Melbourne Norg

Everyone’s appending the word “2.0” to the end of things, and the Norg is no different – they define themselves as “News 2.0”. I give you, the Melbourne Norg, with their tagline being “people powered news”.

I see it as an aggregation of Melbourne news, that matters to the people within the community. A place for news reports, that a regular newspaper wouldn’t cover (maybe, the Leader and friends, might).

Success itself, remains to be seen. Mainly because, people like to write on their own blogs. Feed their own ads. Currently, their advertising supported model of 3 clumps (top banner, another square ad below the weather, and the infamous google ads at the bottom) is probably what funds the site.

To some extent, it looks a bit like Digg/Slashdot. Since it does also support linking to external content. I’m beginning to think “portal aggregation sites that are people powered” are going out of fashion, just like portals in general seem to have disappeared off the Internet (they were popular about a decade ago). Of course, if you get the right user base fix (by providing value), you’ll be yet another portal for n number of users (beauty of the Internet, till the costs start knocking on the door).

I was amused at: ”
ADVERTISE on MelbourneNorg? Reach influential people in our community. Contact us through …”

Here’s wishing the Norg crew all the best.

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