a famous tour guide.

alan joyce explains something about cricket

alan joyce explains something about cricket

howdy melbourne.

so i have finally gotten to post here. i have some thoughts about geelong, my home away from home to post in the near future, but for now i wanted to tell you all about a neat little occurrence that happened on my day outing to melbourne today.

of the things i really wanted to do in melbourne today – a tour of the world-famous melbourne cricket grounds was top on my list. now as an american i am completely baffled by cricket, but also absolutely fascinated by it. whenever i am in a commonwealth country i always turn on cricket and watch and try to decipher the code that seems so remote to me.

so when i heard that for 15 aussie dollars i could tour the melbourne cricket ground, you better believe that this shot to the top of the list.

and it didn’t disappoint. a match was going on between south australia and victoria in some tournament called the sheffield cup (cricket apparently has more tournaments than soccer) and so there was action on the grounds.

we got a great view of it and a great view of the stadium from all angles and deck. and it is breathtaking. an amazing facility with amazing views of melbourne and the field. i was having a grand time.

and then a guy on the tour tapped me and told me we had a famous guide. seriously. apparently our guide was a coach that had won the australian rules football premiership a couple of times. i looked him up, alan joyce, and sure enough he has.

according to the guys on my tour he volunteers at the cricket ground giving tours to give himself something to do. they made sure that i understood that this was a pretty big deal. they realized i was american and might not grasp it ;-)

that’s him up there in the picture explaining something to me about the second english side in australia. see, i am getting this terminology.

also, the afl was hosting a coaches seminar there and according to my tour mates they saw at least three other big name afl coaches running around the place

not bad at all and a neat side anecdote to a great tour.

just for the hell of it, here’s a pic of yours truly enjoying a little of the cricket.

enjoying a little cricket

enjoying a little cricket

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