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The more and less New Year.

In a couple of hours, we will be beginning the year of 2008. So, we have til midnight to complete any New Year resolutions of this year.

For me, I just want the New Year to be
1. Less hot, and
2. More peaceful.

To everyone, stay safe and be happy!

New Years Resolutions

As 2007 is about to end, many people are compiling a list of New Years resolutions. One of my resolutions is to see more of Melbourne and to set a minimum goal of 5 things to see in 2008. This year I managed to cross off five things including seeing a film at the Moonlight Cinema, walking on the MCG, watching my first (and last) cricket match at the MCG, visiting the top of the Eureka Tower, and eating a Bogan Burger. Here’s my list of 8 things to see/do in 2008, to which I will strive to see at least 5:

1. See beer being created at the Carlton United Breweries.
Birthplace of my friend VB.

2. Have a drink at The Rooftop Bar / Cinema.

3. Stroll through the Immigration Museum.
We are a country almost entirely made up of fairly new immigrants.

4. Grab some food at Movida.
Supposedly some of the best food in the city.

5. Try the $15 Wagyu Beef Burger from Rockpool.

6. Sit in the Old Melbourne Gaol.

7. Observe art in the NGV.

8. Go on some rides at Luna Park.

Happy New Year.

Picture by Dr. Keats
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Top 10 in 2007

The Age published an interesting article last week revealing the 100 most read stories of 2007. Even though Paris Hilton made #3 on the list, #1 was reserved for the tragic CBD shooting which sent the city into lockdown earlier this year.
Here is our 10 most read posts of this year.

10. Walking with Dinosaurs LIVE

9. What is it?

Still don’t know what they are.

8. Comet McNaught

7. “Game, set, match. Pervert wins, 3 upskirt shots to 0 arrests”

6. CNN The Scene: Holly Valance in Melbourne

It’s strange seeing an email from a CNN reporter asking us to check out something they wrote about Melbourne.

5. Beautiful Picture of Comet McNaught

4. Birrarung Marr Ferris Wheel

The huge ferris wheel is still standing on the banks of the Yarra and is set
to finish on January 4th.

3. Star Wars Stencil Art

2. Total Lunar Eclipse

1. Martial Arts in Melbourne

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I have finally gone shopping!

Did people go for the Boxing day sale? Did anyone queue up for the big opening early in the morning, 6 am for Myer and 7am for David Jones? I didn’t.

Instead, I strolled into Myer in the city today around 7 pm. It was relatively quiet. There wasn’t any rush, and still plenty of items on sale. That is, if you are into shoes, clothes, manchester and handbags. (I will never understand why anyone need more than 1 pair of shoes and handbag … but to each his/her own.)

So, that’s my shopping done for the year.

All rugged up, nice and warm this X’mas season…hang on…

This must be the coldest and wettest summer Melbourne is experiencing in a long while. I know it isn’t anything like a white Christmas, but it must be the nearest thing to a northern hemisphere-like festive period.

I’ve spent my last five nights in a jumper, trackies and socks with the heater turned on. My last three summers were best remembered for bathing in sunlight, walking around naked at home, having quick cold showers every so often and sitting in front of the fan.

How has the wet and cold weather affected your Christmas preparations? Moving the barbie indoors? Last minute shopping plans curtailed due to rain?

As for my partner and I, this Christmas will be remembered for scooping excess rain water out of our fish pond, mopping up a flooded bathroom (twice it has happened!) and running out to the backyard to collect our laundry.

Flies galore!

As an add-on to squirt’s post several days ago, I thought I’ll bring this picture up.

I still cannot fathom the number of flies that fester in Australia during summer. It makes summer in Australia extremely annoying and unpleasant.

While the number of flies in metropolitan Melbourne may be pesky (read: a bothered wave of you hand every 20 seconds), venture out to the coast to find what I call the ‘Attack of the Many Flies’. (read: eight arms waving frantically wouldn’t get you out of trouble.)


This picture was taken along Great Ocean Road this Sunday gone, and I kid you not, that was the number of flies that hitched a ride on my back while I busy posing for pictures with my family. You do not get that many flies in Melbourne.

Explains why I’ve got my hoodie over my head. I nearly wanted to scream, cry out for blood and jump into the ocean.


Isn’t it wonderful to experience two days of rain and it is still coming down?!?

Some shops have to close due to rain damage. I was in Melbourne Central and there were areas cordoned off because of rain dripping through the roof. SES has been out in force helping residents with rain damaged properties as well as getting drivers out of vehicles stuck in sudden floods. But my greatest concern are that drivers might have forgotten how to drive in the rain.

Remember, rain, the stuff that makes the road really really wet and slippery? Please please reduce your speed but DO NOT slam on the brakes suddenly, it will just make it more likely to skid! Courtesy of RACV,
1. Turn your headlights on to low beam, make sure your vehicle is visible on the road!
2. Use your air conditioner to prevent your windscreen from fogging up.
3. It takes much longer to stop when the road is wet, so do not follow another vehicle too closely when it is raining or if the roads are wet. Increase the gap between you and the car in front from 2 seconds to 4 seconds.

News Link
Herald Sun’s “Flooding and chaos …

Suna Live GPS System

OK, only a couple of days to go until Christmas. Know someone who always gets lost when driving? I don’t have to tell you how great GPS systems but the downside of GPS systems are that they don’t take into account traffic and construction conditions at the time of driving. Recently launched in Melbourne, the Suna Traffic Channel can relay real time information to your GPS system.

“Suna Traffic Channel data is generated by the information gathered at the sensors on the road networks on arterial roads and freeways. In Melbourne the base traffic data is from VicRoads and other sources. The most important source of raw traffic flow data is derived from the loop sensor network embedded in the road pavement on the approach to signalised intersections. Virtually all urban (and many regional) signalised intersections are networked to central traffic light control systems in each state. By agreement with the respective road authorities to value-add this data, we are able to develop and drive near real-time link-by-link congestion models.”

All of this information is then broadcast via an inaudible signal on MIX 101.1FM to your tuned in GPS system. Your GPS system can then guide you around any traffic. Very cool. Looks like Mio’s DigiWalker’s series will be able to utilize the Suna Traffic channel with its models starting at $450.

Suna Traffic Channel [via Lifehacker]
Video showing how Suna works

Picture via Lifehacker

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Melbourne across the Bay

Beautiful weather means hitting the beach. Although, I don’t know how comfortable this woman is while sitting on those rocks. Nonetheless, a great view.

Picture by James Wei [via Digg]

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What Are You Doing For Xmas?

snow.jpgAsks the girl whose backyard looked like this the other night…

That’s right – I’m back in Chicago for the holidays. If cold and slush are your bent, it can’t be beat.

Amuse those of us who are bundled up and wearing snowboots. What are your fun xmas/holiday plans?

Going to the beach? Rocking the barbie in a bikini and a santa hat?

Let us live vicariously though you…

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