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Beer DeLuxe

Putting “beer” in the name of a venue is always going to attract punters. A couple of weeks ago while walking around Fed Square, I saw a sign for Beer DeLuxe and thought why not try it. The venue is split into a beer garden, hamburger grill, espresso cafe, and an inside dining area. I chose the beer garden / hamburger grill and got myself the DeLuxe Burger ($15) and a Sam Adams beer. A friend ordered up the cheeseburger.

The Verdict?

Pretty crap. For $15, you would expect some kind of decent burger. Hell, for $15 you can get a Bogan burger from the Napier or a Wagyu beef burger from Rockpool. The burgers were about the same standard you would get from a fish and chip shop. The food didn’t come with a plate and was served in a takeaway box.

Burgers aside, the beer garden is quite nice as it is at the very inside of the square away from the crowds and there are not many places serving Sam Adams, so that’s definitely points in my book. Although I haven’t tried any of the food inside, if you can’t make a burger then there is little chance the food inside will be any better. Go for the beers and avoid the burgers.

Beer DeLuxe
Federation Square


Picture by Michael Blamey (who has a different Melbourne photo on his site every day)

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Daylight Savings starts today

I know all of you are tech-savvy and probably read the papers, and know when Daylight Savings Time starts/ends, but consider this the public service announcement to forward your clocks by an hour, already. Incidentally, the clock on the Melbourne Metblogs page is now finally correct ;)

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Rainbow in the West

I took this picture from my backyard in Sunshine.

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Was along Ascot Vale Road in Moonee Ponds this morning when I chanced upon this distressing sight. It’s the body of a little kitten. No bigger than my hand. My heart went out to the little critter. How did it die?

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Smiley leaves Intersection Cafe

You will probably have no idea what I am talking about unless you go (or have recently gone) to Melbourne Uni or live in the Carlton-ish area.

Intersection Cafe is a souvlaki/pizza/fried food cafe located in Carlton on the corner of Lygon and Elgin street. It is an institution to Melbourne Uni students as the place to eat after the pub. In previous years, they offered half price pizzas on Thursdays causing huge lines for food and even opened a bar upstairs. Sadly, the man behind the operation, Alex or Smiley to locals is leaving the business.

Currently on Facebook, there is a group called the “Smiley’s (intersection cafe) appreciation society” with a massive 288 members. On there you can post your best Smiley deal; the most amount of food for the least amount of money. Throughout the years, many people, myself included have gotten some great late night deals. Once I even got some pizza for free.

Sadly, all good things have to come to an end. Just as Naughton’s is missed by locals, Smiley will go down as a Carlton and Melbourne Uni legend.

Facebook: Smiley’s (intersection cafe) appreciation society

Picture by Jude Newton

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Cup day this year is a ticketed event

For all those going for the races, note that you can’t buy tickets at the door, when you exit the train any longer, for Melbourne Cup Carnival events. This year, its a fully ticketed event – so you have to get your admission tickets before reaching Flemington. Ticketmaster is handling bookings, and there’s more information on this at the That’s Melbourne page.

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Federal Election

Does anyone thinks or wishes that they could choose members from different parties to form their ideal team to run the country? Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister and Peter Costello as Treasurer?

Unfortunately, not in this lifetime!

Check out this Federal Election website. Especially their cartoon caption competition.

Only in Australia

Where else in the world, will you find the following listed on the menu of a family-owned Italian restaurant:
1. Fried hokkien noodles listed under Pasta.
2. Garlic Prawns on Rice in mains.
3. Jasmine tea in hot beverage.

One day, I will be able to order curry chicken pizza!

Masking Tape Art

Melbourne has an ecletic sense of art. I am always amazed by the satirical and often very intelligent stencils that artists draw on various walls around the city. Then I think, well if I owned that wall, it would be a pain to clean all of that graffiti off. Sure you can draw in chalk but that’s so 90’s. Masking tape is the way of the future. Zero mess, easy clean up, and it looks pretty damn cool.

BUFF diss, a street artist, has created some interesting artwork via masking tape.

Bus Gallery (The outside, maybe the inside too?)
117 Little Lonsdale St.
Until November 3

[via Digg]

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John Cage’s Friday Night Musicircus

John_Cage_pl2.jpgJohn Cage is the fabulous American composer who came up with the technique of ‘prepared piano’. He used different objects in the strings to completely and wonderfully change the sounds we’ve come to associate with the instrument. His most famous work is probably ‘4:33’, a piece in which no notes are played.

I love 20th century music, but, generally, Bartok is about as wacky as I like my classical music. But I LOVE John Cage. His piece are weird and fun, but also incredibly enjoyable.

As part of the Arts Festival, Fed Square is hosting John Cage’s Musicircus this Friday at dusk through til dawn the next morning.

There’ll be lots of different art, music theater, film and dance going around all over the Square. Food and drinks are available to keep you going straight on through dawn.

I’m really excited about this. It looks like heaps of fun.

John Cage’s Musicircus
List of artists performing
John Cage Wiki

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