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Foxtel Football Copout

I can’t understand why Foxtel did not purchase the rights to show all live matches of the European 2008 Football Championships. Even SBS, who has been such a staunch supporter of football all these years, are only showing eight selected games live. A phonecall to Foxtel revealed that for a Foxttel subscriber to watch the games live, one has to pay an extra $15 on Setanta Sports (one of the sports channels) to watch the game. What a load of hogwash. The Sports package is already costing me around $21/mth, and none of the channels are worth watching.

Fox Sports 1’s showing bloody live NRL games and Fox Sports 2’s showing bloody live AFL games. Fox Sports 3 was, until recently, interesting as the French Open was on. National Geographic Adventure is worth watching, but I don’t want to be reminded how beautiful Earth is and how lacking I am with holidays. ESPN and Fuel just loops loud, college rock music over a montage of supposedly ‘cool’ sports such as skateboarding and surfboarding. Pfft. And that channel devoted to horse racing…..don’t even get me start on it.

Seriously, who’d be watching these oval ball games or other channels at all when the Euro 2008’s going on. Hell, where are the priorities?! I know they’re broadcasting at different times with all Euro 2008 games shown in the middle of the night, but it shows the Foxtel executives’ – no doubt oval ball fans – myopic view of the one true game.

Of course, adrock2xander is not putting up with this racist football attitude. A couple of requests and de-activation later, I’ve unsubscribed my Sports channel and activated the Movies channel instead. I can always watch my football games via live streaming.

adrock2xander is still seething with anger.

has samSUNG just SUNG her last SONG?

Samsung 40 Inch M series

Have any readers, in the last five months, purchased a Samsung LCD/Plasma television during their buy-one-get-one free promo? I bought the sleek LA40M81BDX (above) in February from The Good Guys in Maribyrnong and Samsung had promised to deliver the tellies within six to eight weeks. I say that’s hogwash, as we’re now approaching the middle of May, and it’s almost 11 weeks.

Confirmation email aside, I’ve not received any phonecalls, follow up emails or mail whatsoever. I say, how hard is it to send my free 19″ telly to my doorstep?

Granted, it was a good deal. For $1973 inc. gst, I got myself a relatively large LCD television and a free 19″. Now that’s a steal.

But steal or not, it’s still a restless wait for the Samsung contact that’s never gona come. Or is it?

Yoohoo…anyone working in Samsung here? Get your fucking act together already! My bedroom looks empty and rather forlorn looking without a shiny screen looking back at me.

Village Cinemas cheap tickets

Until the 12th of March, Village Cinemas has a buy one adult get one adult ticket offer. Catch is, you’ve got to hold a free Village membership. Pity, its not valid on Monday (public holiday) or Tuesday, but today, two went in for a movie, for a mere $15.50.

Watch out for this Sunday’s Herald Sun

Herald Sun is giving out a DVD with this coming Sunday’s paper. It is supposed to consist of trailers of popular programs on Channel Ten’s as well as an entire episode of the latest NCIS.

Anything to sell the papers.

Free Slurpees

Sure everyone knows Melbourne Cup Day is tomorrow but did you know Free Slurpee Day (Happy 7/11 Day) is this Wednesday?

How It Works:

WHEN: Wednesday 7th November – between 7am and 11pm

HOW: Go into any 7-Eleven and say to the person behind the counter, “Happy 7-Eleven Day” – and then you’ll get a FREE small Slurpee!

WHERE: Any 7-Eleven store, limit of one small Slurpee per customer per store”

The challenge has been set Melbourne. How many free slurpees can you get on Wednesday?

Slurpee [via Ozbargain via JeffreyM]

7/11 Store Locator

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Friday Freebies

free.gifI have been a bit behind in Friday freebies mostly because I haven’t seen any terrific freebies lately. Here’s what we got:

FREE Tickets to the Pregnancy Babies & Childrens Expo

FREE Coffee (voucher) at BB’s Cafe
There are a few locations scattered around Melbourne.

FREE Ubuntu CD
Yes, this has been around for a while but 7.1 of this Linux operating system has just been released to much praise.

FREE Human Genome Landmarks Poster

FREE samples of protein powder for building muscles.
I received my sample the other day and the shakes taste great. As for the muscles, that’s a work in progress.

FREE sample of Diesel Cologne

FREE Australia Olympics Pin

FREE Young Workers poster

FREE very weird Be Safe, Not Sorry Poster

Nothing too great in the list but lately Lifehacker and Defamer have been giving away freebies so check there. I won free passes for the Pixar exhibit just for commenting on a post.

Thanks to the Freebies Blog and to the Whirlpool Freebies thread
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Forbidden Lies

Free things are great. A couple of weeks ago, a freebie was posted on Ozbargain which offered free tickets to a screening of the film Forbidden Lies. I hadn’t heard of this film nor any of the circumstances surrounding the characters in the film but I thought, hey its free, and its near my house, I’ll go.

What I thought would be another artsy fartsy film actually turned out to be a fascinating documentary. Forbidden Lies is an Australian film which seeks out the truth behind Norma Khouri’s bestselling memoir, Forbidden Love. The book centres around an honour killing of a young woman in Jordan. The world loved Norma’s story and she made many appearances in the media. A year after the release, it was uncovered that Khouri was a fraud and that she had made up the whole story. The film gives Norma a chance to prove that the story was real. I would highly recommend seeing this film.

Metro Magazine is running another promotion for FREE TICKETS to a film called “The 11th Hour” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Get you tickets while you can!

The 11th Hour
Village Cinemas-Jam Factory
October 10, 7PM

link [via Ozbargain]

Wikipedia: Forbidden Love

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WARNING: Never buy consumables from Ted’s Camera Stores

Most stores have amazing policies where they price match products, and so forth. Michael’s (even though they are usually over-priced) do this when it comes to camera gear, within reason. Elizabeth Photo Center does this as well. And to the extreme end, Bunnings tends to do this for hardware.

But Ted’s on Elizabeth St.? Yesterday, I bought a CF card for $79.95. I asked the sales guy at Ted’s if he could give me a discount he said no. But he kept on encouraging me to buy it, almost coaxing the sale (you know, there are determined salesmen out there). Without thinking, and wanting to catch an un-crowded train, I did listen to him.

To my dismay, I find them listed at $59.40! I call up Ted’s today, and ask them what their refund’s policy is? A very nice Chris tells me that they are not obliged to give refunds, so there will be no refunds served. While this is true, the ACCC does say “you may still be entitled to seek a refund under a store policy, warranty or guarantee”. The ACCC have a good guide on consumer rights with regards to a refund.

Guess Ted’s doesn’t have a consumer-centric store policy. So beware, they rip you off when it comes to CF cards. I’m inclined to think that memory cards at Ted’s might actually be a bad idea.

Have you been ripped off by a store? Maybe we should start a list of stores that have bad policies towards price-matching/refunds.

Housing investment tip: Clayton today, Berwick tomorrow

If you didn’t already think property prices in Clayton were always on the upward scale, thanks only in part to Monash University, now watch out for parents who have to worry about high schools as well.

By 2010, the John Monash Science School, will host 650 year 10 to 12 students, right on the Clayton campus.

Its no secret that housing prices in neighbourhoods like Glen Waverly and Doncaster are jacked up thanks to the beautiful schooling system that they offer. Consistently gearing in top grades, over-achieving parents will do anything to have their kids there.

Next up: Berwick. Property prices are still cheap(er) there, I say, it’ll be on the upward trend, come 5 years. Still plenty of opportunity there for even paltry sums of $250,000.

Friday Freebies

free.gifIt has been a while since we have done one of these so here are a few good ones that I have come across.

2 burgers for the price of 1 at Hungry Jacks

Just say you want a “2-4-1 XXX Burger”

Well, the story to this is apparently a few years ago, Hungry Jacks ran a promotion and forgot to specify an expiration date to the deal. This deal was accepted without the need to bring in a coupon. The theory is that instead of making an announcement that this is a mistake, they have decided to just let it run. Doesn’t work in food courts or shopping centres but should be accepted in all other Melbourne branches. Doesn’t work with cheeseburgers but does with Whopper, Whopper with cheese, Double Whopper, Bacon Deluxe, Baguettes, Aussie Burger, and Grilled Chicken.

It is specifically confirmed at the following:
Chapel st/malvern rd, Swanston St, Hoddle st, Nepean Hwy, Camberwell, Russell St/Bourke st, Bulleen Plaza, Kings Way, Elgar rd/Burwood Hwy,Whitehorse Rd, Southern Cross station, RMIT, Keysborough, Parkmore, Noble Park.

Credit to Jimma at Zgeek.

5 Free Rentals plus 2 Free Hoyts Movie Tickets

Go to Quickflix and signup with the promotion code “Westclub”. You need a CC for this offer but they won’t charge you. Just make sure you cancel your free trial once you have received your 5 dvds.


15 Free Ratatouille Wildkards

Free business cards with a rat on it. What more could you ask for?


Free Sample of Colgate Toothpaste

Free Sample of Lipton Green Tea


Free T-Shirt

Thanks to the Freebies Blog and to the Whirlpool Freebies thread
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