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Hot tip from an expert

At a friend’s engagement just last week, I made friends with one of the blokes. Turns out, he’s a private investigator who works for himself. It’s not a hard job, but long hours (mostly waiting and observing in his car) and peeing into a 1.5L plastic bottle does dull one’s senses after awhile.

We were exchanging views on the more ‘dangerous’ suburbs in West Melbourne as our conversation focused on housing prices and affordable suburbs. I couldn’t quite believe my ears when he mentioned the new suburb of Cairnlea is one of the most ‘dangerous’ suburb to live in right now. Yes, this is the same Cairnlea with the huge sprawling houses, massive plots of land and vibrant community. Most importantly, it’s mostly young couples with a good mix of races and nationalities.

“But,” my new friend said, “that’s exactly what the burglars are into. New homes, with young couples. They strike these homes as the couple mostly works in the day. It’s an easy target.”

I’ve been to Cairnlea. A lot. Many of my friends live there. If anything, I think the suburb is really peaceful and a great place for your kids to grow up in as the demographic is just right. I found it hard to believe my new friend, but coming from an expert’s point of view, I found it hard to reject his opinion as well.

What do you readers think? Any of you live in a new estate/suburb? Hot tips on keeping the house safe?

Last day to donate

Today is the last day of June, it is also the last day of the 2007 financial year. Today is the last day to donate to obtain a tax deduction for the 2007 financial tax year. So, final opportunities to donate to charities!

There are many charities who will be grateful for donations. Below are some of them, the list is not extensive.

Who’d be living at Parkville?

A group of friends who conducted door-to-door interviews with folks living in Parkville early this year received generally positive responses relating to the security of the area. Most residents, however, complained about the lack of services and the relative boredom of not having any form of entertainment in the area, ‘lest you trek/hike/drive/ride/hitch-a-ride down towards the busier suburbs.

The Age, today, painted a fresh new outlook for Parkville. According to a RACV analysis of police statistics and census numbers, Parkville came in at the Burglary Chart tops with a burglary rate of one in every 15 homes.

So, considering the calmness (boredom) and the activity (burglary), who would be wanting to live at Parkville? Something has to be wrong – current residents, feel free to correct me.

See The Age article here.

Food prices to increase

More bad news. So, now we know we are amongst the fattest people in the world. With the increased cost of fuel, it doesn’t surprise me that the cost of food will also increase.

According to today’s Herald Sun’s article, the cost of bread will apparently increase by 20 cents per loaf, eggs by 30 cents per dozen, milk by 5 cents per litre, chicken by 80 cents and lamb by $2.50 per kg. And if you are buying all these from a supermarket near you, they will add on the cost of transportation on top of more profit.

What does all this mean? Its time the whole nation go on a diet!

We are the fattest!

Nothing to be proud of but we are officially the fattest people in the world, beating the Americans at their own game!

According to the latest health report, 9 million Australians are obese. Which translates to 7 out of 10 men and 6 out of 10 women between the age of 45 to 64 have a BMI of 25 and over. That’s a scary thought.

Health experts are worried that there will be an increase of weight related illnesses such as heart diseases, strokes and knee injuries.

Just imagine, we will need bigger and wider seats on trams, buses, trains, and planes. The health cost will have to be increased, gyms and fitness centres will be profiting from people wanting to lose weight. A scarier thought is that the next generation of Australians might be more obese!

Are Australians really that fat?

News Link
Herald Sun’s “Obesity epidemic puts Aussies above Americans

Guy tries to ride on all of Melbourne’s trains in one day

tracking-tully.jpgI was thinking the other day of how long it would take someone to ride each tram route from source to destination. Would it be possible to do it a day? Sure I guess if “nothing” went wrong but who would willingly want to stay on a tram for that long. Well, a guy called Heath Tully has set out on a similar mission to ride the entire train network of Melbourne.

Telstra and Connex have joined forces in this odd mission and he is providing instant updates via his phone/computer. I think more commendable is the overall prowess of completing 183 completely random goals before he is 30. Some of them are fairly easy “38. Do the Sydney Harbour Bridge walk” and some could be quite difficult such as “18. Meet Sir Richard Branson”. Good luck on completing 141.

Nowwearetalking- Ride all the trains in Melbourne

via [Digg]

Project 183

We are now pseudo scottish!

Victoria now has its own official state tartan! Its blue with lines of pink, white and green. The Victorian tartan is registered with the Scottish Tartans World Register. And I quote

“It has blue for the colours on the coat of arms and the Eureka flag, five white lines for the stars of the Southern Cross, green denoting the olive branch on the coat of arms and pink for the floral emblem, the common heath.”

I wonder how much money the state spent on this?
I wonder, can anyone just buy it now and wear it?

Did anyone receive any mail yesterday?

Did anyone receive any mail yesterday? I received a parcel, from an Australian post contract courier. I did see the mailman on his motorcycle around the suburb, but there was no mail, unless you include junk mail as mail.

A look at the news says there was a snap strike at a sorting centre at the Dandenong Letters Centre. Well, that explains everything. Well, sort of. I thought strikes had to be announced in advance and snap strikes are no longer legal. Or have the rules all changed because Labour are now in power?

News Link
Herald Sun’s “Mail delayed by Australia Post Strike
The Age “Picket at Vic post centre

Foxtel Football Copout

I can’t understand why Foxtel did not purchase the rights to show all live matches of the European 2008 Football Championships. Even SBS, who has been such a staunch supporter of football all these years, are only showing eight selected games live. A phonecall to Foxtel revealed that for a Foxttel subscriber to watch the games live, one has to pay an extra $15 on Setanta Sports (one of the sports channels) to watch the game. What a load of hogwash. The Sports package is already costing me around $21/mth, and none of the channels are worth watching.

Fox Sports 1’s showing bloody live NRL games and Fox Sports 2’s showing bloody live AFL games. Fox Sports 3 was, until recently, interesting as the French Open was on. National Geographic Adventure is worth watching, but I don’t want to be reminded how beautiful Earth is and how lacking I am with holidays. ESPN and Fuel just loops loud, college rock music over a montage of supposedly ‘cool’ sports such as skateboarding and surfboarding. Pfft. And that channel devoted to horse racing…..don’t even get me start on it.

Seriously, who’d be watching these oval ball games or other channels at all when the Euro 2008’s going on. Hell, where are the priorities?! I know they’re broadcasting at different times with all Euro 2008 games shown in the middle of the night, but it shows the Foxtel executives’ – no doubt oval ball fans – myopic view of the one true game.

Of course, adrock2xander is not putting up with this racist football attitude. A couple of requests and de-activation later, I’ve unsubscribed my Sports channel and activated the Movies channel instead. I can always watch my football games via live streaming.

adrock2xander is still seething with anger.

Melbourne comes in at 17th most livable city

So, we have been slipping down the ranking since 1991, when Melbourne was ranked the world’s most livable city. What happened?

Well, the Mercer Worldwide Quality of Living Index uses 39 different criteria which includes social, political, transport, economic, personal safety, health and education factors to determine the ranking.

Using just the personal safety criteria, Melbourne ranked 29th, equal ranking with both Sydney and Perth. The Overall index had Sydney at 10th, while Perth is ranked at 21st. Zurich is still the World’s most livable city, since 2007.

Considering the state government has to initiate a 2 am lockout, extra policing for the city due to increased violence, it doesn’t surprised me if Melbourne was ranked much lower. In the Asia Pacific region, Singapore (surprise surprise!) ranked first for personal safety.

Melbourne did not do well in the transport criteria as well. Not surprised, considering we all travel as cattle on the public trains. What say you that Melbourne falls even further down the ranking next year?

Who thinks this will motivate the Government to do something to improve Melbourne’s ranking? Or maybe that is just a dream …

News Link
Herald Sun’s “Mercer Worldwide Index

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