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The Coffee Club, Prahran

Today, I had tea at The Coffee Club (250, Chapel St, Prahran). I ordered a Caesar Salad, and was totally blown away by the fact that there were anchovies, a poached egg and some lemon pepper calamari. Totally impressive, for about $15. I used to think Degraves St. was the best place to get this, but clearly, The Coffee Club has trumped it.

Beer? There’s quite a bit, but most are bottled (like my Leffe Blonde). I should have probably tried the amazing range of coffees available (including ice-blended ones), maybe next time.

Service? They mention its full table service, but its definitely under-staffed. Sitting outside, it was almost impossible to get the attention of the waiter. A friend had a pizza, which was a base, with lots of topping – impressive, if a little different.

Will I be going back? Definitely. They bring a unique twist to the food served. Service can be improved, but maybe I should try it during lunch or dinner.

Queen Victoria Night Market

Last night kicked off The Queen Victoria Night Market. Running until the end of February, the market opens every Wednesday night, where you can enjoy a vast array of food from different nationalities. In addition, a live band plays music while you munch. Last night’s was San Lazaro and Guinee Berriffe, a 9 piece Afro-Cuban inspired group. Definitely something you don’t hear everyday.

My one bit of advice is to either get there early or late but not in the middle. The lines can be quite long in primetime (6-9PM).

Queen Victoria Night Market
Wednesdays, 5:30PM-10PM
Until February 27, 2008

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The Deli Counter

There are a lot of things one could complain about such as our erratic trains, the crisis in Burma, or the worm. Lately, my number one gripe has been the deli counter.

In a perfect world, a person rocks up to the deli counter and takes a ticket from the ticket machine. Eventually, both visually and audibly your number is called and you are served by the deli person. It’s a simple and efficient system that even our own government successfully uses around the country.

In our world, well at both Safeway and Coles locations in Melbourne anyway, staff refuse to use this remarkably easy to use system. While I understand it seems pointless to have a ticket system in use when there is only 1 person waiting for service, there is a high probability of multiple persons showing up for service after. Without any system or line the deli counter becomes chaotic.

  • People go to the ticket machine and take a ticket but little do they realize the ticket means nothing.
  • First come, first serve then, right? Nope, there’s the oldies and the greedy who think they deserve first serve. It’s not my fault they say, the system let me down.
  • You think one deli person is going to know who is first out of 15 people waiting? I certainly have a hard time telling myself.
  • Seeing as there are loads of people waiting on the honour system, a decisive employee turns on the ticket system creating “The Tickets vs. The I was here firsts”.
  • Finally, you get your turn but be sure you have your order exactly correct, don’t order multiple things or make the deli person go all the way to the fish section as this will only get you dirty looks from other customers.

At one local Safeway, there weren’t tickets in their ticket machine for at least 2 months! Either serve people with a ticket only or lets form some kind of orderly line.

P.S. Why the hell is the exact same chicken breast $3 cheaper a kilo from the deli counter?

Picture via Tshirtstudio

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Cheap Eats on Slow Sundays

The Docklands is trying to drum up some loyal customers with Slow Sundays.

Each Sunday during August (that’s the 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th) from 12-5pm various restaurants are offering $15 meals with a beer/glass of wine.

Some of the offerings look pretty yummy, though the beer choices seem better than some of the rather pedestrian wines. (I lied, some of them are nice wines.)

More info here and a link to the pdf with the menu selections here.

Bad table manners

A cold Melbourne night, and my partner and I were deciding what to have for dinner. Having just had minor corrective jaw surgery, my partner opted for congee. Afterall, apart from soup, that’s the only food she’s allowed to consume. Solid food ain’t cut it for her still healing jaw.

One of the best places for congee – don’t quote me on that – is Supper Inn in Chinatown. I’ve heard good things about the place so we decided to check it out.

We arrived to find a crowded Supper Inn. I exchanged pleasantries with the waiter and decided to wait for a table for two. Ten minutes later, a couple left. The waiter began clearing the dishes. And then a peculiar thing happened.

The Bogan Burger

I’ve eaten many burgers in my time and have proudly placed highly in eating competitions. For years, I have heard rumors of the Bogan Burger at The Napier but it wasn’t until made a post about it, that I knew I had to take the dive.

What is the Bogan Burger?

  • steak (rump)
  • chicken schnitzel
  • potato cake
  • bacon
  • egg
  • cheese
  • onion
  • pineapple
  • beetroot

sandwiched between a Turkish bread roll and served with wedges and salad.

It will set you back $15.50 and 17,000 7,000 (sorry) kilojoules. Even with a couple of beers, I felt pretty good after eating it, although I didn’t manage to eat anything until the next day.

The Napier Hotel
210 Napier Street, Fitzroy

Picture via

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Dirty restaurants in Chinatown

I eat out, a lot. It sickens me to note that some of the places I eat at, are seriously sick. And I don’t mean that in a cool, street-lingo way.

  • Nam Loong Restaurant, Russell St. – repeat offender, live and dead cockroach/rodent droppings. 2004 was their previous lucky year, when someone found a cockroach ina  meal. Remind me again never to eat there, ever.
  • Jenny Pan’s Beijing Hot Pot and Dumpling Cafe, Russell St. – I like dumplings, but I don’t recall ever eating here. Have you?

Wouldn’t have seen this online, if I didn’t read todays dead tree edition of the newspaper.

If you have other dirty restaurant stories that could be of public interest, don’t hesitate to comment here. Photos, videos, etc. are also accepted. I for one would welcome a list of previously marked dirty restaurants, so that people think twice before visiting them…

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Happy Birthday Buddha!

07%20Buddha%20Day%20Logo%20email.jpgneomien has dropped into the ether of the net…..

Not quite, I’ve been working hard at putting a little birthday party together!

It’s going to be huge……have a look at the program.

There’s an Interfaith Prayer Ceremony at 1pm on Saturday 19th, a Baby Blessing Ceremony at 2pm on Saturday 19th, a huge World Peace Blessing Ceremony at 10am on Sunday 20th at a special Buddha’s Stage in the centre of the Square.

Vegetarian delights on the River Terrace and a free program of events in BMW Edge called The Ch’an of Tea, Flower and Music.

Check out the participative art installation The Bodhi Tree – Field of Enlightenment and the kids Ch’an Tea Ceremony and art exhibition Friends from afar at ArtPlay.


Where else but in Melbourne…………….
2007 Buddha’s Day and Multicultural Festival

The milk delivery is back!

Do you remember the days when your milk is delivered every morning?Or are we all too young to have those memories? Anyway, I had a pamphlet in my mailbox stating that the milkman is back! Was he ever there?

Country Breakfast promises to deliver fresh milk, bread, orange juice and other breakfast essentials every morning right to your front door in a cooler bag. Unable to find prices on their website but I can only assume the prices might be slightly higher than those of the supermarkets.

I’ve not seen any delivery in my area but maybe I’m not waking early enough to catch the delivery person.

The Grand Tofu

While not the first time at The Grand Tofu, I should probably state that as an eatery, its a pretty nice place to go to. Located smack in the middle of Glen Waverly (nearby the train station), Shop 5, 53 Kingsway, is generally brimming with a crowd.

Why, you ask? Wide variety, of cheap food. Their famous “young tofu” (sic.) comes with either curry, soup or laksa, and includes six ingredients you pick up from the bain marie. These include stuffed chillies, tofu, stuffed peppers, fish balls, dumplings, and so much more. Whats more is they throw in noodles – all for a meagre $8.50.

How’s the place like? Decor is simple, its always bustling, there are some paintings of Malaysia to stare at, but beyond that you go get your own cutlery, water, bowls, and condiments. A bit like a canteen in that sense, food is delivered to your table, and they all come out at pretty much the same time.

If yong tau foo isn’t what you’re after, they have a wide, and varied menu offering lots of other food items – nasi lemak, kueh teow, and so forth. Pay the Grand Tofu a visit, for a good, cheap, healthy, and delicious meal!

The Grand Tofu is located at Shop 5, 53 Kingsway, Glen Waverly. It is open daily, from 10am – 10pm. Reservations are not necessary. They do take-out, as well. They can be reached at 9574 7676.

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