The Reason Australia Lacks Unlimited Internet Plans

ever wonder why there are no true “unlimited” internet plans in Australia?

…but where does the bulk of our internet content come from? Ahh, the US and Europe, a land-mass with an even higher population density.

So that means international cables, and they make our costs of running copper from Ballarat to Bendigo look like pocket change you couldn’t buy a bag of mixed lollies for. And they cost a lot to run. And they’re owned mostly by a very very small number of companies, who have to pay the USAians and the Europeans on a per-gigabit basis for our traffic, as well as maintain the big pipe plugs at each end and several multi-million-dollar ocean going vessels (with highly trained, highly paid crews) to do maintenance and repairs.

from a nice informative forum post

for everyone looking for the best place to search for internet plans in australia, don’t forget the previously mentioned just type in your land phone number and filter accordingly.

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  1. Snoskred (unregistered) on June 22nd, 2007 @ 5:33 am

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    I’m glad you guys joined, I’m enjoying your writings already ;)


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