Speed cameras out to get you

The Victorian Government has finally decided to set up a website that reveals the locations of all working fixed speed and red-light junction cameras. This is officially done to aid those wanting to challenge a fine, but may also potentially work to slow down speeding-wannabes (works both ways – it may cause them to avoid these cameras and speed along another road, but in doing so they are also being kept out of the busiest/most hazardous junctions).

Personally, it amuses me to watch cars getting speed-trapped when they try to beat the amber/red along the Victoria St./Swanston St. junction. Anyone also noticed that the Department of Justice is sited on that junction? (And its address is 444 Swanston St. – in most Chinese dialects, that is death repeated three times.)

Link to Cameras Cut Crashes website.

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  1. fairfines on August 6th, 2008 @ 2:08 pm

    Cameras cut Crashes. The do not. Just the name of t he site is a misnomer. I would class this site a "Misinformation for Clones" site.
    Since Federal measurement laboratories are not being used, (RMIT and others don’t have proper testing laboratories) there are none in Victoria that are accredited, nor are there any in S.A. seeing they dismantled theirs a few years ago, how can they claim that the certificates of accuracy are legally correct, or even comply with measurement laws. Try using an unapproved set of weighing scales in a shop. The Measurement people will come down and fine you if its short changing you. The Government wants us to believe that all speed cameras are tested accurately. Why are they then not of an approved type? The certificates of accuracy produced to me do not mention "National Measurement approved" and therefore null and void. Magistrates are not wanting to apply the law. So what do I do. Don’t pay them until I see the whites of the jail keepers eyes. I have only been fined once three years ago and won. You can too… Be angry as hell, get them to work on the real problems. Im fed up with taxes and being a whipping boy for safe driving…

  2. Darren (darrenliz) on August 6th, 2008 @ 2:25 pm

    You need to start a website to counter that. I’m sure many people will feel the same.

    I recommend you title it with the first two phrases you wrote.

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