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Happy Melbourne Day


Melbourne's flags waving. Photo:

This Sunday, 174 years ago, Melbourne was founded. What better way then to celebrate Melbourne by visiting some of it’s attractions on the cheap. Although the deals are not as sweet as previous years, a 2 for 1 deal is a good excuse to take a look at some of the attractions you have been meaning to see.

2 for 1 offers on the following:

Melbourne Aquarium
Eureka Skydeck
Melbourne River Cruises
Old Melbourne Gaol
Australian Racing Museum
Australian Centre for the Moving Image
Chinese Museum Bridge of Memories Exhibition
City Museum at Old Treasury Melbourne
Cooks’ Cottage
Melbourne Golden Mile Guided Walk
Melbourne Aquarium
Old Melbourne Gaol

50% off:

Queen Victoria Market Tour
Rialto Tower Observation Deck

and a free swim at the City Baths. I would guess the deals this year aren’t as good previous years because Melbourne Day falls on a Sunday this year, assumingly the busiest day for most of these attractions. Maybe going next year on a Monday might mean less crowds and better deals. Melbourne Day

5% off Metlink Tickets

What better way to segway from John’s last post about his tram travels to another pubic public transport story. Buy your tickets online before the 8th of August and save 5% off plus  get free delivery.  Not too bad of a deal for those who actually validate their tickets although I have a feeling a fare increase may be coming soon.

Buy your Value Metcards online for 5 per cent off [via Ozbargain]

“Tell them what the Internet is fooooor…”

I took my wife to the Comedy Theatre yesterday for a matinee performance of Broadway’s multi-award winning Avenue Q. Growing up in the early to mid 80s (guess that kinda pegs my age into a certain age group!) to the regular introduction of letters and numbers of Sesame Street, it was great to relive something days long gone in the flesh.

Of course, nobody in the audience was expecting anything as tame as the PBS show, so we knew what we were getting ourselves in for. It is the most extraordinary show I’ve ever seen. Who knew puppets could be so funny and touching? Few people would have the chance of experiencing a quality Broadway performance in their lifetime and I’m glad had a chance to say they’ve definitely destroyed my cutesy image of puppets! It’s Sesame Street meets South Park! I won’t give anymore away! It’s so good I feel like double clicking on my mouse……..

The Avenue Q team plays in Melbourne for another week before moving to other parts of Australia. Tickets are very affordable and have been reduced to $49.90 (except Saturdays) and I highly recommend it with your family or date or just friends wanting a good time. Just make sure they’re of ‘mature’ age!

EDIT: I just realised Neil’s previous post has a picture of Lucy the Slut. How’s that for unwitting advertisement placement?

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ING Savings Week

freeApparently some financial services companies still have money to spend on promotions. All this week in Melbourne, ING will be offering freebies. Monday, they were serving free public transport and today they are offering free coffee.  Tomorrow they will be offering free shoe shines and massages, followed by Thursday where they are giving away free lunch (or $5 off) at certain cafes in the CBD. So if you are in the city this week or lucky (or unlucky) enough to work there, go get your freebies.

ING Savings Week [via Ozbargain]

Buy one get one free!


Hello readers,

after a short hiatus, I’m back.  As I sat in front of my telly yesterday evening, wondering how I could re-introduce myself back into the Melbourne Metblog fold, I chanced upon this wonderful ad. In light of our dire spending power in the last six months, it couldn’t be more apt!

Paul’s Sports Warehouse has just one outlet in Victoria. Now there’s the good news and the bad. The good? It’s in Melbourne. The bad? It’s in the western suburbs. If any of you west of the Maribyrnong or south of the Yarra fancy a free pair of runners and are willing to dust off your flak jacket, bring your life policy along with you and check out what the wonderful deals available. If anything, purchase them runners and hit the track. Lose the weight before the brunt of winter beckons!

Paul’s Sports Warehouse is located in 77 Wright Street, Sunshine, VIC 3020. To come at the safest time where stabbings or shootings occur the least, make an appointment with them at (03) 9310 2044. If you truly believe the western suburbs are as dangerous as the media makes it out to be, you’re an idiot.

5% off Metcards until April 5

This may be a bargain depending on how much you value Connex’s services but Metlink’s online shop is offering 5% off regular ticket prices until this Sunday April 5.

5 per cent discount when you buy:

10 x City Saver, 10 x 2 hour, 5 x Daily, 5 x Seniors Daily, Weekly, 5 x Weekend Daily and Monthly Metcards online.
Free postage. Minimum purchase of $10. Payable by Visa & Mastercard.

This year’s tickets for last year’s prices.

5% off tickets-Metlink Melbourne [via Ozbargain]

Free Public Transportation on Friday

Well, I guess you could call this a freebie if you don’t ride the trains every day. After Wednesday and Thursday’s predictable chaos with Connex’s train system (196 311 trains canceled), they have decided to make all public transport free on Friday. According to the Metlink website,

all metropolitan trains, trams and buses, including V/Line trains to and from Sunbury and Melton, will be free from first to last service on Friday 30 January 2009. NightRider buses will be free on Saturday morning, 31 January, until 4.30am. Travel on all V/Line-ticketed regional train and coach services will be free from the first service to the last service on Friday 30 January 2009.

A little bit better than getting a free ice cream.


Free travel on Friday 30 January

Free public transport Dec 24 & 25

Connex is definitely getting into the festive season this year and to think I was going to buy a ticket tomorrow. All trains, trams, and buses are free from the first service tomorrow until the last service on the 26th 25th. V/Line trains will be free only on Christmas day. A great little freebie before they raise all of the prices by 5% in the new year. Myki?

Metlink: Public transport this festive season [via Ozbargain]

Connex Freebies

Ho ho ho!

Ho ho ho!

Connex does a great job with it’s website, events, advertisements, and it’s technology. The only thing it can’t do right is run trains in a timely manager but hey, you can’t everything.

All this week, Connex has been offering commuters free coffee and chocolates at various train stations. Tomorrow they will be offering these goodies at Flinders Street station.  In addition to those freebies, the company has started a free rewards club called Connex Plus. The rewards club can get you discounted juice at Boost Juice, 10% off the Eureka Skydeck and various discounts to retailers around the city.

A bit of a wag the dog scenario to distract the ever mounting train chaos but hey I’ve never turned down chocolate.


Free Coffee & Chocolate [via Ozbargain]

Connex Plus [via Ozbargain]

Savers Special!

Savers Thrift Stores are having a savers special today. 50% off all used merchandise! If you have never been to a Savers store, it is a recycle store, where clothes, furniture, toys, books and everything else you can think off that people have donated or given away in a usable condition are resold. Diabetes Australia is a major beneficiary of the stores. Most clothings are in very good condition. On occasion, I have found clothes that are brand new for less than 5 dollars.

With a recession looming over the horizon, there is nothing better than being thrifty and helping a charity at the same time.

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