On being blown/swept away

Coastal winds and waves are frightening things. Just two days back, two students were swept into the waters of Phillip Island before they could probably mentally register the image of a crashing wave rushing towards them. It was an fatal moment – they did not make it back to shore alive.

Many (myself included), take for granted our feet being grounded to earth. However it is not too hard to fanthom being knocked off the ground by gale-force winds. Bicyclists will know – how often have you felt your bicycle lift off the ground or lose its balance when a huge gust of wind hits you from the side? That said, severe wind warnings broadcast by the weather stations, are critical elements in preventing accidents and tragedies. Read them; heed them. They might just save your life:

  • Avoid being close to the coast
  • Avoid coast water and surf
  • Slow down while driving over highways, especially in small, lightweight cars
  • Do NOT use an umbrella – while they cannot lift you, they cause very bad collateral damage
  • The Age article: Sightseers washed off Phillip Island rocks

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