Dinosaur Fundraising Auction Tomorrow

Tomorrow at 4pm, at the Royal Society of Victoria (9 Victoria Street, Melbourne), doors will open for viewing of items that will be auctioned off to raise funds for the “Dinosaur Dreaming” dig held every summer near Inverloch. The bidding itself will begin at 5:30.

Items on display will include a day down at the dig sit, a Museum Victoria dungeon tour, hand-made jewellery, fossils, dinosaur casts, books on palaeontology signed by the experts, and original works of art by Peter Trusler, Brian Choo and Andrew Plant (some of these will be very good, I can guarantee it).

The funds raised will go to support the dig site at Inverloch, which sits somewhere beneath the sand offshore from the coast near Inverloch, where there are tilted layers of grey-ish rock representing the sludge from the bottom of a 110 million year old riverbed. Every year palaeontologists and volunteers head down during low tide to sort through the rock for traces of dinosaurs, fish, turtles, and whatever else ended up in the river 110 million years ago.

Some of the most important fossil finds in recent history have come from this site, such as the jawbone of a tiny mammal that looks like it was a placental mammal – not a marsupial or monotreme, as many people expected. It’s completely reshaped the way we view the spread of mammals during the time of the dinosaurs, and opened up the possibility that Australia and Antarctica could be the original mammal homeland, rather than being obscure outposts for exotic and “primitive” marsupials and monotremes, as previously thought.

More information: www.sci.monash.edu.au/msc/dinodream

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