One of the benefits of having recently moved into the inner east suburbs (from the outer east) is that my choice in food, as a vegetarian, is far less limited. For example, i no longer have to decide between the terribly exciting “margherita” and “vegetarian” varieties when i order pizza.

My new place is right down the road from Plush Pizza (85 Burwood road, near where it meets Power Street; as far as i know, this is the only one). Plush Pizza caters toward vegetarians and vegans (and other dietary conditions that have less to do with choice), and I thought I’d give them a plug because they’ve been pretty good to me.

A lot of vegetarians (and, i imagine, vegans, lactose-intolerant people, and those requiring gluten-free food) will probably be able to relate to the usual experience you go through in ordering something like a vegie alternative when it’s not officially on the menu; “Ok, you want a burger without the meat – so you just want the bacon, then?” It can be a little alienating. The service at Plush Pizza is at the other end of the spectrum. Ask for a pizza with a “Vegan base” (non-dairy), and they’ll even warn you if the pizza has honey on it. I never even realised that some people actually avoided honey, but the people who work there have bothered to think about it.

(Another bonus is that, while you’re waiting for the pizza to cook, you can peruse some animal welfare literature, with both provocative political ideas and suggestions for meat-free recipes.)

Closer to the city you can find a Mojo’s Pizza (along Bridge road, opposite the Richmond Town Hall), which specialises in “weird” pizza varieties (including a Nacho pizza). There are three of them scattered about Melbourne; i’m not sure where the other two are. I am a HUGE fan of the Gringo – the Nacho’s pizza, but they have a range of other varieties (including dessert pizzas dripping with ice cream) using ingredients you don’t usually find in a pizzeria.

Roulette Indeed (Comedy Style)

Neil already posted some good tips for the Comedy Festival, but with a couple days to go, I just wanted to add my two cents.

We went by the Exford for the free comedy last night (it’s on every night around 11pm). My friend had gone a couple nights previous and saw some good acts. What we saw was really, really bad – including one of the comics making fun of the deaf. The extremely drunk, middle-aged woman hitting on everything in sight was far more entertaining. We left shortly after she’d made her regretful selection for the night.

That being said, Neil’s right about it being roulette – you could get someone amazing or someone really crap – but also remember the importance of the word free. You’ve only got about nine days of comedy left, so get down to the Exford. Remember to wear closed-toe shoes though; security gave me crap about my flip-flops, which is completely laughable considering it’s the Exford.

The Exford, if you didn’t know, is at Russell and Little Bourke. I’m so nice to you when you’re too lazy to google.

By the way, anyone seen anything really great? Really terrible?

Le Cirque du Soleil in Melbourne

The Cirque du Soleil is in Melbourne! This time round, they are presenting their Varekai tour. I have seen this one before, in another country and I must say, it is quite spectacular. Enough to tempt me to buy a DVD of its performance.

It is a once in a blue moon experience. If you haven’t seen a performance by the cirque du soleil team, it is worth watching at least once. Their performances started yesterday and will continue til the 3rd of June 2007, before heading west to Adelaide.

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