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We all love Connex right? no? Oh well, at least they have amusing ads. One of their new ad campaigns uses the fictional Martin Merton, where he educates commuters in proper train and tram etiquette. Loud talkers, farters, and leg spreaders can cure themselves of their bad commuter habits.

Some advice from Martin:

“If you can’t give your seat to a disabled person, break your own legs”

“I’m never really worried about other people on the train. If I need to pass wind I just do so with absolutely no regard for those around me. Sometimes I stand real close to someone and fart on them.
-Michael Thompson, 40

Farting is your bowel being disrespectful. Try considering those around you – it costs nothing. By doing a series of clenching exercises every day you will soon have complete control over your colon….

I can’t say I have experienced other commuters farting on me although the newer type trams (the big white ones) tend to smell very farty the day after a big storm. As for the leg spreaders and loud talkers, this is so commonplace that I don’t notice it any more. What bad commuter etiquette bothers you?

Marin Merton [via melbournemaniac]

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  1. gabe (unregistered) on October 18th, 2007 @ 12:12 am

    Nice one! There’s no I in carriage…

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