Connex encourages fare evasion…

After riding into the city with a valid ticket this morning, I felt a little uncomfortable to be yet again confronted by the trench-coated Connex “heavies” standing over every turnstile to make sure we’re all doing the right thing.

I understand that Connex is losing money by the bus load every week to fare evasion, but I think it’s well time they took a moment to see why people aren’t buying tickets – the system is cramped, dirty, unreliable and overpriced.

Most of our train stations are unstaffed and the ticket pricing system doesn’t make sense. I don’t see why I should have to pay for a two hour ticket if I only want to travel two or three stops.

Time after time we see politicians and representatives from our public transport providers heading off on junkets to see how transport works better in other countries, but they never improve anything when they get back. Maybe it’s because these are people who don’t actually use the system.

I guess we’ll have to wait two years to see if the Myki system will change anything. Considering the time and money already wasted on this system, and the fact our government insists on pursuing it (hmm…can I smell dodgy deal or incompetence cover up?), I’ll try not to get too excited.

Our system is fixable, and in a way that would provide a better system for its users, and make more money for the providers. As money doesn’t seem to be an object for Connex, I can’t see why this problem can’t be resolved.

Charging the dwindling amount of people who actually pay for the system more, while providing an increasingly ineffective and unpleasant system is not the answer – quite the opposite, it’s why people give up and stop paying.

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  1. adrock2xander (mel_john) on August 18th, 2008 @ 6:01 pm

    Those tram inspectors only stand outside the turnstiles during the morning peak hour along the city loop. After that, they parade down to the ‘regional’ main station namely Footscray and Caulfield. I’m sure there are more but I see them in these stations almost very often (sic).

    I wonder what they’re looking out for. How do they know Mr John Smith is using a student concession ticket instead of a full fare adult ticket? I’ve never purchased a concession ticket before (despite being an International Student in Melbourne for three years, but that’s another story altogether), but do they look anything different FROM FAR? Those inspectors stand too far away from the turnstiles to notice anything I’m sure. Or do they have optical zoom installed in their eyes? Gee, they’re already overpaid, larger-than-life threatening and use force and fear to intimidate paying customers, how far do they want to go from here?

    Myki? LOL. This is stand up comedy at its best. Please, someone take the reins from me. I know there’re dozens of readers who’ve their two cents.

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