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On the way back from seeing the Eureka Tower last night, I took this picture at the Federation Square tram stop. Looking up at the arriving trams screen, I also noticed the time was stuck at 4:50 PM (time was actually 9:30PM). Its always strange to see an ATM, flight information, or train arrival display crash. These screens are akin to celebrities as in the end we are all the same underneath.

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Bonus: Bourke Street/ Swanston Street BSOD
Bonus Quote from last night’s Futurama: “I am Bender, please insert girder”.

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Support the Melbourne Victory!

Okay. So I’m not a fan, a soccer fan of any form. But no harm letting potential supporters know
1. The A-league games have started.
2. Memberships are still open for Melbourne Victory supporters.
3. All their home games are being played in Telstra Dome, so lots of seats to fill!

Check them out! Their next game is scheduled on the 1st September in Telstra Dome against the Perth Glory at 7 pm.

Road Covers

As we today celebrate our 172nd birthday, we can look around at some of Melbourne’s history, from the Enterprize to Federation Square. Instead of looking up at the Eureka Tower or the Rialto, look down to your feet as a telling bit of history lies there in the road covers.

G & FC
Gas & Fuel Corporation
Formerly called the Metropolitan Gas Company, the company was formed in 1850 for the purpose of supplying gas to illuminate buildings in Melbourne.

In July 1997 the Gas and Fuel Corporation was disaggregated into three divisions: gas distributor and retail companies, a gas transmission company and an independent Market Operator, VENCorp. The distribution, retail and transmission companies were subsequently privatised by the Kennett Government. link

Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works
Melbourne’s piped water supply commenced operation in 1857, with the completion of Yan Yean Reservoir, adjacent to the Plenty River. In 1891, the newly-formed Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works became responsible for Melbourne’s water supply system. In 1991, the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works was merged with a number of smaller urban water authorities to form Melbourne Water. link

Amalgamated Wireless
In 1913 an amalgamation took place between Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd and the Australian Wireless Company. This merger formed Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Ltd. The new company operated until 1988, when it became AWA Limited. link

See more of these on Flickr from Woowoowoo (or just look down next time you walk outside).

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What does Spring mean to you?

Dare I say Spring is upon us? The weather has been noticeably warmer, rain is less frequent, there is less fog in the mornings and the days are getting longer. Spring is more than just the Racing carnival, where upon people seems to wear strange attires and get way too drunk to be driving.

Its the changing of the season from cold to hot. Its the best time to travel, unless you have children in schools, than you are stuck until the holidays. It is also the time to come out of hibernation; after having been stuck indoors for the winter; to weed the gardens, plants some seeds, smell the flowers, watch little ducklings and chicks grow into … you get the message.

For me, it is also the time when various events roll into town such as the Royal Melbourne Show, the Melbourne International Art Festival and the Melbourne Fringe Festival. So, what does Spring mean to you?

Privacy Awareness Week : ID theft

Having been a victim of ID theft, I can relate to the fact that more Australians are worried about having their identity stolen than any other form of crime. ID theft is more than just stolen identity, it is also the mis-use of personal information by governments and retailers. Although it is less prevalent here than in other places, such as the US or Europe, the on selling of personal information really gets to me. While working overseas, I used to receive all these mails asking me to apply for credit cards, store cards etc.

Although most people believe that ID theft is most likely because of the use of the internet, it can happen anywhere, including the use of credit cards in retailers such as restaurants.

The only solution to preventing ID theft is to stay vigilant with regards to personal information, keep track of all your statements from banks, credit card companies and if need be, monitor your personal credit file.

Privacy Awareness Week 26th August to 1st September 2007

The Age’s “One-in-10 Aussies victims of ID theft

Melbourne Australia not Florida

Every once in a while when I attempt to Google something with “Melbourne” as part of the search phrase, I get results listing Melbourne, Florida. I have come to ignore this obvious copycat city but I gave in and decided to check out this Melbourne impostor.

Place Melbourne, Australia Melbourne, Florida
Town Hall
Area 8,831 km2 91.9 km2
Population 3,744,373 531,250
Name Named after a British Prime Minister Named mistakenly after what locals believed to be the first
postmaster’s home city (he was actually from New Zealand)
Famous Melburnians Steve Irwin, Guy Pierce, Nick Cave Jim Morrison, Darrell Hammond, Bobby Dall
Why would I go there? Many reasons, read this blog Beaches, Spring training for Washington Nationals

Not a bad place but I think I will stay in this Melbourne.

Wikipedia: Melbourne,

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Irving Rd, Toorak

Toorak, is the canonical prestigious rich man’s area. Irving Road, is no different. I walked past a house with three varying (new) Mercedes Benz’s in the garage. Yes, that’s right, three!

Houses are just flash. They’re large, they look very modern, in terms of design, most have security cameras, and so forth. Imagine the richness!

However, the moment you turn into Irving Rd, from Toorak Rd, you’ll notice Falun Gong protesters on your left. Yes, on your right, is the Chinese Consulate in Melbourne! And by golly, are there many cars parked on both sides of the road. Take a step into the Consulate, and there must be a hundred or so people in each line, applying for visas or collecting their visas. You see, pretty much everyone visiting China on a non-Chinese passport, requires a visa to enter.

Life in Irving Rd, with the Consulate on it, might mean not having breakfast/brunch parties (as your guests will not have anywhere to park). And turning right to Toorak Rd? Prepare to wait a while… The next time I visit this beautiful street, I’ll be sure to tote camera and wide-angle lens, just to capture the architectural beauty available.

Winter in Melbourne…hang on there…what’s this?

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Melbourne sits on the cusp of winter and spring, but the weather these past few days has been nothing short of wonderful. No cold morning snaps, no ice blast in your face. Instead, wonderful and hot sunshine with temperatures reaching a top of 25 degrees. I even managed a nice tan.

*pinches himself*

No, this cannot be winter. Yeah who would have thought.

I’m all for some heat, but if this is a precursor to summer, Melbourne is in for a really stinking hot summer.

Melbourne Day

Founded 30 August 1835, this Thursday will make Melbourne 172 years old. There will be a few events hosted around the city (mostly boring or horridly expensive), and quite a good number of major city attractions will be offering discounts off their ticket prices – a great chance to head up Eureka if you have not already done that.


Official Flag Raising Ceremony and Morning Tea
Enterprize Park,10am
Cnr Williams Street and Flinders Street (near Melbourne Aquarium)

Annual Melbourne Day Debate Luncheon
Topic: “That Melbourne’s West is Best”
ANZ Pavilion, at the Arts Centre from 12pm – 2pm
Members $100 / Non-Members $115 (RSVP required)

Melbourne Awards Ceremony
Melbourne Town Hall

Here is the discount list:
You will need to print the page from the That’s Melbourne website to qualify:

2 for 1:
Enterprize, Melbourne’s Tall Ship
Federation Square Guided Tours
AFL World
The Amazing Human Body Exhibition
Champions – Australia Racing Museum and Hall of Fame
Melbourne Zoo
Cooks’ Cottage
Galactic Circus
M9 Laser Skirmish
Kingpin Bowling Lounge
Melbourne Aquarium
Melbourne 360- Melbourne Observation Deck at Rialto
Eureka Skydeck 88

50% off:
Queen Victoria Market Foodies Tour

10% off:
State Library of Victoria (Gift shop)

City Museum at Old Treasury
Winter Discovery Walk – Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
Melbourne Golden Mile Guided Walk

20 reasons NOT to be a citizen

So it is true, aspiring Australian citizens do have to answer some ‘mateship’ questions to ‘pass’ the Australian values test. To pass, one needs to score at least 12 out of 20.

I say bollocks.

It’s just another 20 reasons why many will be satisfied with a residency, as it provides almost the same benefits as a citizenship, but without the fucking jingoistic hogwash.

I find myself struggling to score 6 points, and I daresay lots of Australians do not know the answers to many of the questions.

*despairs* What hope is there for foreigners, when locals can’t even pass their own test!

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