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Fun times on the tram

Continuing with the theme of things overheard is an interesting picture taken the other day. Rodian, from the Livejournal site Overheard in Melbourne took this lovely photo on the 59 tram. Discretion is obviously not on this guy’s mind.


Overheard in Melbourne: ok… this is an overSEEN

Overheard in St Albans today…

“You whore you’re only 28 years old and you’ve already fucked half the men in St Albans….”

What a friendly banter between two men from a few doors down.

Gee I’m glad I’m in the other half!

At the time of writing…



I’m old enough to remember the last time the Australian dollar was on par with the Singapore dollar (before GST was introduced in Australia), but I must too old now as my memory fails me when I try to think the last time the Australian dollar was this low.

Just two months ago I was persuading my family and friends to purchase U.S dollars as the universally accepted greenback is recognised everywhere. Those were the days when 1 Australian dollar could get you over 0.96 American dollar. What a deal.

Fast forward to today, and an email from my brother in Singapore indicates that all Singapore banks and money changers are suspending the sale of Australian money. What an awesome display of demand outstripping demand. Incredible.

Let’s hope this mini financial crisis rears its pretty head soon.

Exchange rate from

Melbourne sans car #4: Keeping your bicycle yours (anti-theft)

Most bicycles stolen in Victoria have been left unlocked. Half of bicycles stolen from the owner’s home, because most people don’t lock their bicycles at home. When a bicycle is stolen it is usually very difficult to recover.

Your best chances of keeping your bicycle is to lock it whenever you have to leave it, even if its only to duck into the shops, and most definitely when its at home or work.

In this post I’ll talk about:

1. How to lock it?
2. Where to lock it?
3. How tempting is your bike to thieves?
4. How identifiable is your bike?
5. Insuring your bike

Street Postmodernist Wisdom

Adrock’s last post reminded me of this snapshot I took not too long back.

Existential dispair (sic)

Existential dispair (sic)

Sometimes a little bit of humour goes a long way…

Warms your heart doesn\'t it?

Warms your heart doesn't it?

NAB’s "Dream Festival"

Hey fellow Melbournians,

Sick of having to switch on the television or open a newspaper to be advertised to? Well, this just in from a friend, “the Yarra River, our Princes Bridge, Birrarung Marr and that entire precinct of our city will be sold over to the National Australia Bank for FOUR DAYS to run a PR campaign”!

Apparently this National Australia Bank advertising campaign will feature art installments “depicting the dreams of Australians”.


I know what one of my dreams is – nationalise the National Australia Bank, and re-regulate the country’s financial system! Wha… no? That particular installments not in there…? Oh. Ok.

How about something reflecting some of the dreams of Melbournian graffiti artists; to be able to walk down the street without being harrassed by police and fined for posession of spray paint. To have the same kind of access to public spaces that the National Australia Bank has, by being able to print your message up for all to see! That way, EVERY day can be a Dream Festival!

Oh… that’s not in there either?


Well, get on down if you really haven’t seen enough ads this weekend. And please, go on to their website to see a mighty piece of prose called “Ideas. Dreams. Aspirations.” signed by John Stewart and Ahmed Fahour – the “Group Chief Executive Officer” and “CEO” of NAB, respectively – i know i’m dying to know what these intellectual and cultural giants have to say! I wonder what it’s like to get so much of the monetary reward from other people’s efforts? I hope they write some memoirs for us! Oh yeah, you better believe it. What a time to be a Melbournian!

Singapore Day

The weather’s a lot nicer these days (though it still warrants a light jumper), so if you happen to be around the Sidney Myer Music Bowl this late morning or arvo, check out some local and distinctive Singaporean fare at Singapore Day 2008. Note the choice words of Singaporean, not Asian. Asian food is so varied and colourful, calling it ‘Asian food’ like most Asian food stalls do is just another nail into an Australian’s stereotyped penchance for ‘fried rice beef with black bean sauce’ when they think Asian food.

But I digress.

With the inaugural Singapore Day in New York City a runaway success last year, organisers have brought Singapore Day into our antipodean shores. Although registration is required, there should be no reason why you can just waltz up into the grounds as entry is free.

Oh btw, Singapore Noodles DO NOT EXIST. That’s a bastardised version of our famous Prawn Noodles and Hokkien Mee. I’ll be making my way to the grounds soon, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a ‘Singapore Noodle’ stall existed. Or some ignorant foreigner walking around asking for a Singapore Noodle stall.

Sunday 5th October: Melbourne Bicycle Polo Tournament

Bike Polo Tournament Poster

This Sunday, Melbourne’s first Bike Polo Tournament will be held at Carlton (next to the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Corner Rathdowne St and Queensbury St) from 12 noon.

If you’d like to enter, teams of three is $15, and individuals can enter for $5 (to be placed into a team). To register send an email to [at]

Spectators entry is free (of course), so even if you’re not up for a game its sure to be entertaining to watch.

For more details see the official site and there are some photos here.

This is what happens to people who try to rob a taxi driver…

…nah I’m just kidding. I wouldn’t want that happening to anyone, taxi robber or not.

With taxi fare evasion running rampant across the metro area of Melbourne, the Victorian Government has made prepaid fares mandatory for all taxi trips between 10 pm and 5 am across Victoria from 1 October 2008. Finally, a good step is taken towards protecting the interest of the taxi driver and taxi operator.

I don’t take taxis all that often, and definitely less so in the nights ‘coz I’m usually at home by 10pm. Has anyone tried taking taxis last night and if so, what do you think of the new regulation?

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