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Victorian Wine Regions Showcase Series

The first Wednesday and Thursday of each month is a good time to get yourself down to Fed Square for wine tasting.

A different Victorian region is featured each month for the rest of the year. It’s $18 (plus a $2) deposit, but – at least this month, – there’s a link to a voucher that gets you in for $13. Pretty good deal.

This month they’re featuring wines from the Yarra Valley, and it is going to be rainy and yucky both days. What better way to warm up?

April2-3 (Wenesday and Thursday) from 4:30-8:30.

Victorian Wine Regions Showcase Series

Watch the Crusty Demons break some world records!

The Crusty Demons are in town! If you are wondering who or what they are, they are a group of freaks or daredevil riders who love their motorbikes. They travel around the world doing all sorts of stunts (on their super motorbikes of course!).

The last time they attempted the stunts was in Las Vegas and they broke a couple of world records. Tonight, they will be in Calder Park Raceway attempting several world records, including the following:
1. Motorbike – Longest distance jump ramp to ramp
2. Motorbike – Longest distance jump with a trick ramp to ramp
3. Motorbike – Longest mini bike distance jump ramp to ramp
4. Motorbike – Longest mini bike distance jump with a trick ramp to ramp
5. Motorbike – Highest jump in Step Up
6. Quad Motorcycle – Longest distance jump ramp to ramp
7. Quad Motorcycle – Longest back flip ramp to ramp
8. Road Bike – Longest distance jump
9. Road Bike – Longest burn out
10. Snow Mobile – Longest distance jump

Tickets aren’t cheap. Adult for $89 and child for $79. Parking at Calder for $10.
Gates open from 2.30 pm and limited tickets will be available at the gates.
Weather wise, according to the Crusty website, tonight’s events are expected to go according to schedule. They expect the afternoon to be clear with easing winds.
Of course, if you are heading towards Bendigo or the Western suburbs tonight, expect traffic, along the Calder Highway.

On being blown/swept away

Coastal winds and waves are frightening things. Just two days back, two students were swept into the waters of Phillip Island before they could probably mentally register the image of a crashing wave rushing towards them. It was an fatal moment – they did not make it back to shore alive.

Many (myself included), take for granted our feet being grounded to earth. However it is not too hard to fanthom being knocked off the ground by gale-force winds. Bicyclists will know – how often have you felt your bicycle lift off the ground or lose its balance when a huge gust of wind hits you from the side? That said, severe wind warnings broadcast by the weather stations, are critical elements in preventing accidents and tragedies. Read them; heed them. They might just save your life:

  • Avoid being close to the coast
  • Avoid coast water and surf
  • Slow down while driving over highways, especially in small, lightweight cars
  • Do NOT use an umbrella – while they cannot lift you, they cause very bad collateral damage
  • The Age article: Sightseers washed off Phillip Island rocks

    Where Art Thou Week 12-A Bench, Bourke Street Mall

    Not only did bleugh correctly guess the object,  but also gave an exact location and time. Great job! This photo by Adam Dimech was taken in December as bleugh pointed out, by the blue hanging Christmas lights on the top left. It’s amazing that something as simple as a bench can look like a piece of art .

    2127034657_d64b9e6d0e.jpg 2214322396_b827c0d018_m.jpg


    Flickr: Radiant

    Where Art Thou Week 12

    HIA Home Ideas Show

    The home show carnival is in town again. Its bigger, with more than 250 exhibitors and definitely there are more green options available.

    So if you are in the market for a newer, updated home, kitchen, living areas or installing a solar option, head out to the show.

    Show ends on the 30th March.

    Ticket Prices
    Adults $18
    Child < 14 Free
    Concession $15

    Where Art Thou Week 12

    A great shot by a photographer mentioned a few times on this site. Where Art Thou? Put your guesses in the comments. Answer on Friday.


    Comedy Festival

    comedyfestival.jpgThe comedy fest is in full swing, yet once again everyone is left with the task of figuring out what to see. As usual, The Age is useless and only ever gives good reviews or no review at all. Here’s my shortlist.

    Patton Oswalt-Spence from King of Queens seems to have a vast resume of comedy. Fat weird looking dudes are usually pretty funny. A clip from his standup shows.

    Daniel Kitson-Always funny and always odd looking. He seems to get more angry and cynical every year.

    Mark Watson’s Earth Summit– A presentation of “An Inconvenient Truth” in a comedic style.

    Ross Noble , Jason Byrne, Arj Barker, Stephen K Amos

    What the?

    Busting Out– The opposite show to Puppetry of the Penis. This show looks strangely interesting.

    I Want to be a Mokbel– A comedy act on Melbourne’s underworld and Tony Mokbel. Ok sure, why not.

    Faulty Towers-The Dining Experience – Fawlty Towers was probably the best Britcom ever. I’m not too sure about this one but $69 for a three course meal and a show is not too bad.

    Happy Yoga with Guru Dudu – Comedic yoga where the audience participates.

    Missing in Action this year

    Shappi Khorsandi-I’m not really into female comedians but this one had me laughing. Looks like her show is postponed.

    Dylan Moran, Danny Bhoy, Adam Hills

    Then there’s the hundreds of other shows on this year. Anyone have any recommendations?


    Last Laughs: The Comedy Elite

    2008 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

    Picture by jsarcadia

    Standing room only

    First it was no bicycles during peak hour train rides but they retracted that. Now, Connex is thinking of ripping off all the seats and provide ceiling straps for passengers to hang on to for standing room only train carriages. What’s next? Passengers on the roof? Passengers are not allowed to carry bags?

    More passengers should just mean adding more trains to the schedule, not thinking of ways to squeeze more people into a limited volume.

    Imagine what you will do with those ceiling straps? I’ll be swinging like a monkey! Assuming I can reach one!

    News Link
    Herald Sun “Train plan a third world joke”

    Where Art Thou Week 11-Walter Lindrum’s Grave

    Theconundrumm got it right. This is the grave of Walter Lindrum located in the Melbourne General Cemetery. Just a couple minutes away is the memorial for Elvis Presley which gets a lot of visits on the anniversary of his death every year.


    Walter or Wally Lindrum was one of the greatest billiards players in the world and holds 57 world records to his name. People who have not heard of him may recognise the name as a hotel that is part of the south facing skyline of Melbourne. The Hotel Lindrum, opened a few years ago, used to house the Lindrum’s Billiard Centre. Today, it is a boutique hotel but there is much memorabilia as well as one of the original restored billiards table.

    One of the coolest things about Lindrum’s grave is that there are always gold coins placed on the sides. A true sign of respect for one of the greatest billiards players in the world.

    lindrum1.jpg lindrum2.jpg lindrum3.jpg


    Wikipedia: Walter Lindrum

    Hotel Lindrum

    Picture by Thomask

    Flinders Street Closed over Easter Weekend


    Starting today until Tuesday, Flinders Street will be closed including the super tram stop outside Federation Square.

    • Flinders Street will be closed to traffic between Queen Street and Exhibition Street from 5am Friday 21 March until 5am Tuesday 25 March.
    • Flinders Street will be closed to traffic between King Street and William Street from 5am Saturday 22 March until the morning of Monday 24 March.
    • St Kilda Road northbound traffic will be diverted at Southbank Boulevard until 5am Tuesday 25 March.
    • Swanston Street southbound traffic will turn at Flinders Lane until 5am Tuesday 25 March.
    • Trams will stop at Lonsdale Street going southbound and The Arts Centre going northbound.
    • Pedestrians won’t even be able to cross the street in the area.

    That corner is in desperate need of a super tram stop. Best avoid the area this weekend if possible.


    Vicroads: Flinders Street & Swanston Street – Road Closures over Easter

    Metlink: Temporary alterations on trams…

    Thanks to andricongirl at Melbourne Maniac for the tip

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