Isn’t it wonderful to experience two days of rain and it is still coming down?!?

Some shops have to close due to rain damage. I was in Melbourne Central and there were areas cordoned off because of rain dripping through the roof. SES has been out in force helping residents with rain damaged properties as well as getting drivers out of vehicles stuck in sudden floods. But my greatest concern are that drivers might have forgotten how to drive in the rain.

Remember, rain, the stuff that makes the road really really wet and slippery? Please please reduce your speed but DO NOT slam on the brakes suddenly, it will just make it more likely to skid! Courtesy of RACV,
1. Turn your headlights on to low beam, make sure your vehicle is visible on the road!
2. Use your air conditioner to prevent your windscreen from fogging up.
3. It takes much longer to stop when the road is wet, so do not follow another vehicle too closely when it is raining or if the roads are wet. Increase the gap between you and the car in front from 2 seconds to 4 seconds.

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