Pub Tram to the Rescue

pub-tram.jpgOne of today’s most read articles on The Age today is one about how tram conductors are better than tram inspectors. Besides the fact that the author refers erroneously to Tram 15 (non-existent since 1995), she makes a good point. Tram conductors are a cheaper and better way of 1) providing some security in the tram, 2) making sure that everyone rides with a ticket, and 3) having someone who you can ask questions to (eg. tourists). Well, we will never go back to having tram conductors but here’s a idea. Pub Tram.

Helsinki, Finland is home to the pub tram called the Spårakoff . Yes, we do have the restaurant trams which are pretty cool but unless you are willing to part with lots of money for mediocre food, then we need a pub tram. OK, it won’t solve any of the tram problems, in fact it probably will cause more, but imagine those hot summer afternoons catching a tram home from work. Imagine having a nice cold beer on the ride home. Forget Myki, bring on Spårakoff .


Wikipedia: Spårakoff

The Age: Melbourne’s trams are a hostile place

Photo by matz-o-man [via Melbourne Maniac]

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  1. adrock2xander (mel_john) on July 16th, 2008 @ 8:03 am

    Off topic.

    It’ll be great to have them conductors again. At least they wouldn’t pick on passengers through racial profiling. What’s that again? I’m an fair-evading International Student coz I’m Asian? Fuck off. Here’s my fucking validated ticket. Oh, and your badge number is XXXXXX.

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