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Pub Tram to the Rescue

pub-tram.jpgOne of today’s most read articles on The Age today is one about how tram conductors are better than tram inspectors. Besides the fact that the author refers erroneously to Tram 15 (non-existent since 1995), she makes a good point. Tram conductors are a cheaper and better way of 1) providing some security in the tram, 2) making sure that everyone rides with a ticket, and 3) having someone who you can ask questions to (eg. tourists). Well, we will never go back to having tram conductors but here’s a idea. Pub Tram.

Helsinki, Finland is home to the pub tram called the Spårakoff . Yes, we do have the restaurant trams which are pretty cool but unless you are willing to part with lots of money for mediocre food, then we need a pub tram. OK, it won’t solve any of the tram problems, in fact it probably will cause more, but imagine those hot summer afternoons catching a tram home from work. Imagine having a nice cold beer on the ride home. Forget Myki, bring on Spårakoff .


Wikipedia: Spårakoff

The Age: Melbourne’s trams are a hostile place

Photo by matz-o-man [via Melbourne Maniac]

Are we getting so fat

that hospitals have to acquire larger equipments to handle the overweight patients. Equipments such as extra-strong beds, special seats, scales, crutches and wheelchairs that can cater to weights up to 300 kg are constantly being purchased by hospitals as more and more patients being admitted require such equipments.

And because the equipments are larger, that implies less space and less beds in hospitals.
Well, hospital staff are getting weight training at the same time, having to lift the patients!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see that many 300 kg people walking around in the city. I always wonder if the hospitals are scaremongering so that they can ask for more money? Its only in today’s news that we read about stressed doctors having to work long hours and may have put the lives of patients at risk.

Maybe we should wait to admit one of the Member of Parliament into emergency at one of the public hospitals, let them wait for 8 hours before a doctor will see them, and then have him or her lay on a trolley for the rest of the day. Wonder how they would feel then about hospitals and funding?

Are we really getting that big? Or are we seeing the results of obesity, as other illnesses crept in due to some weight factor?


News Link
Herald Sun’s “Obesity epidemic bleeding hospital budgets”

Till Death Do Us Part


Australia’s favourite Dutch tattoo dame is exhibiting in our shores again. Angelique Houtkamp’s second Melbourne exhibition opened last week and reflects her interest in watercolour painting. The exhibition, Till Death Do Us Part, showcases paintings with melancholic dames, nostalgic old-time tattoo imagery and half-female, half animal creatures. With artistic influences from advertising, fashion, cinema, illustraion and photography from the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s, the exhibition will interest tattoo purists, art enthusiasts and curious visitors alike.

Till Death Do Us Part, a showcase of original art and new prints by Angelique Houtkamp, is on show at Outre Gallery, 249 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.

Thanks to Marion Joseph

Link: Outre Gallery

Melbourne Tram Book


“Not everyone has warm feelings for the trams – for example. motorists may view them with impatience,” explains the introduction.

While some Melburnians will agree with that statement, most will appreciate the beauty and charm of our iconic box on wheels.

The 80-page paperback is largely a pictorial essay but also has a couple of history lessons. There is even a chapter called “What tram is that?” – so if you have ever wanted to know how the control panels of a W-series and a C-class (we’re entering serious tram enthuasiasts kingdom here), this is the book for you.

More than 40 photographers and artists have contributed tram-related pics to the book, and it’s fair to say that if you are a fan of the City Circle, you’ll be in rusty tram track heaven.

The Melbourne Tram Book is out now.

Sex education for 4 year olds?

Family Planning Victoria thinks that children as young as 4 year olds should be made to attend sex education in schools. In the newspapers, they are quoted as saying it will help with the children avoid pregnancy, sexual diseases and image problems. I can understand about the image problems, but pregnancy?!?

Its bad enough that shops are selling sexy looking clothes for children, such as bras for 5 year olds, and the latest installation of Arts Monthly for a semi naked child. What’s next? A production of Full Monty for Children?


News Link
Herald Sun’s “Family Planning Victoria call for sex education rapped

Enjoy the snow!

With weather such as ours, we should do the best we can. Since it is still school holidays, why not take the kids out to the snow fields and enjoy the freeze? The snow cams at all the ski resorts are all showing white powder, snow I mean.

Yet another Sydenham line screw up


Here’s a scene we see so very often in Melbourne: coked-up addicts in trains. Or something along those lines. This bloke held up an entire train, which was forced to stop at St Albans station. The driver failed to rouse him from his stupor. Passengers were asked to leave the train and board the next train while paramedics took their own sweet time to arrive.

Connex staff told me to fuck off before I could take the picture from another angle. Oh well. At least I got the picture :O

Ominous-looking clouds


Inauspicious dark clouds hanging really low across the suburb of Cairnlea. It’s been really wet and cold these few days. Don’t forget your umbrella or stylish raincoat when you head out! And above all, stay warm.

Where Art Thou Week 15-The Night Cat


I really thought this was going to be a hard one. I mean it was just a picture of a wall. Jopas figured it out within an hour of the posting. Good job.

The Night Cat is one of the best venues in Fitzroy for live acts and dancing. Nope, not your usual Billy Joel cover songs but all kinds of music like jazz and salsa. Unlike most other venues, The Night Cat has loads of room to spread out, so there’s little chance of absorbing other people’s sweat (unless that’s your thing). On certain nights of the week, they teach various dance styles such as the Salsa. If you really want to hear the 80’s cover songs, then don’t fret, 120 Bar across the street plays 80’s music all night. Note: Both venues enforce the 2AM Lockout.


The Night Cat

120 Bar

Picture by yuu.tokunaga

Dumb ass driver

To the train driver departing Parliament Station at 6:04pm on the Sydenham line, it’s an express train from Footscray to Sunshine, not stop all stations. Fucking idiot. And to those passengers who actually got off at Middle Footscray, West Footscray and Tottenham, you’re bigger idiots.

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