howdy, melbourne!

howdy melbourne. i’d say “g’day, mate” but i am sure you get tired of americans trying to imitate paul hogan or acting like they just stepped out of a foster’s commerical.

my name is james, and aside from an annoying habit of not using capital letters, i am one of the esteemed authors on the atlanta metblog from good ole’ atlanta, georgia, usa.

the question of course presents itself, why is this guy posting here, on the MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA metblog?

well it’s a good one and i will answer it. i’ll be boarding a plane tomorrow and heading your way (well geelong, actually, but i have to fly to melbourne) and will be hanging arond victoria for a couple of weeks doing some work.

in the spirit of cooperation and to give me something to do, i’ll be dropping a few posts here and there on your blog and giving you my perspective on what i see.

any suggestions while i am with you?

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  1. squirt (mel_corinna) on January 25th, 2009 @ 2:48 pm

    Depends on whether you are going to be spending more time around Geelong or Melbourne. There’s the great ocean road to visit the 12 apostles and caves along the coast towards South Australia.

    Australian Tennis is still on till 1st Feb. Penguin parade on Philip island is a great place to visit, but that one is quite late at night during the summer. The little penguins will only surface onto land around sunset, which is around 8 pm these days.

  2. clogwog on January 26th, 2009 @ 5:37 pm

    what is wrong with only using lower case ?

    mmm going over to geelong.. well i’d be interested to hear what you think of geelong after you spend a few days there. and i’ll like to have the answer to the question ‘is it hot enough for you’ on thursday the 29th of jan :)
    welcome ! and i’m looking forward to seeing a post.


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