All the dis-orientation

I am back! (Imagine me saying this in a pitchy, sing-song sorta way.)

Yes, I am finally on Melburnian soil, and now that my internet has been set up (thank God), I get to write once again. Re-entry into Melbourne was good, in case anyone wondered. Sometimes I wish I could get featured on Border Security… okay, no, I take that back.

It is Week 0 for most colleges and some universities. The fun and games are hilarious to watch, and I snigger and giggle at the ridiculous things the freshies are made to do. Cheer mid-street. Lie flat on the floor in the middle of QV. Dance on a table-top. Seriously – all traces of one’s dignity goes down the gutter.

I have never attended Orientation programmes myself. I am, however, participating as a buddy in Melbourne University’s Amazing Race this weekend. I hope it does not involve me wearing a luminous green/yellow/orange vest, running about the CBD.

Anyone has weirder experiences from Orientation camps? Or, alternatively, tell us if you have seen freshies do anything far too weird this week. Links to photographs will earn extra brownie (literally) points from me… once I find myself a convection oven (silly apartment now comes only with a microwave).

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  1. David (unregistered) on February 27th, 2008 @ 5:53 pm

    I am participating as a buddy for MUOSS too! Most of the crazy stuff that goes on are related to the residential colleges o-week. The main unimelb o-week is pretty tame. See you at training then!

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