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Victorian Police Showband at Federation Square

Uniforms, talented fingers and great lungs. Hmmm... Fetish.

Our men and women in blue doing jazz and swing.

The audience was spectacularly few, considering the band was actually pretty good. Either the cold weather, the plain fact that the performance was set in the peculiar-est hours of the late afternoon (I was there at 4.30pm), or the lack of promotion must explain for the twenty-odd present.

Non functioning speed cameras …

If only I knew …
that the speed cameras on parts of the Western ring road and the ones on the West Gate Bridge are not functioning, and have not been operating for the past year. I guess I wouldn’t have slowed down if I knew.

According to Assistant Commissioner Ken Lay, that is the reason why the police never mentioned it, just so people continues to slow down in front of the speed cameras. But now that the secret is out, people will be speeding along these roads.

Maybe they can put up phantom roadworks to slow the vehicles instead (or maybe they are already doing that)!

Lygon Street Memorial


I had a chance to walk down Lygon Street over the weekend. Friends and family of the two killed (Raed “Ali” Marouche & Mohammed Moussa) have erected a memorial on the lamp post. Just meters down the road near the phone box, as seen in the far distance of the photo is the memorial for Damian Cooper. In an even stranger twist, it appears that the driver’s brother died in similar circumstances seven years ago, further up Lygon Street.


Melbourne Metblogs: Change out of a Tragedy and Hoons

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IMG_5510 IMG_5508 IMG_5509

Mokbel behind bars … the next underbelly?

Finally, Tony Mokbel is back in Victoria, after spending at least the last 2 years as a fugitive somewhere around the world, enjoying his freedom. That was happening while his sister-in-law went to jail because she was unable to pay the $1 million surety for Mokbel’s broken bail conditions. Now that he is spending his days and nights in Barwon Prison, murder charges may finally be underway for the murders of the Morans’ families.

This particular saga has been at least 2 years in the making, when he made his escape from Melbourne, followed by the escape/disappearance of his girlfriend until their reappearance in Greece. What were they doing during that time? Where did they go? What did they do?

The underbelly saga continues …
p.s. Does that mean Victorians might finally be able to watch the Underbelly series in the near future?

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Looking to buy some painted art?

Do you have an empty wall staring at you somewhere at home or at the office? Need to brighten a place up? How about some art work? For the first time, there is an exhibition plus sale of painted canvas on show at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

I have yet to go but for all you know, you might actually meet the artists who created the artworks. Its a great opportunity to pick and choose from a large selection of paintings. From the television ad, it sounded like there are oil paintings, modern and abstract artworks for sale.

Its there until Monday midnight. Further dates might still be announced.

Change out of a Tragedy and Hoons

IMG_5234I’ve always wondered why I blog on here. I have nothing to promote (other than Melbourne), no website to link to, and I certainty haven’t made a single cent (or 5cents). Well, walking down the street a few months ago, I saw my words printed up on the street and if that isn’t reason enough then I don’t know what is.

I’ve been wanting to do another followup on the accident that claimed Damian Cooper’s life a year and a half ago but haven’t until today. Tragically a life was lost but out of it Damian’s father Mark Cooper is now an advocate of reducing speed limits in busy shopping areas such as Lygon Street. He has been successful and the city is now in the process of reducing the limit to 40km/h in Lygon Street. As for the piece of scum who hit him, he is going to court in October on charges of culpable driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving while disqualified.

Only a couple of hours ago, just meters up the road, another fatal car crash occurred where two 18 year olds have lost their lives. It’s hard not to jump to conclusions when a P plater crashes into a parked car at such a speed that 2 people are killed and 5 people taken to hospital. A police spokesmen said “This is another example of what you could say (is) hoon behaviour, hoon driving and young people thinking they can outdo themselves and the results are tragic.” The road toll is up 13% from last year. I’m not sure if lower speed limits would have helped either situation but it’s a step in the right direction. It seems no matter what provisions are made, hoon drivers are just not getting the picture.

In any case, it makes me happy to think my words are going to a good cause although in tragic circumstances. I can only hope that the make shift shrine for Damian is helping to get the message out. Slow down.


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Loud Shirt Day, not Shirtless Day, or whatever…


On a day when swopping your staid work clothes for a loud shirt shows your support for the hearing-impaired people, good senior citizens of Melbourne decide to do swop their everyday wear for a commando look.

Clearly, it seems the only way to get anyone in Melbourne to take notice is to go topless. No doubt inspired by our Indian cab drivers several weeks ago, I think it’s about time someone put an end to all the topless shenanigans. It’s funny now, old people going topless, but who gona laugh when there are topless International Students demanding concession tickets and equality with Australian students?? Or topless Sydenham line passengers wanting an extension to Zone 1 stations to Watergardens as Sydenham currently has the least number of Zone 1 stops? How about topless motorists staging a protest against higher fuel prices? Are we gona have a topless protest just coz Mr John Smith isn’t happy?

How about just going completely nude? That’ll make a statement.

Image from The Age.

Next Wave Festival


Running until the 31st of May is The Next Wave Festival. The festival celebrates the “next wave” of young artists displaying their works throughout public spaces in the CBD. By works it could mean art or some kind of dance or anything in between. There is 2020?, a display of industrial waste destined for landfill. Open Embrace invites the viewer to experience the tango from the perspective of the dancer. One more to my taste is Pennies & Pints, a large-scale poster that brings to life the many maps, near misses, and apocalyptic moments of Fitzroy’s history.


Next Wave Festival

Loud Shirt Day

Loud ShirtHey furry friends get your freak on and tell your boss that Casual Fridays are out and Loud Fridays are in once every year as you’re showing your support for the deaf and hearing-impaired children.

I’m in the midst of persuading my office manager to get everyone at work to turn out looking like a clown, lose a multi-million dollar deal and piss off major clients but who gives a stuff when all the adorable kids out there have a buttress of strength and support to fall on to.

Jokes aside, deafness is a disability that’s close to my heart for family reasons so sign up for the participation kit from their official website, throw on something you’ve not won since Halloween circa 1990 and raise funds for all participating foundations.

Wayne Carey is heading north

And good riddance! Queensland is welcome to have him for as long as possible. I don’t care if he was a great sports person.The only adjectives I have for describing this person are womanizing, drunken and druggie.

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