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Old ad, same problem


Here’s a notice from the friendly people at Highpoint Myer that will either a) invoke your curiosity, b) have you laugh at the staff’s inadequacy or c) all of the above. Obviously written by a staff who hasn’t completed high school. Or worse, an adult who doesn’t know what a pen and paper is anymore.

There’s a reason why I loathe reading forums these days. Kids no longer know how to write with a pen and spend more time ‘writing’ with a keyboard. Or worse, a mobile phone. Clearly, the standard of English drops with the advent of ‘l33t’ (elite) speak. In an unfortunate by-product of the shortening of common words to fit the 160 spaces for short text messaging, grammar is compromised.

Oh how I wished kids these days know the difference between ‘there’, ‘their’, ‘they’re’, ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

By the way, how many mistakes can you count on that notice? I count two.

EDIT: typo

Lindt Chocolat Café opens up location in Melbourne

Lindt Chocolat Café opens up this month

Lindt Chocolat Café opens up this month

Coffee is king but over the past few years there has been rising faction of chocolate cafes dominating Melbourne. John wrote a piece back in January about the increasing popularity of cafes like Koko Black, Max Brenner and San Churro. When I was up in Sydney a few months ago, I got to try the Lindt Chocolat Café in Martin Place and I was thoroughly impressed. While I do like chocolate, I find the sheer amount of chocolate involved in Koko Black and Max Brenner’s dishes to be a bit much at times. Lindt, while it does serve similar dishes, actually has some desserts where a good amount of vanilla ice cream is involved. In addition, they serve some non-savoury breakfast and lunch items at its cafes.

According to a job listing recently posted in Seek, Lindt plans to open up it’s first Melbourne store at 271 Collins St this month with another location to open in August  in Chadstone (in the new West Wing extension). I anticipate a visit there later this month.

Lindt Chocolat Café

271 Collins St, Melbourne


Review and Pictures from the Melbourne Foodie Blog

Dr. Phil GFC tour in Melbourne

drphilDon’t get me wrong, I love his show and I’m all for people making money but cmon now. Tickets to hear him speak start at $89 and go up to $289 for a floor ticket at Rod Laver Arena.  Just to give perspective, AC/DC, one of the most sought after tickets this year went for $149.

From the description on Ticketek,

“He will flood you with inspiration and motivation, giving you the power to implement his strategies immediately for your success. You will learn some of Dr. Phil’s break-through strategies to improve your career, finances, health, and personal life,”

Charging $289 for a ticket is certaintly a break-through strategy.

Ticketek: Dr. Phil Live in Australia

Melbourne: Flu Capital of Australia

googlefluMelbourne has been called the cultural capital, the sports capital and the coffee capital of Australia. Well, now we can add another title to Melbourne’s fame, the flu capital.  I’m unsure as to what is worse,  trying to avoid people who have the flu in order to prevent getting sick or trying to avoid people who have the flu in order to not here another lame joke about pig flu. Either way, we are winning in the amount of H1N1 flu and coming a close second for “regular” flu cases developed this year.

In an incredible sense of bad (or possibly good) timing, Google has released “Google Flu Trends” for Australia. At first glance, it seems like another April fools prank like Gball but in fact is an interactive graph mapping flu data from user’s flu related searches on Google. Google correlated the amount of people searching for flu related topics and actual flu data from the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory and found that the two were very similar as seen in the graph. historical-au-new1Unfortunately, medical data from the VIDR is not real-time but Google’s search results are, thus making for “Flu Trends” to accurate predict the frequency of flu and the state you reside in.

Looking at Victoria’s chart, it seems that we are steadily increasing and are not close to reaching the peak. By previous year’s assessments, the flu season will slowly die down by the end of September. It’s also interesting to note that while NSW has a bigger population than VIC, it’s flu rate seems to be less. I wonder if that comes down to population density or perhaps less crowded public transportation. Maybe it’s because we have a lot of small bars open until late at night. There are probably a lot of factors but it’s interesting to see the data being graphed. With better location based tracking by Google in the future, we might be able to break down search results to suburbs. Imagine looking to buy a house and being provided with a flu rank number for the suburb.

Google Flu Trends Australia [via Official Google Australia Blog]

Melbourne from 3000 feet

melbfromaboveYasanga Wijekoon captured this neat picture from his cousin’s Cessna 172S aeroplane. By the looks of the picture, he was flying just above Southern Cross station. The tilt shift version is quite neat as well.

Twitpic: Melbourne from a Cessna 172

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