Eclipse Office Cubicle

First, one of University of Melbourne’s students figures out a way to make broadband connections 100 times faster. In yet another cool thing produced out of the university, Marcus Curran has designed The Eclipse Office Partioning System.

This may be the office of the future. We all know how ineffective cubicles are with everyone trying to speak in whispers, the stench of various foods during the day, and the ability of people to just pop their head over the top of the cubicle thus scaring the ever shit out of you.

Just as effective as putting the dome over Sam Newman’s head, this retractable cubicle allows for various levels of privacy and quiet. Inside the system is a workspace that contains speakers, a wireless recharging mat, and a wireless camera/projector. The video makes it look awesome but I can’t help thinking that some prankster is going to push this “dome on wheels” with someone inside, down the hallway. Hilarity and sueality ensue.

Gizmodo: Office Cubicle Reimagined as Office Pod

Youtube:Eclipse Office

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  1. General (unregistered) on January 31st, 2008 @ 3:44 pm

    It just makes me think of Get Smart and the ridiculous yet glorious:

    Cone of Silence

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