Are we getting so fat

that hospitals have to acquire larger equipments to handle the overweight patients. Equipments such as extra-strong beds, special seats, scales, crutches and wheelchairs that can cater to weights up to 300 kg are constantly being purchased by hospitals as more and more patients being admitted require such equipments.

And because the equipments are larger, that implies less space and less beds in hospitals.
Well, hospital staff are getting weight training at the same time, having to lift the patients!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see that many 300 kg people walking around in the city. I always wonder if the hospitals are scaremongering so that they can ask for more money? Its only in today’s news that we read about stressed doctors having to work long hours and may have put the lives of patients at risk.

Maybe we should wait to admit one of the Member of Parliament into emergency at one of the public hospitals, let them wait for 8 hours before a doctor will see them, and then have him or her lay on a trolley for the rest of the day. Wonder how they would feel then about hospitals and funding?

Are we really getting that big? Or are we seeing the results of obesity, as other illnesses crept in due to some weight factor?


News Link
Herald Sun’s “Obesity epidemic bleeding hospital budgets”

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  1. adrock2xander (mel_john) on July 16th, 2008 @ 7:58 am

    WTF 300kg? lol.

    We’ll be hard pressed to find a 200kg bloke or *gasp* lady walking around. Then again I don’t think calling her a lady is right too as 200kg doesn’t scream effeminate.

    Jokes aside, I feel that we can blame no one but them fat folks themselves. Eating yourself to a heart disease/requiring eight men to bring you out of the house etc is not the way to live.

    I feel sorry for fat people really. The world isn’t made for them. Nothing is fat-friendly. If anything, the world is catered for the short and slim people. Just look at the size of our seats in public transport. I’m 180cm and I struggle to sit upright without knocking my knees into the fellow opposite.

    But that’s another story altogether.

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