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The year draws to a close …

Hopefully, with a bang, while ushering a new year.

What can I say? It has been eventful. Full of ups and downs, we have all experienced all forms of extremes this year.

The roller coaster ride of the share market has been nothing short of educational. We saw petrol prices bubbling higher and higher before sinking to close to a dollar. We experienced the joy of a strong Australian dollar and now lives with a more humble one. The closure of ABC childcare are still sending shockwaves through families, but we do have a new Prime Minister and there will be a new President of the USA. The weather … it has been a cool start to summer, will the drought be coming to an end?

So, what can we look forward to? Higher prices? Better and more funding for our health and education sectors? Higher unemployment? Lower interest rate? Lower house prices? Higher rents? Who knows!

We can only look forward and deal with what the new year will bring.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Teen gang bash couple over rubbish bin dispute

Paul said he suspected his attackers to be of African and Asian origin and urged them not to be drawn into the same sorts of problems that they might have fled in their homeland.

“These people that do these things, have got to think of the other people living here, that come from the same background, and for their parents’ sake and for the younger ones coming up. Their future is here, not back where they come from.’

As far as I’m concerned, it’s the Africans who fled their countries. Most of the Asians are children of immigrants/second generation chinese from South East Asia. They’ve never experienced war.

In the words of one of the African attackers:

“Don’t worry Paul, you have proved you are a bigoted idiot.”

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Free public transport Dec 24 & 25

Connex is definitely getting into the festive season this year and to think I was going to buy a ticket tomorrow. All trains, trams, and buses are free from the first service tomorrow until the last service on the 26th 25th. V/Line trains will be free only on Christmas day. A great little freebie before they raise all of the prices by 5% in the new year. Myki?

Metlink: Public transport this festive season [via Ozbargain]

Southern Star Observation Deck

Big Wheels Keep on Turnin'

Big Wheels Keep on Turnin

Although very similar sounding to a location you’d expect on the starship Enterprise, it’s actually that huge ferris wheel in Docklands. As of tomorrow, it will be open for business so you can get that great view of…umm…the docks? I’m still not convinced on Docklands as a city destination for entertainment. Lygon Street=Italian Feel, Chapel Street=Ritzy Feel, Swanston Street=Student Feel, Docklands=No feeling at all. Despite being the red headed step child of Melbourne, only time will tell with the addition of an ice rink and a Costco soon.

Like the Eureka Tower, expect to see a marriage proposal on tomorrow night’s news (Adrock, you should have held out a bit longer).


Southern Cross Observation Deck [via The Age]

Adult: $29 / $58 (no waiting in line)

Connex Freebies

Ho ho ho!

Ho ho ho!

Connex does a great job with it’s website, events, advertisements, and it’s technology. The only thing it can’t do right is run trains in a timely manager but hey, you can’t everything.

All this week, Connex has been offering commuters free coffee and chocolates at various train stations. Tomorrow they will be offering these goodies at Flinders Street station.  In addition to those freebies, the company has started a free rewards club called Connex Plus. The rewards club can get you discounted juice at Boost Juice, 10% off the Eureka Skydeck and various discounts to retailers around the city.

A bit of a wag the dog scenario to distract the ever mounting train chaos but hey I’ve never turned down chocolate.


Free Coffee & Chocolate [via Ozbargain]

Connex Plus [via Ozbargain]

Will it ever stop?

Rain on City Road by Michael Blamey

By my account, it’s been raining for 31 38 hours straight. Not that I’m complaining as it seems like most of the water storages have gotten rain.

Photo by Melbourne Today, Michael Blamey who not only has a great website full of Melbourne photos but is currently selling a lovely coffee table book of his collection.

Rally against Greek government and police transgressions, 1pm tomorrow

Tomorrow there will be a rally outside the Greek consulate, 37-29 Albert Road, South Melbourne, 1pm.

The protest is in Melbourne, but it’s about events in Greece, so i won’t go into too much detail, but basically there have been an extensive series of demonstrations against the right-wing government (following the shooting of a teenager, but also inspired by general opposition to the current regime), and in response, pro-government rioters and police have been spreading violence on the streets. Further information here:

Uprising in Greece

Greece: Still the one…

On the Greek riots

My post about the issue

…Or just do a google search.

Overheard this morning…

“Get out of the train! This is White Australia!” yelled a (possibly drunk and fare evading) bogan at two Asian ticket inspectors on the Watergardens-bound line.

Best part is, not only did the ticket inspectors ignore him, they didn’t even ask for his ticket.

Well I never. Job well done there guys.

No morning commission I guess.

Keep cars out of Swanston Street rally Tuesday 5pm @ Townhall

Free Stuff at the Nintendo Experience

South Park</i>

Would Mario wait in line? Credit: South Park

Wiiiiiii. Tomorrow afternoon, EB Games is opening up the Nintendo Gaming Area in their new Swanston Street store. Big deal you say? Well, the first 100 people who enter the store at 12PM, will receive a Wii console, Nintendo DS, or a game. If it is anything like the Wii fiasco at Catchoftheday, then we can expect to see people camping out tonight.

EB Games, 67 Swanston Street

12PM, December 11

EB Games [via Ozbargain]

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