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Sweet Temptation Expo

I must first confess, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I can’t resist an expo. The sweet temptation website didn’t go into much detail of what was being exhibited so I’ll give you a run down.

  • The expo had a wide variety of chocolates, nougats, and cakes so if you are looking for lollys, you will be thoroughly disappointed.
  • It wasn’t too crowded and all the stalls were spaced far enough apart to get by.
  • One of the more popular stands was the Crabapple Bakery which had an array of beautiful cupcakes displayed.
  • Don’t book your tickets online. There is one line for online ticket bookings (longest), one for EFTPOS (short), and one for cash only (medium).
  • Bring a drink. The chocolate will make you thirsty.

Overall, I would say it was an OK expo but I’m unsure if $18 is justified. As an alternative, walk down Acland St. in St. Kilda or Brunetti in Carlton/CBD and save some money.

Sweet Temptation Expo
Until tomorrow (Sunday), 5PM

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Gallery 124

A little late in the announcement pipeline, but I’ll be heading out to Gallery 124 in a little while, as they have an exhibition of local and regional artists. It runs from August 25 to September 15, but the opening is today from 2pm – 6pm.

Featuring famed Flickr photographer, Stuart Murdoch (s2art), and four other artists. The gallery is at 124, Hampshire Road, Sunshine.

(original image available here, via s2art)

Cory Doctorow at the Melbourne Writers Festival

Cory Doctorow is best known as one of the co-editors of the enormously popular blog Boing Boing. The blog which covers mainly technology and culture is referenced so much that it ranks #1 in most linked-to blogs. Cory has also written science fiction novels and was formerly a director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (the company that fights against the RIAA and MPAA). He appeared last year to speak at the ACMI but unfortunately I missed it. This year he comes to the Melbourne Writers Festival to talk about Australian copyright and the creative commons.

The Age Melbourne Writers Festival
Aug 24 – September 2

Creative commons or common theft
August 26

Bonus: Have a coffee with Cory at Chocolate Buddha, Federation Square, 8PM TONIGHT

Via Boing Boing

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Prime Ministers staff discover Wikipedia

According to Ninemsn News, the Australian Prime Minister’s staff have been editing Wikipedia.

On one hand, it’s appropriate that those close to an issue contribute to it’s article page.

On the other hand, these are the same people responsible for various lies and distortions of the truth over the last ten years, and they’re probably the least qualified or responsible people you could have editing a wikipedia article.

I think we can look forward to known, established facts being referred to as “allegations” and unfavourable histories being played down or distorted…

News report:

Update: Interestingly enough, the Ninemsn article has undergone it’s own Wiki-edit in the few minutes since i posted this… I sincerely wish i had saved the original text of the article, which mentioned evidence that government staffers made some rather unusual edits, alongside the editing of articles on unfavourable topics (such as the ‘children overboard’ scandal), such as “dicky poo wee-wee” to an article on Chinese martial arts. I guess NineMSN is a bit of a wiki as well.

What is it?

If you have walked around Docklands / Victoria Harbour you might have noticed these stumps erected near the dock. Mugley, who took this photo labelled it as “viagra testing ground”. I don’t think he is too far off but I’m guessing this is some sort of art project.

Picture via Mugley

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Total Lunar Eclipse

We are to be graced with a total lunar eclipse on August 28 2007. Yes, this is completely safe to view with the naked eye! Important times are clearly:

  • 5:54pm – penumbral eclipse begins
  • 6:51pm – partial eclipse begins
  • 7:52pm – total eclipse begins
  • 8:37pm – greatest eclipse
  • 9:22pm – total eclipse ends
  • 10:24pm – partial eclipse ends
  • 11:21pm – penumbral eclipse ends

Now, thats a pretty darn long time, so you’ll have no excuse to miss it. Also, if taking photographs, this should largely be possible. I’m told that pre-total eclipse, you might consider making photos with a good cityscape. Question is, what are the good vantage points in Melbourne?

Read more about the total lunar eclipse at the IceInSpace guide.

Independent grocers and petrol retailers unhappy

This is interesting: independent grocers and petrol retailers are unhappy with Coles and Woolworths (Safeway) for their Shell and Caltex partnerships. They’re now accusing the grocery chains, Coles and Woolworths for charging higher prices to their consumers, in return for petrol discounts.

Its ironic, because yesterday as I drove by several independent petrol kiosks, I noticed that fuel was about 115c/litre. This in contrast to the ~110c/litre I’d get at my favourite Shell station. I honestly did wonder, who’d actually be pouring fuel at these retailers. But I rewound back to the day before, when I was in Toorak, and I saw a whole bunch of people fuelling up at the 7-11.

Now the ACCC is involved. Now, for my anecdotal evidence time. I’ve found shopping in IGA to be more costly than shopping in Coles or Safeway. In fact, FoodWorks, doesn’t seem to be much better. Aldi occasionally has good deals (like really, cheap water), but overall, if I did my shopping, Coles seems to be cheaper, and if I’m bothered to drive a bit further, Safeway is still the cheapest. Though personally, I’d prefer Coles, as I like my 4c fuel discount, for Shell (don’t ask, I’m a Shell guy over Caltex, any day).

What do you think? Have you noticed savings by shopping at Coles or Safeway? Do you feel you’re paying more for fuel discounts, even though you don’t drive? Do you use independent petrol chains? I’m interested in hearing about the demographics…

Alas, I am glad that the ACCC Chairman, Graeme Samuel, is currently still reluctant to abolish these discount schemes.

CBD Top Five: Bicyclists’ Nightmares

Once again, courtesy of Metroblogging Melbourne (and me suffering from serious insomnia) is the CBD Top Five – a series of short, short articles dedicated to detailing the top five of anything in its class – generally restricted to the Melbourne CBD area. This first issue will examine the CBD’s very best in cyclist terrorising (because everyone seems to have a story of their own).

# Five! : King Street
This ridiculous slope is great on the decline. The incline, however, is like skiing in Mt. Buller – going upwards. When you are done, you are surprised it was even possible.

# Four! : Russell Street in the evenings
Too many sports cars and modified Mitsubishis trying to run you down.

# Three! : Little Bourke Street along Swanston Street in the day
An annoying cluster of travel agents and holidaymakers and their huge, huge coaches. Cyclists, made so by their relative size, are susceptible to being roadkill.

# Two! : Anywhere along Swanston Street, actually.
There is always a slight, staggering possibility you might end up on the bonnet of a cab. While that is much better than being reversed into by a tourist coach as mentioned above, being maimed by a cab trying to fit between a parked vehicle and a tram is far more likely to happen.

# One! : Tram tracks.
They were secretly designed to kill you. ‘Nuff said.

A hurricane in Melbourne!

Was in St Kilda beach last Tuesday morning at 5am. Wanted to get some awesome morning shots.

When the sun began to come up, I spotted what looked like a hurricane forming right in the middle of the St Kilda area. Okay, don’t get too excited. No hurricanes attacked Melbourne. But it did look like it to me for several moments. Probably some non-environment friendly exhaust from a factory.

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Melbournian “Public” Transport providers about to be shaken up…

Licenses to run Melbourne’s train and tram services are up for renewal, and the newly appointed Premier (Brumby) has announced that the existing contracts will not be rolled over. Everything’s going up in the air, presumably to the highest bidder (though i hope they actually use better criteria than that…).

I have to say, bad news for one of Melbourne’s train operators, Connex, always brings a little smile to my face. They’re the ones controlling most of the eastern suburb train services, and they’re the public transport company (does that sound like a contradiction in terms to anybody else?) i’ve had the most contact with. My Connex-whinge basically revolves around their contempt for the public, which is the main reason i think they should be kicked out.

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