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How did Petrova Hammond come in third…

…when she’s always experimented with fierce, kooky designs and colours? Or does the fashion industry just pay homage to the safe and commercial look?

Above from left: 1st Runner-up Leigh Buchanan, 2nd Runner-up Petrova Hammond, Host Kristy Hinze and Winner Juli Grbac. Inset Winning designs from Juli Grbac. Image from Brisbane Times

Wait don’t answer that, ‘coz the first winner of Project Runway Australia, Queenslander Julie Grbac played it safe the entire season and won the competition based on the strength of her beautiful but nothing ‘out of the box’ women’s wear.

Monday night’s season finale left a bitter taste in my mouth. Granted, Melbourne representative Petrova was voted out earlier in the show and threw a high dice roll to return to the show. Fate smiled on her and I thought it was down to Petrova or the very stylish Lui Hon (who I thought brought minimalistic style to a whole new level) to win the competition. Had the judges any sense of what a reality fashion show-cum-competition is, our cute-enough-to-eat Petrova should have won by a mile. Why give these designers a chance to show off what they can really do i.e avant-garde, risky and leftfield when all you’re really doing is finding the safest choice?

But kudos to the three finalists. I was an avid (even rabid) fan of the show and did not dispute the credibility of the final three. After putting all the ‘passion in your fashion’, multiple plot twists and ridiculous deadlines, you’d have to applaud them for getting that far.

Petrova Hammond’s boutique Lady is located at Shop 3, 237 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000. Drop in to say hi, congratulate or even tell her what you really thought of Mark Antonio’s hairdo. Or visit the MySpace website here.

Spring Fashion Week

Its this week. Anyone gone? Anyone going? Got stories to tell? Schedule, information, etc. at the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week site. It looks like our very own Gala Darling has some coverage on her blog. Who’s got all the amazing photos? I’ve found Flickr photos from Fashionising to be rather useful.

Remember, there are a lot of free shows during lunch as well, so you might consider visiting them during your lunch hour, if the latest fashion trends interest you.

Okay everyone, the $64,000 question. Who looks better in yellow?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So who looks better in yellow, Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins (top) or Australia’s most famous supermodel Megan Gale (bottom)? My answer is really biased, as I’ve always been a HUGE LUSTY HORNY fan of Jennifer Hawkins. I like to call her ‘My Weakness’, a reference to the Myer ad she appeared in late last year.

So c’mon ladies and gentlemen, step right up and tell us what you think.

PS: Jennifer will yooo marry meeee?!

Queuing up at Target

No, that’s not a line of teenagers waiting to buy a Playstation 3 / Wii. Its a queue of women desperate to get their hands on the new Stella McCartney line at Target.

Picture via Melbourne Today

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Fabulous….it’s so….

Another glass of bubbles?

Why thank you, keep going, a little more……perfect!

It’s day three, and surprise, surprise I’m already salivating over the delicious offerings of our nations best…..All hail Toni….Alice…..Kirrily…Marnie….Tina and of course Camilla & Marc…….more importantly…..all hail Toni…..

Fashion week is here…..oh god….what am I going to wear tomorrow?!?

2007 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

Massive clothing swap at the Melbourne Musuem

In association with the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne Museum presents “My Sister’s Wardrobe”.

It’s a clothing swap on a huge scale — participants are encouraged to bring up to 6 pieces of high quality clothing. When they are donated to the pool, you will receive as many tokens as pieces of clothing you submitted. Then you can essentially “go shopping”, & choose as many other pieces as your tokens will allow.

I think this is going to be incredible, & it’s a piddly $6! There is more information about it here & you need to book your place asap to avoid disappointment! Call 13-11-02 to reserve your place.

Melburnians do it better.

Go Local!

Available at extinct on Brunswick St, Fitzroy. Now go grab your local tee shirt!

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Tezuka – The Marvel of Manga


Any fans of Japanese Manga should not miss this great opportunity to check out a pretty extensive list of manga-associated programs going on at the National Gallery of Victoria. Running till 28 January, exciting events include Manga Drawing Demonstration, Introduction to Tezuka (reference to Osamu Tezuka, the Father of Anime), Anime Mini Film Festival and Retro-Anime Smorgasbord. Click on this link for more information.

I’ll definitely be heading down to the NGV sometime in the next 2 weeks. Killing two birds with one stone, i’ll also be checking out Sneakers: Classics to Customs, an event that was highlighted by Zara a week ago.

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On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me……….

ilovets.JPGI love lots of things, and I’m sure you love someone who loves……

So why not give them a Genki i love tshirt for Chrissie?

They have designs for guys and girls in all the colours of the rainbow.

Designed and made in Australia from supersoft cotton.

Your special someone will love you for it.


On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…….

This week I received a Christmas card from the girls of e.g.etal which was inspiring.

On the back it said things to give that will always be remembered – beautiful jewellery does have that effect.

e.g.etal was founded by two jewellers from RMIT in 1998, to promote and support Australia’s thriving jewellery design movement.

Eight years later, they exhibit works of over 80 Australian and New Zealand contemporary jewellers at two intimate galleries in the city’s laneways.

Handcrafted, the works are inspired by the natural and the man made. The artists explore materials beyond the tradition of metals – silver, gold and platinum – and precious gems to resin, found objects, Perspex, paper and materials found in nature such as stone and sticks.

For this festive season, e.g.etal will be opened every day.

No excuses not to give a gift that will always be remembered.



L-R hand crafted by Joungmee Do and Jennifer Martin, images from e.g.etal
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