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Eclipse Office Cubicle

First, one of University of Melbourne’s students figures out a way to make broadband connections 100 times faster. In yet another cool thing produced out of the university, Marcus Curran has designed The Eclipse Office Partioning System.

This may be the office of the future. We all know how ineffective cubicles are with everyone trying to speak in whispers, the stench of various foods during the day, and the ability of people to just pop their head over the top of the cubicle thus scaring the ever shit out of you.

Just as effective as putting the dome over Sam Newman’s head, this retractable cubicle allows for various levels of privacy and quiet. Inside the system is a workspace that contains speakers, a wireless recharging mat, and a wireless camera/projector. The video makes it look awesome but I can’t help thinking that some prankster is going to push this “dome on wheels” with someone inside, down the hallway. Hilarity and sueality ensue.

Gizmodo: Office Cubicle Reimagined as Office Pod

Youtube:Eclipse Office

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Recycling computers

If you have some computer waste, consider taking a drive to Riversdale Road, in Camberwell. I did, and best of all, they’re even open on public holidays (I went on 26/01) Details:

City of Boroondara Waste Transfer Station,
648 Riversdale Road, Camberwell
Phone 1800-353-233

Tell them you’re there for the “Byteback” program, and go in and dump your computer related waste. CRT monitors, old PCs, and so on that seemingly no one else wants. Best of all, they take it off your hands, for free.

Naturally, don’t throw stuff thats useful away. Give it away to folk like ComputerBank. Their recycling site should also be a useful resource.

Watch out for this Sunday’s Herald Sun

Herald Sun is giving out a DVD with this coming Sunday’s paper. It is supposed to consist of trailers of popular programs on Channel Ten’s as well as an entire episode of the latest NCIS.

Anything to sell the papers.

Celebrate Australia Day

Today heralds the celebration of Australia Day. There are plenty of events happening around Victoria, starting with the fireworks tonight and it goes through the entire long weekend, ending with the “Great Australian Duck Race” on the Yarra River.

I don’t think anything describes Australia more than the traditional long weekend. And nothing describes the attitude of Australians better than a rubber duck race! An event that benefits the Australian Lifesavers!

Data plans

I’ve always been a fan of how 3 can provide services on the cheap. In fact, for the longest time, their data plans have been the cheapest (that I’ve found). I was enjoying paying $29 for 1GB of use, and now they’ve upgraded it to 2GB of use. Kudos to them!

However, it seems that Vodafone, provides a 5GB plan, at just $39. Best of all, if you roam from the 3G network, you get onto Vodafone’s GPRS network, which covers 95% of Australia. This does not incur a roaming charge, like being a 3 customer does (roaming with Telstra, and you’re slapped with a ridiculously large $1.65/MB charge).

Looks like I’m considering a Vodafone change?

No sympathies, but R.I.P anyway


This isn’t really Melbourne-related news, but Australian news nonetheless.

So Heath Ledger’s found dead. I was stunned for a few seconds – memories of his squirting gun incident, his marriage to beautiful Michelle Williams and his stunning role in Brokeback Mountain seemed to happen just yesterday – but reality set in.

No excuses there Heath. But you fucked up.

A Great Time at The Tennis

vodafone panaroma

Sorry, another tennis related post but cmon its exciting for Melbourne. I managed to get a great deal on EBAY the night before for a Vodafone pass. I was fortunate enough to see Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and a few others play. Given its my first time at the Australian Open, I made a few notes and pictures.

-Unlike previous years, ground passes will NOT get you into games at Vodafone Arena. Definitely worth the extra ~$20 for the Vodafone pass.

-Vodafone session passes will get you into every game at the arena on the day. Rod Laver tickets are only for individual games.

-Sharapova although still pretty, has a lot of competition in the looks category. Ivanovich comes to mind.

-Sharapova gets a bad rap of being loud but there were plenty of other girls (and guys) grunting at the same level.

-Metlink has done an excellent job with public transport to Melbourne Park including staff pointing people to trams and a vast amount of trams.

-Despite the capsicum spray incident, tennis crowds are by far the best crowds.

-The new blue Flexicushion courts look great.

-My prediction: Serena Williams to win the womens singles.

Definitely a fun time, with the first week having the most amount of matches to see. I would consider getting a 5 day pass next year.

Melbourne Park Doubles Match Elena Vesnina vs. Maria Sharapova Serena Williams vs. Victoria Azarenka

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“Hey, this isn’t the highlights. It’s live!”

If you’re a tennis fan living in the Europes, Africas or Americas and found yourself wondering with a little astonishment why your local sports channel isn’t dishing up a highlights reel of Australian Open Day 6, but showing a live game instead, you’re not alone.

When Roger Federer defeated Janko Tipsarevic after a marathon five setter in four-and-a-half hours, I sunk into the couch, eagerly anticipating the Lleyton Hewitt vs Marcos Baghdatis. It was 10pm AEST and I was eager to see the two crowd favourites.

Tianjin Dancing Kite Festival

This Sunday (20/1), Melbourne celebrates its sister city relationship with Tianjin, but I think it’s just a good day to go fly a kite.

You can make kites and lanterns, there’ll be a number of fun things for kids (read: facepainting), martial arts demonstrations and appearances by the Chinese Lion at 1pm and 3pm.

Though it seems like you can build them there, this event is also BYOK (Bring Your Own Kite)

When: Sunday, 20 January 2008
Time: noon to 4pm
Where: Royal Park, Native Garden, Gatehouse Street (Melway reference: 2B A3)
And Link

Architectural Fragment

We’ve all seen it outside the State Library. At first, it’s what the hell is that? But after you pass it by enough times its just another eccentric design of Melbourne that happens to be a favourite of skaters.

It’s actually a sculpture design made out of Port Fairy bluestone called Architectural Fragment by Petrus Spronk. Designed in 1992 and unveiled in 1993 as part of the Swanston Walk Public Art Project, it is one of the most recognizable sculptures in Melbourne. The artist created his design to resemble the portico of the library sinking in to the pavement. Inspired by the the island of Pythagoras and Pythagorean theorem, the fragment is built in a 3:4:5 ratio.

Other recognizable works in the Swanston Walk project are the ornate bench across the street outside Unilodge and the three business men waiting for a tram on the corner of Bourke and Swanston Street.

Architectural Fragment Architectural Fragment

Petrus Spronk
Visit Victoria: Architectural Fragment

Picture by H4NUM4N

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