Operation Gasket to reduce late-night assaults

I’ve always felt relatively safe in Melbourne, even with camera strapped around my neck, at odd hours of the night. Sure you’d get the occasional semi-drunk group asking you to take their photo, but obliging is easy and the results are just fabulous.

So, I’m wondering why Operation Gasket has come into play. Its here to curb late-night assaults (which have been on the rise) and to ensure nightclubs complied with liquor laws (i.e. not serving you any more liquor after they’ve deemed you’re too drunk – Responsible Serving Of Alcohol). I wonder how they deal with places that offer bottle service – granted this isn’t so widespread, but its something I truly enjoy.

Known trouble spots:

  • Queen Street – what’s there, besides CQ Bar and Basemint?
  • Flinders Lane – a few that I frequent which have all seemed mild (6 Links, aka backpacker haven, Velour, Yak, etc.)
  • King Street – there are nightclubs here? Barcode loosely classifies as an entertainment joint, the rest are strip clubs no?
  • Chapel Street

Statistics show a 17.5% increase in assaults in the years 2006-07, where about 7.3% occurred in licensed premises!

Tell me, have you seen an assault happening? Been a victim of assault? Did you do something about it? I’m interested to hear opinions and stories about problems. Due reference, via: Tough laws aim at CBD violence, Taskforce to tackle CBD violence.

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  1. sam (unregistered) on September 4th, 2007 @ 11:15 pm

    I Was close by Flinders Lane as 10+ young males went wild across the city and stabbed 4 people, destroyed shop fronts and vandalised vehicles in stopped traffic with glass bottles. All because one of there friends was arrested out the front Hungry Jacks near Flinders Lane.. Needles to say it ruined my night as I didn’t feel safe in the city and cut my night short..

    This was 2 months ago on a thursday night by the way.

  2. colin (unregistered) on September 4th, 2007 @ 11:50 pm

    Sigh, sorry to hear that Sam. I hope the police got to the 10+ young males in time. Ironic that it happens on Flinders Lane, so close to a police station (cnr. Swanston/Flinders Lane)

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