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The Beijing Paralympics 2008 is about to start, with the opening ceremony being shown on ABC1 from 9:50 pm this Saturday night.

Coverage will appear on ABC1, and a program guide for the first day is available on the ABC TV guide.

Read on for more information on our local paralympians…


It’s good to pay less this fortnight

I know I’m not the only one who’s breathing a little sigh of relief when the Reserve Bank announced an interest rate cut at 3.00PM yesterday – the first time in seven years. I was sitting at my desk refreshing the business page every few minutes as most industry experts were predicting an interest rate cut and news would filter through by 2.30PM. So much for working!

I think young couples with recently bought homes stand to gain the most in the short term. I wince every fortnight when I’m copping almost $2K a month in mortgage repayments, but I shudder to think how other Melburnians are able to afford their palatial homes in their ‘desired’ suburbs. Even with a dual income, I’d be hard pressed to find a young couple forking out payments for a $450,000 house, which by Melburnian standards is pretty average. *gasp* How on earth do these people survive? Stuff the price of petrol, look at the price of milk! $6 for 3 liters. Ridiculous!

Here’s hoping our reprieve, however short, continues. It’s good to have that extra $44/month in your pocket.

Image from ABC News

Mild Mad Monday

Rob Baird/Herald Sun</i>

Carlton's Brendan Fevola and Bryce Gibbs "hanging out" Picture: Rob Baird/Herald Sun

No fights, no urinating on cop shops, no claims of sexual misconduct…yet.  A mild mad Monday for footy players but what’s up with my team crossdressing? Not man enough to kick 100 goals perhaps? Still better than the wooden spoon.


Herald Sun: Fevola Frock Shock

Spring has arrived …

according to the cherry blossom tree near my place.

cherry blossom

cherry blossom

post-run post-haste

So how did we do in that Nike Race?

Melbourne was placed ninth overall, with an average running time (for 10km) of 58″58′. London, topped out at number two with 57″47′. Alright, alright. So they win this round.

Well, at least we don’t have a goofy portly mayor who’s the butt of many jokes. Oh, wait.

For all the results and more, click here.


Our favourite 5000m Victorian track-star Craig “Buster” Mottram was there too! Probably out of contractual obligation because he likes running!

But since he was so good, he gave all the fast runners a 10-minute head start. Not that it mattered at all, since he finished in the top ten anyway.

craig 'buster' mottram


Craig reckons he runs an average of 190km per week. Per Week! That’s like 4 and a half marathons! One every other day! Just thinking about it makes me so tired!

I wonder how much he eats daily to power all that running…


Speaking of eating, to all our Muslim readers (all three of you), we wish you happy fasting in the holy month of Ramadan.*

For everyone else, here’s a cheat sheet of what Ramadan’s all about.

*- According to the Islamic Council of Victoria, the month of Ramadan coincided with the 1st of Sept.

2AM Lockout Lifted

Brumby 2AM FailToday marks the end of one of the worst policies trialled on Melbourne.  No longer do patrons have to suffer confusion over which venues have lockouts. No longer will the streets be flooded with people “locked out” of venues. What have we learned from the lock out? Nothing it seems. Crime has increased, there’s still not enough police on the streets, and people are still fighting IN THE STREETS not in the venues.  Good old John investigated the situation over the weekend, something he perhaps could have done before the lockout.

At least footy players will have an easier time celebrating Mad Monday tonight.


Herald Sun: Violence soars in CBD fringes as revellers move out of inner city

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