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the land of little rain.

It has been raining a bit in the city in the past few days. Well, its not really rain rain, and it really is just a bit. maybe a little drops of water here. and a bit more there.

All part of that four seasons in a day cliche I suppose. The age old conundrum of the Melburnian resident.

The Whitlams apparently weighed in on the topic back in 1998, in their song ‘Melbourne’. Their response : Melbourne’s a ‘rainy city’. Save the title, the song doesn’t mention us by name, and its more about being in love with ‘this [quirky] girl, and her town as well’. Have a watch :

The Whitlam\'s Melbourne on youtube.

Sure is catchy tune. And its so, simplistically happy. If I were to guess, and I mean a shot in the dark, hands tied behind my back, aiming at the toilet with the seat down, blindfolded kind of guess, the interesting girl probably is an avatar for Melbourne itself.

Heh. Okay, so even a drunk year 12 Xavieran can make that connection. But it really is a good song, however you interpret it. And any mayor-elect that promises to make this our City Anthem will have my vote!

Metro: Public Transport App for the Iphone

It’s no doubt the IPhone is the biggest thing since sliced cheese. Not only is it a great phone but Apple has opened up it’s system for people to create applications for the phone. There are plenty of useful apps but Metro has to be one of the most useful for Melburnians.

The program provides scheduling information for trains, trams and buses. Instead of pulling out the schedule or looking up the schedule in the train station, Metro allows you to easily pull up your station, line, or train from your phone. With the IPhone’s built in GPS you can find out where the nearest tram stop is.  In addition, you can find out about any delays on the train lines. All they need is to add real time information to make this perfect but I don’t believe this information is publicly released by Connex.

$2.99 from Itunes, Demo Free


Metro Melbourne via [dhruvit]

Chupa Chups Birthday Party

Gotta love Chupa Chups. They are an internationally renowned symbol of lollipops. Two things that always bothered me though:

Why is it pronounced Chuh-pah-chuh-ps here and Chew-pah-chew-ps elsewhere in the world? Wikipedia offers me no explanation.

Also, who is this rogue Chupa Chups seller I see in the city? Why not sell anything else?

This Saturday, AC/DC Lane will host the 50th Birthday Party of the Chupa Chup. There will be images, bands, and of course some candy to suck on.

Chupa Chups Lane
Saturday, 2PM-9PM


Three Thousand: Chupa Chups 50th Birthday Party

Get into Art, and Vegan food, this Sunday

This Sunday (26 October) there are two big events happening: the Get into Art! public art galleries open day, and the World Vegan Day Festival

Get into Art! is an annual open day of public art galleries across Victoria. This year, 41 galleries will be
participating with free activities and events on Sunday from 11am-4pm.

Some examples I’ve picked out of the Get into Art! program are:

Get Into Architecture at City Museum at Old Treasury – tours, talks and exhibits focusing on the architecture of Melbourne. Melbourne’s Old Treasury Building was designed by nineteen-year-old architect JJ Clark, and is widely regarded as the finest nineteenth century building in Australia.

  • 11am Tour of Old Treasury Building
  • 12noon Talk about the architect JJ Clark
  • 1pm Tour of Old Treasury Building
  • 2pm Curator talk – The Impermanent City
  • 3pm Tour of Old Treasury Building

State Library of Victoria free tour

  • 1-2pm and 3-4pm Free Library tour, including exhibition galleries and the famous dome.

Comic book jam at The Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn and the annual Yeah Write! Zine fair at Hawthorn Town Hall including zine making workshops for both adults and children.

For the full list of program highlights, see this pdf.

Another event on Sunday is the World Vegan Day Festival, described as…

a positive celebration of being vegan: a lifestyle which includes a plant-based diet and endorses compassionate choices and sustainable consumption. It is a day for vegans, those interested in the vegan way of life and all their friends to come together and learn how to live longer, kinder and with a smaller carbon footprint.

If you’re keen to learn more about veganism, this is a great place to do just that. Running from 10am to 5pm, this is a free event. It will be held at Rosina Function Space, The Abbotsford Convent (1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford). There are some great talks being held on the day.

For more information on these events:

GO Bike expo starts today

Opening today 4-8pm and running until Sunday (open 10-5 on Saturday and Sunday), the GO Bike expo is at the Alexandra Gardens and exhibits bicycle rides (events and destinations) and new bicycle products.

While you are there, you can complete a (free) entry form at the expo to go into the draw to win a TREK Madone 5.2 Pro road bike.

More information can be found at the Bicycle Victoria GO Bike expo page.

Save Water Save Energy expo on this weekend

Showcasing the latest water saving and energy saving products available, the Save Water Save Energy expo runs from Friday the 17th until Sunday 19th October (that’s this weekend) between 10 am and 6pm each day, at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre (Clarendon Street, Southbank).

As well as being able to see demonstrations of products, and having a range of experts on hand to ask all your water and energy efficiency questions, there are a range of free seminars being held over the three days to give you insights into how we can all become more conservative with our use of resources, saving money and lightening our impact on our environment as a result. Speakers over the weekend include the Carbon Cops (from the TV series), as well as experts from various stalls at the expo. I recommend catching the morning seminar about energy efficient windows.

Clean water is our most valuable resource so we try our best not to be wasteful with it. Reducing our use of gas and electricity can mean we won’t need to build new power plants or expand existing ones, and make a shift to cleaner sources that much easier. Being thrifty in how we consume water and energy frees up resources and money for other important things. No matter if you own your own place or rent, we all can make small, inexpensive changes, that collectively add up to big things.

Free brekkie for mums and families

October 27th will be Pink Ribbon Day and Sunblest (for cereal-eaters and/or supermarket-house-brand-only-consumers who do not know: the off-the-shelf brand of bread loaves) will be offering FREE breakfast and entertainment from 6am to 9am at Federation Square (with a small gold cold donation in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation).

Performances, prize giveaways and children’s entertainment are lined up for the morning, together with a cooking demonstration from celebrity chef Michael Moore. Mix 101.1FM’s DJs will also be hosting their radio show live from the venue.

Just over a month to The Rat Race Melbourne

Hey guys I had mentioned back in August about Melbourne’s most exciting adventure-cum-race ever to grace our lovely shores.

There’s just over a month before The Rat Race Melbourne begins and there’s still time to register. Form a team of three and challenge yourself both physically and mentally. But ultimately, remember to have fun!

Be part of the Ratolution!

Sign up here:

Melbourne sans car #6: Commuting by bicycle

Want to join a club where you get fit, meet new people, and help the environment? Where you can spend time exploring Melbourne and enjoying the scenery? Where you will feel a part of a growing community? But this club is different: there are no membership fees, no forms to sign, no numbers to ring. The club I’m talking about is the growing number of people chosing to cycle to work at least one day a week, and those who already ride to work will know that its hard not to feel a part of something at peak times along the major routes, amongst the two wheel commuters.

If you are looking to give cycling to work a try, and just need an extra bit of motivation, tomorrow (Wednesday, October 15) is National Ride to Work Day. This day is all about encouraging new starters to give cycling to work a try, as well as a celebration of what it means to choose a human powered active form of transport, for everyone who cycles. If its your first go at it, you won’t be alone. There will be many others trying cycle commuting for the first time throughout Australia on the same day. It may be that you’ve tried it before and want to get back into it. Its the perfect day for that. There are many community breakfasts being held across Australia tomorrow morning to give you a nice tasty reward for your cycle in. The biggest community breakfast in Melbourne is held at Federation Square in the CBD. For other options, check out the list of Community breakfasts being held around Victoria.

Ride To Work

So what else do you need to know to ride to work? There are a lot of resources around to answer this question. (more…)

Melbourne sans car #5: Shopping by bike

Back in July the Herald Sun included an article titled “Lazy shoppers fuelling environment woes by driving” which claims “Shoppers too lazy to walk to the supermarket add nearly 1.9m tonnes to our greenhouse gas emissions each year”.

Those who live within a few kilometres of their local shopping areas can quite easily forego these short trip emissions by leaving the car at home and cycling to the shops instead. Typically this will mean you also leave the aggrivation of finding a park behind, as many shopping centres provide bicycle racks closer to the doors than even the closest car park (or failing that have suitable things to lock to near the doors). One of the other benefits of shopping by bike is you get to squeeze exercise time into your week at the same time, and if you happen to have a bike path along the way, it can be a great way to enjoy a bit of time out. (more…)

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