Fare Evaders! Who’d you call? GHOSTBUSTERS!



Here’s a funny one for all those who refuse to take public transport (admit it, you’re one of several millions in Melbourne who’ve swore allegiance to your car). I picked up this ghost buster brochure (right: series 6 of 10 Passenger Card) while travelling through the city last week and was laughing my head off just reading it.

In an attempt to ‘revive’ interest in tram transport, Yarra Trams has launched a Did You Know? series of competition where regular all you’ve to do is answer a simple question and a 16GB iPod Touch and a monthly metcard is potentially yours. But who cares about the freebies when the flipside of the brochure just makes your day?!

I like how we're talked down like we're stupid. So. Epic. Funny.

I like how we're talked down like we're stupid. So. Epic. Funny.

Keep a look out for other Passenger Cards out in the trams. I brought one home and pinned it on my wall ‘coz it really made my day. Kudos to the team who came up with it. Watch out fare evaders! :O

Check out the Yarra Trams website for more funny brochures and win some awesome prizes here.

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  1. fitzroyalty on August 17th, 2008 @ 10:02 pm

    This is a complete propaganda con – see my post at Fitaroyalty about the lies in this poster: http://indolentdandy.net/fitzroyalty/2008/08/16/exposing-yarra-trams-propaganda-lies/

  2. adrock2xander (mel_john) on August 18th, 2008 @ 12:05 am

    Well said. As an ex-International Student and ex-editor of RMIT student magazine Catalyst, I devoted most of my energies towards the blatant stereotyping and misinformed stories about International Students. One of the hot topics I touched on was racism. What does this have to do with validating of a ticket?

    Well, in my second year of university, I boarded tram 19 with a group of tram inspectors in it. As I already had my validated monthly ticket, I didn’t worry too much about them. I also knew, that validating the ticket again was NOT necessary.

    The tram was relatively empty, and I found a seat immediately. After A COUPLE OF STOPS, one of the tram inspectors of Middle Eastern appearance came up to me and asked me for my ticket. I showed it to him confidently. He was obviously asking me for it as I ‘looked’ like an International Student. Several people had boarded the tram but I did not notice the inspectors checking those people. Racism in its broadest sense.

    The inspector went on to explain that all passengers are required to validate their ticket every time they boarded the tram. I told him that it that’s not necessary as the ticket would not register anything new i.e no new time stamp. I also asked him why he didn’t ask the passengers who have boarded alongside me. The ticket inspector looked sheepish, and said he was just doing his job. I told him to stop picking on International Students, and he had picked on the wrong student this time round and he will eat his racist heart out. I then asked for his badge number. He refused and walked away.

    I didn’t want to push this any further as I had a busy assignment week and didn’t need any bullshit wog pseudo-cop to tell me what to do, so I kept my silence.

    As I left the tram, I glared at him and sneered towards his general direction. I would have given him a middle finger if he wasn’t a tram inspector.

    If only I had pursued it and gotten his badge number.

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