Bible-toting-Vietnamese-names-waiter-attired-gospel-preaching shit

You must have seen these boys. They’re young White boys, clad in a smart white shirt and black pants. In winter, they’ve got a pair of black jacket. They’re easily recognizable with their Vietnamese and English name tags proudly emblazoned across their shirt/jacket, and they go around preaching the word of the Bible. They’re quite prevalent in some parts of Asia as well, as my brother (who lives in Singapore) can testify to that. They harass you on trains, invade your personal space and try to sell your their brainwashed doctrine.

I like to think that they’re pimping their God to the wrong demographics i.e Asian as they target ONLY Asians to spread the ‘good word’. Are they insinuating that all Asians are non-Christians?

Here’s their standard Operational Procedure: they come up to an Asian, a friendly ‘Hi! How are you?’, and if the Asian was originally from Asia or doesn’t speak fluent English, they’ll add the proverbial ‘Your English is very good.’ comment. Well so is yours too retard!

A couple of them got off the bus at Doncaster Shoppingtown bus depot this evening while I waited for Bus 307 to get me back to the city safe from bible-studying freaks. I’ve had lots of experience with them, mostly because I’m Asian. I’ve always been civil to them, but they don’t seem to get the message. When these two kids (one of them an Asian, which surprised me), came to me and said hi, I eyeballed them and told them I know what they’re up to and to go away.

“Where are you from?”

“Fuck off you Jesus talking people. Why don’t you ask the White boy sitting there?” I pointed to the teenage White kid sitting in the bus stop.

“Have a nice day.”

They walked away, but not before stopping an old Asian lady with her shopping bag. She just shook her head rigorously and walked away.

Who the hell are these kids? Is this how the ‘one great religion as God is the one true God’ shebang has degenerated into? People working the streets, working in tandem and feeding off people’s ethnic appearance or ignorance to other races? I don’t need people to sell their God to me. If I needed a God, I’ll sign up for one on my RSS feeds. I don’t need a Footscray-loving non-Christian basher to tell me why religion IS the reason or why hate and war has always existed or why we are the spitting image of him. If I needed to know that, I’d pick up a book or watch a relevant documentary.

Okay I’m done venting.

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  1. dubrockn on July 24th, 2008 @ 3:10 am

    But how do you really feel?

    At least your pushy missionaries are polite.

    Try coming to Toronto. Where they are actually rude and will repeatedly tell you that you are going to hell if you don’t accept Jesus Christ as your savior.

  2. laurie2 on July 24th, 2008 @ 3:49 pm

    I’ve tried tellin’ them No thank.

    I’ve told them I’m not interested.

    I’ve even told them I’m a pagan to get rid of them this one gives them a purpose to push God down your throat.

    The last time the missionaries came I had a broken ankle and they physically pushed me against the car door.

    They can all burn in their illusionary hell.


  3. sokru on August 3rd, 2008 @ 4:59 pm

    I’ve only seen these blokes once before. They approached me on a street corner in Armadale, perhaps with a quick conversion in mind. My skin was the same colour as theirs but maybe they thought I needed saving – many have tried.

    Before they could swing into their pitch, I explained that if I was looking for Jesus I would’ve googled him. They allowed me to walk away unhindered.

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