Beware of Putpocketers

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In all of my years in Melbourne and beyond I have never been pickpocketed. I never flash my cash anywhere and I try to be keep a close eye on the contents of my pockets. That said, I experienced a putpocketing at a pub this Monday night. A putpocketing, is the opposite of a pickpocket where someone puts something into your pockets. No, unfortunately it wasn’t money but a anonymous blackmail attempt against a random male patron in the form of a folded up index card.

Whilst getting ready for work the next morning, I changed my pants and thus emptied the contents of my pockets to put them in the wash. This is where I found this lovely note next to my mobile phone. For the record, my left pocket is strictly for mobile phone and keys, never have I put a receipt or anything else in that pocket. Whoever put the note in my pocket was banking on the fact that my significant other would go through the pockets in my pants thus creating a possibly not so fun situation.

Everything about the note screams inflammatory and vague. There is no “To:” name , good for slipping into anyone’s pocket.  “Happy 9 months”, a long yet short enough time period into which a suspecting partner can analyse.  The majority of the note makes it sound more than just a fling but a full fledged relationship, probably worse than a fling if you had to compare it.

So there ya go, word to the wise, watch out for people slipping things into your pocket in crowded situations. There was no benefit to this person doing these things, other than some weird hatred of the male race (perhaps she got cheated on).

Happy 9 months baby!
It has been the most challenging and yet rewarding nine months of my life.
I cannot wait for our very bright and promising future together.
I will always love you.
Your Jess xxx .

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