Why all the fuss over a boy?


Is it possible that ALL the media’s attention is focused on this poor little boy ‘coz:

a) He lives in the oft used ‘leafy inner-East’ suburb of Hawthorn?
b) He (potentially) went missing in the oft used ‘leafy inner-East’ suburb of Hawthorn?
c) Media likes to play up a misdeed in the rich, established areas of the ‘leafy inner-East’ suburbs?
d) All of the above?

Cmon, stop with all the press. Shit happens in the West and the media goes ape over it, but when same shit happens in the East nothing goes reported. Similarly, a missing person in the East sparks a media frenzy and I suspect no one would bat an eyelid had it occurred in the West.

Now all I need is a ‘Man bites dog’ headliner from a poor, uneducated Western suburb. Afterall, these kind of bogan activities only happen in the West.


Image from The Age

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