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Where Art Thou Week 13-Royal Exhbition Building


I thought I had you, I really did but it took dlutchy only 42 minutes to guess the Royal Exhibition Building. This monument is a gift to Victoria from one of it’s earliest settlers. Thanks to williewonker for the picture. Next time, I’ll make it harder.

2AM Lockout Protest TODAY

2am-lockout-protest.jpgJust a quick reminder that the protest against the 2AM lockout is today from 5PM onwards. According to the official protest website, the route will start from the Treasury Gardens at the corner of Flinders and Spring Street. If you are against the 2AM lockout, then I suggest you should participate in this. Melbourne is no stranger to protests. Although they may serve little to international causes (Iraq War, Scientology), local protests can result in change. Only weeks ago, many taxi drivers protested outside Flinders Street Station and successfully got their demands met.

Protest against the 2AM Lockout Policy
TODAY from 5PM
Outside Parliment House , Spring Street

Official 2AM Lockout Protest

Melbourne Metblogs: 2AM Lockout: The end of nightlife in Melbourne

Laverton Market, your one stop shopping destination

Laverton Market 1

Laverton Market 2

On the topic of the western suburbs (cheers squirt), and yours truly being a big western suburb fanboy, I’ve decided to sell something that’s quite close to many westies’ heart. Good ol’ Laverton Market.

The pictures here don’t do it justice, coz it was close to the end of the day, and there was an ominous gloom that threatened rain all day.

I’ve been to my fair share of markets, both within Australia and Asia, so I’ve seen some good ones. And some really bad ones. Laverton Market’s somewhere at the top. Great food (double beef patty, egg, bacon and vege burger for $5! Bargain!) and cheap everything. I bought six tubes of 160g Colgate toothpaste for a princely sum of $15. A computer corner table that’d fetch $300 at Officeworks was purchased for $60. A pair of second hand Asics football boots was going for $15, but I haggled and bought it for $10. Then there’s the ubiquitous jam donuts at $6 for 10. There’s a little bit of trash and treasure in every shop. I think if I tried really hard, I might just find a mint ’87 Cobra Commander going for cheap.

Laverton Market is located at 8-18 Leakes Road, Laverton. Open Saturdays and Sundays, 7am – 4pm

Something good from the west … Witchmount Shiraz

We hear many things from the western suburbs. The high crime rate, the latest included the racists attacks on Indian students in Footscray, notoriously mobile-phone recorded and uploaded to U-tube (which incidentally, has been removed). The Mcmansions, large houses in places such as Caroline Springs, and then there’s the crowded trains for the daily communte to and fro the city. But out of all these, something special, has been achieved by a small little vineyard in the western suburbs, sufficient enough to win the highest accolades in the wine industry.

If you don’t already own a bottle of the 2004 Witchmount Shiraz, well, its too late now. It has recently won the Syrah du Monde wine competition held annually in France. If you do have a bottle, you might want to keep it for another 6 years til maturity. At $26 a bottle, its really quite a bargain.

So, if you are ever in the area, Witchmount is along the Melton Highway. It is surrounded by an English pub called the Gamekeepers Inn and a Windmill restaurant (of course, featuring a huge windmill!).

Syrah du Monde Press release
The Age “…world’s best shiraz

Where Art Thou Week 13


It’s been a little while since we did these. Frankly, it’s been tough trying to find pictures that are not so easily guessable. I’ve walked by this many times and have never noticed these loving kangaroos. Where Art Thou? Put your guesses in the comments. Answer on Friday.

Good morning!

Cold and foggy

A 3 degree, foggy morning in Doncaster at 8.45AM last Thursday. It was so cold, even the breath coming out of my nose turned misty.

As it turned out, it was the coldest week of May in 27 years.

And we’re still several weeks away from winter. Eek! A precursor to Winter 2008?

Rental Crisis in Malvern


With vacancy rates at less than 1%, I’m sure there will be a few looking at this “property”.

via Melbourne Maniac: place for rent

JB Hi-Fi’s in New York! Oh wait…

New Yok in MyerI don’t get the whole New York theme that Myer’s boldly marketing to Melburnians these few weeks. Why yellow? When I first saw it, I couldn’t help but think JB Hi-Fi’s somehow associated with the whole branding thingo.

Ban Bikes on Trains


Someone obviously got their wires crossed when they lifted the ban on bikes on trains. Simon caught this great moment at South Yarra Station recently.

Motorbike on Connex Train [via Digg]

Melbourne – racist?

Quite literal, actually.Riding past a park in the trashier side of Port Melbourne this weekend with a friend, we pass a group of kids playing with some adults. A kid around five yells out, ‘Hello, hobboe!’

The adults just stare. They do not look too apologetic, which hints that they are part of the problem here – probably thinking, ‘More foreigners… they’ll go by; who cares?’ (Very mildly – I give them much benefit of the doubt here.) Unfortunately, this one happens to be a Metblogs author about to publicly disgrace you.

I do not think racism is a major issue in Melbourne. The Indian community seem to disagree, of course.

Recent communication with the media from the community describe Australia as a generally racist country. The Federation of Indian Students of Australia (FISA) made a statement earlier this month expressing their concern that ‘racist attacks were increasing’.

The Indian press now even places particular focus on Melbourne’s racist attitude, suggesting Melbourne to be the epicentre of Australia’s racism and warning students that it is no longer safe.

Gautum Gupta, from FISA, also offered a more rational analysis to The Age, and described the recent development of racism the result of the discomfort with an influx of Indians into the country, shifting the gaze away from the Chinese and on to the Indians.

Not everyone agrees that the recent incidences are racial, however, and the recent attacks involving Indian students can also be accounted to being race-neutral. The Australian Federation of International Students (AFIS), for example, accounts the attacks to bad timing and advises international students to take stronger safety precautions. Students are encouraged to seek AFIS for help shall they face difficulties during their stay in Australia.

AFIS is also organising a free event titled, ‘m²s² – Money, Migration, Safety, Study‘ on June 1st 2008, to address the most pressing issues facing current and fresh international students. The event will feature seminars from the Victorian Police, Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the Victorian Tenancy Union amongst other presenters, and is heavily supported by the City of Melbourne.

A great effort has been committed to recognise Melbourne’s increasing professional immigrant workforce and international student market.

No, I personally believe that Melbourne is not entirely racist. Tiny pockets of unfriendly people do exist (eg. trashy Port Melbourne family), but as a whole, we are generally doing very well – albeit milking our foreign students for all their worth.

To that particular family, I say: Up yours, bogans.

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