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A 3.5 metre John So advertisement? reports that a new illuminated sign (a 3.5m John So as the author predicts) above Young and Jackson’s Pub has been approved, as long as the City of Melbourne gets free advertising up there. Planning permission in exchange for free advertising is a bit of an ethical dilemma. That’s like a having a politician who accepts campaign donations from big business, in exchange for supporting the business governmentally. Oh wait….

Anyway, here is my mock Photoshop of how it will look. It was surprisingly easy to find odd John So pictures. All ale the lord mayor

Original Picture by doniu

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Party Boy Corey…Hoff?

Can you believe the attitude on this guy?

Youtube:David Hasselhoff Drunk in Melbourne [Via Digg]

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Festival Month

Well, it’s that time of year again where Melbourne is overwhelmed with festivals. As Squirt mentioned earlier, the Motor Show starts this Friday. Here are some other cool things happening around the city.

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival
We are already know Melbourne has the best food so come try some of it in various events around the city. There are also classes in cooking, wine tasting and the famous World’s Longest Lunch this Friday.
Until March 8th

Today Show
The show is looking for a permanent relocation to Melbourne but for the next few days, the show will broadcast from tomorrow Friday on the banks of the Yarra river near Southbank. The Today Show will be covering the MIFF, so expect to see plenty of models walking around.

Melbourne International Fashion Festival
Most of the top shelf shows are invitation only but there are plenty of shows with tickets available to the public. Hopefully, we will see the phasing out of large yellow sunglasses on men.
Bonus: The ad for the festival has some funky music and effects.
Until March 9

Thai Culture & Food Festival
Thai boxing, Thai models, and more importantly plenty of Thai Food.


Sunday March 2, Federation Square

Never a boring moment here.

Picture by chadn

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The Coffee Club, Prahran

Today, I had tea at The Coffee Club (250, Chapel St, Prahran). I ordered a Caesar Salad, and was totally blown away by the fact that there were anchovies, a poached egg and some lemon pepper calamari. Totally impressive, for about $15. I used to think Degraves St. was the best place to get this, but clearly, The Coffee Club has trumped it.

Beer? There’s quite a bit, but most are bottled (like my Leffe Blonde). I should have probably tried the amazing range of coffees available (including ice-blended ones), maybe next time.

Service? They mention its full table service, but its definitely under-staffed. Sitting outside, it was almost impossible to get the attention of the waiter. A friend had a pizza, which was a base, with lots of topping – impressive, if a little different.

Will I be going back? Definitely. They bring a unique twist to the food served. Service can be improved, but maybe I should try it during lunch or dinner.

"Excuse me, do you have $2 so I can buy a ticket?"

Or any of the below:

“Excuse me, do you have $5 so I can buy a chicken sandwich?”
“Excuse me, do you have some spare change so I can buy a tram ticket to Essendon?”

I’ve been asked these questions (or any of their derivative) too many times in Melbourne. And I’ve been warned by friends and acquaintances that the homeless bogans who pose these questions are really just asking for money to do drugs.

Always, the same reply from me.

“No.” (and a “Fuck off” under my breath)

All the dis-orientation

I am back! (Imagine me saying this in a pitchy, sing-song sorta way.)

Yes, I am finally on Melburnian soil, and now that my internet has been set up (thank God), I get to write once again. Re-entry into Melbourne was good, in case anyone wondered. Sometimes I wish I could get featured on Border Security… okay, no, I take that back.

It is Week 0 for most colleges and some universities. The fun and games are hilarious to watch, and I snigger and giggle at the ridiculous things the freshies are made to do. Cheer mid-street. Lie flat on the floor in the middle of QV. Dance on a table-top. Seriously – all traces of one’s dignity goes down the gutter.

I have never attended Orientation programmes myself. I am, however, participating as a buddy in Melbourne University’s Amazing Race this weekend. I hope it does not involve me wearing a luminous green/yellow/orange vest, running about the CBD.

Anyone has weirder experiences from Orientation camps? Or, alternatively, tell us if you have seen freshies do anything far too weird this week. Links to photographs will earn extra brownie (literally) points from me… once I find myself a convection oven (silly apartment now comes only with a microwave).

Melbourne’s Motor Show

The Melbourne’s Motor show is riding into town, starting on Friday 29th Feb and finishing on Monday 10th March.

I’m looking forward to seeing the latest Bugatti, one of my dream car, after a Lamborghini of course. There is also a self-parking Lexus that I wouldn’t mind having a look. I hope there will be demonstration of its capability. Wouldn’t that be nice in a driving test?

Adult: $18.00
Concession: $14.00
Children: $10.00 (aged 5 – 15) under 5 for free
Family: $44.00 (2 adults / up to 3 children)

So what race is he?

So a young girl’s been molested and the story has been reported. However Australian journalism cannot claim to be really thorough when they’ve left something as important as the offender’s race out of the article.

Is Melbourne becoming more mean?

Lately there has been a number of reports regarding the increasing amount of violence in the city of Melbourne. Do you think that is true?

Many years ago, the city of Melbourne became a ghost town after 6 pm. Nothing moved, and nothing was opened. Several years later, when 7-eleven opened their stores around Melbourne, that was the highlight of an evening. A walk to 7-eleven, just to buy something because it was the only place opened at night or in the early morning.

Now, there are many cafes and restaurants that are opened til the wee hours of the mornings everyday. Coupled that with many people who live in the city now, I expect there are more people in the city at night. But does that translate to more violence?

Add that to the increased number of bars and nightclubs with large capacity, and we do end up with lots of drunks on the streets after the night spots have shut their doors. So what do the walking drunks do? Throw up, fight and abuse people? I can only guess there are some who will do all three.

Do people feel safe in the city of Melbourne after dark now? The next question is: Is there anything that Melbourne can do to reduce this violence?

News Link
The Age “Mean streets of Melbourne
The Herald Sun “Gangs, alcohol fuel weekend Victorian Violence

Are you Indian?

We were in the servo in Cairnlea yesterday, and my partner and I bought some groceries after refilling some petrol. At the counter, the male attendant – who looks Indian – scrutinised my partner rather closely and asked: “Are you Indian?”

Clearly annoyed, she quipped, “Why does it matter to you?”

“I’m curious. Where are you from?”

“I’m a local here. And it’s non of your business.”

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