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Chadstone’s VIP shopping night

I was at Chadstone for their VIP shopping night earlier. Crowded at 10pm, even. Its amazing how many people are at the mall, and I’m wondering if having extended hours daily (instead of store closures at 5-5.30pm) will make more sense?

Point-to-note (since I saw a lot making the same mistake): no more Fly Buys usage at Myer. They’ve not been part of the Coles group for over six months, afaik.

Saw 4 annoying people, 2 couples, young, buying a doona and 2 pillows for someone’s birthday. Smart aleck boy decided to ask a lot of silly questions about the warranty on the doona, while standing in line at the cashier. He made a lot of people queue up for longer than they should have. I’m fine with sensible questions, but here he was asking about an insurance policy, if lumps came up in the doona, will he get a replacement while his is getting fixed, and so on. Ridiculous, for the sake of asking, kinds of questions. </observation>

Caberet Nocturne changing venue

News just in; Caberet Nocturne will have it’s final night at Tilt Nightclub (272 Russel Street) on Friday; Caberet Nocturne changing venue – thus making one of my recent posts obsolete already.

They do plan on re-opening elsewhere, once a suitable spot is found.

Corrupt Politician: Peter Patrick Costello

Lately, I have been reading the much praised “Carlton: A History“. I found an interesting tidbit on our treasurer’s great-great grandfather, Patrick Costello.

He “was an Irish catholic publican of the influential ‘publican’s party’ that controlled Melbourne’s municipal affairs in goldrush days.” He did fairly well for himself and acquired a few properties in Carlton. But when Patrick turned to politics he found himself in over his head. To gain more votes for the seat of Mornington, he “organized a steamer trip during which a number of men were asked to personate deceased or absent Mornington electors.” Patrick became the first Australian politician thrown out of parliament. He was sentenced to 12 months in gaol but due to his strong Irish political connections got freed. Even 150 years ago, you got screwed by lawyers and his legal fees sent him to bankruptcy.

So not only can we attribute the GST to a Costello but we can also credit a Costello with being the first to be ousted out of government and almost gaoled.

Carlton: A History

Australian Dictionary of Biography: Patrick Costello

Picture via SMH/Casual Cas

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Daylesford Foto Biennale ’07

Subject says it all, consider visiting the Daylesford Foto Biennale ’07, if you’re into photography. June 02 to July 01, there will be photography and related events, that photo buffs will find clearly interesting. Some of the seminars look amazing. Consider going.

Also, the hot springs are in the vicinity. Maybe make a weekend out of it?

Wednesday night shopping?

What is it about winter that has retailers going for winter sale? Both Highpoint and Chadstone are running their VIP nights tomorrow.

Highpoint’s VIP night will go from 5 to 9 pm with retailers offering discounts and freebies.

Chadstone’s retailers will go til midnight with some offering up to 50% discount for some items. I guess, shopping is a sport for some, and a chore for others!

Spotted in Melbourne: Kate Ritchie

First it was Jessica Alba, then over the weekend I see Logie winner, Kate Ritchie. Walking through Chinatown, I decided to stop at Kun Ming Restaurant for some Chinese food (or Hong Kong food as the young woman outside stated). No one seemed to bother her or rather most didn’t recognize her including myself (I’m a Neighbours fan). About an hour later, I spot her again walking down Swanston Street.

Usually when you see celebrities traveling around town, they have entourages, body guards and limos. Its refreshing to see that someone so famous can eat at an average restaurant and walk down the street like a “normal” person.

Picture via SMH/Penny Stephens

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The Peel has won the right to exclude heterosexuals – but what does this mean?

The Peel is one of Melbourne’s staple gay clubs. It’s located at the end of Peel Street where it meets Wellington Street in Collingwood. It’s free, it seems to have a lot of floorspace, though it winds around. It has a couple of dance floors and places to sit and drink.

According to the National Nine News website, they’ve just won the right from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal for an exemption to the Equal Opportunity Act so that they can “ban hetersexuals” (in the words of the media reports).

But what does that mean?

My initial response was that any ban like that is problematic. Noone should have to declare their sexuality, or define themselves by any sexuality at all, which is the basis of my own objections to discrimination based on sexuality. (Does anybody in the universe actually introduce themselves by saying “Good to meet you, sir, my name is David. I am a bisexual / heterosexual / homosexual / asexual / bi-curious / undecided / never-planning-on-deciding”? Seriously?) Ultimately you should have the option of not knowing, not caring, or not bothering to call yourself anything, if you want.

But then i read some of the reasons for the ban; and it became clear that this isn’t about checking anybody’s sexual credentials at the door – This is about the way people treat those who do make their sexual credentials obvious:

I quote the Nine News website, quoting the Herald-Sun, quoting VCAT deputy president Cate McKenzie: “Sometimes heterosexual groups and lesbian groups insult and deride and are even physically violent towards the gay male patrons.”

McKenzie said some straight women came to the club because they found the gay patrons entertaining.

“To regard the gay male patrons of the venue as providing an entertainment or spectacle to be stared at, as one would at an animal at a zoo, devalues and dehumanises them.”

I don’t know how they plan to use the newly granted powers, but in theory, you wouldn’t nessecarily be barred entry if you were just turning up to enjoy the music/atmosphere/have a drink. I imagine you would be asked to leave if it became clear that you were just there to treat the other patrons as zoo animals (in McKenzie’s words) or to pick a fight or generally act like a dickhead.

However, maybe they actually will ask you your sexuality at the door? Thats when i’d personally start to have a problem with it. Would they accept you if you were with gay friends? Would they accept “undefined” as an answer? Bisexual? What if you haven’t decided and don’t want to be forced to say? What if you weren’t camp enough, or they didnt think they recognised you from the gay community? What if the bouncer decides to use it to control how gay people are supposed to dress and act, by excluding gays who don’t live up to their standards, on the basis of beleiving them to be straight? And as both ‘straight girls objectifying gay men’, and ‘lesbian groups harassing gay men’ were identified as problems, does this mean women will be excluded outright?

I don’t know the answer to any of those questions, and i don’t know how they intend to employ the new policy, but their exact choice will really determine my own personal opinion of the rightness of the decision.

Food and Wine!

The Good Food and Wine Show is coming to town! They will be in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from the 1st to the 3rd June 2007. Ainsley Harriott, host of the show “Ready, steady, cook!”, one of my favourite chef, is going to be here.

There are some pretty good deals to be bought in the show. Book online and get to attend a session at the Celebrity theatre. Adults at $24.90.

Freebies from the Age

The Age has some free guides:
1. The Essential Guide to Aged Care
2. The Essential Guide to Home Renovations
3. The Essential Guide To Managing Your Professional Career
4. The Essential Guide to Queensland Luxury Journeys

All available from The Age.

Give a Dog a Home.


Weatherman Mike Larkan from Channel Ten fronts the Give a Dog a Home website – featuring an online pet store, doggie care and training tips, and heads up on the latest regulations pet owners should be aware of. Obviously as the name suggests, you can also browse through photographs of the cute doggies and adopt one of them from the North Melbourne Lost Dogs Home during their adoption hours.

As stated on their website:

All dogs adopted are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and vet checked. Cost is $255 for adult dogs, $270 for pups.

I am under the impression that potential adopters will have to undergo an eligibility test to ensure the ability and knowledge for proper care of their new best friend. If you are planning to get a dog – before digging into your wallet for a new pup from the pet store – do check this and other animal shelters out first.

The Give a Dog a Home website.

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