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Melbourne Metrobloggers Meetup: In Photos

’twas at Joe’s Garage. Was fun. Was all Sunday afternoon. The others had various reports: best cafes, meetup (photo!), grub eating, live blogging.

the metrobloggers

The MetroBloggers

I’ll share a bit, via photos. The Melbourne Metblogs Meetup at Joe’s Garage set. I have a video that needs to be YouTube-d soon…

Public service

John helps a lady find sarees on Brunswick St!

Where’s my little lamb?

Image taken by toolmantim on flickrlambs.jpg

Noticed today that Lamb’s on Commerical Road, South Yarra is all boarded up. A group of lads filled a skip with bricks two skips from the drycleaners.

No more delicious late night souvas to soak up all that drink or give you that extra boost before you pass out on some flat, preferably soft surface.

Mind you, in my old age – I’ve found that consuming a full souva at 3am a little too much.

So my late night fav has been the deconstructed chicken souv, a mid sized foil container crammed with melt in your mouth, freshly shaved chicken pieces dripping with jus and a generous squeeze of fresh lemon; a round of toasted pide, conveniently cut into quarters and a tub of garlic sauce. Mmmmmmmm

I know, I know, protein and carbs – not the most balanced meal – but in the early hours the salad just doesn’t do it for me…..

Seems to be a bit of action on Chapel ole Windsor way.

Building opposite Husk (?) cafe – I’m an Orange gal – is up for lease. Think it’s zoned for retail…….Mulatto has a strong following.

Looks like Prahan/Windsor is up for a makeover.

Fingers crossed the amazing shoe man, that all good Melbournian gals who love their shoes swear by, doesn’t get booted out!

food glorious food

image by reinar on flickr

food.jpg neomien has been kicking round the city, dealing with life offline. Not much of an excuse, but you know how it goes.

One of the most wonderful things about melbourne is the food glorious food.


The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is coming to a close, replete with well satisfied swollen bellies and tastebuds tantalised.

An aunt of mine was in town recently and I took her on a mini tour of my favorite spots, eating and drinking that is. Yes, I’m a bit of a f**die – I suspect most of us are…’s a melbourne thing.

We’re spoilt for choice, so spoilt.

And the beauty of it is that it doesn’t matter what your budget is, you’re bound to find something delish to suit……and no, fastfood does NOT count…….unless you count a quick fresh soft shelled crab hand roll from Kenzan @ GPO or a reviving lamb souv dripping with garlic sauce in the early hours from Stalactites.

In my next couple of posts I’m going to reveal a few of my favs for all occasions……I’d love for you to share your favs with me too……cause there’s nothing I love more than finding a new haunt.

ps. The above pic is taken from the kitchen table of ole skool establishment Pelligrini’s Espresso Bar, home of killer coffee – the good stuff and pasta just like nonna makes.

Metroblogging Melbourne Meet up!

in keeping with john’s and my attempt to spam the metroblog with constant updates of our meet up

Charles and Gala
Charles and Gala!

“We are eating some grub!”

Present today are Ronny, Janice, Colin, Gala and I.

Gala’s having a bowl of thin chips with Heinz ketchup and sour cream, Colin’s having a medium seafood pizza, Janice’s tucking into her eggs benedict and Ronny’s refusing to drink his watermelon algae-shit.

I’m having a chocolate mocha, iced.

We are blogging LIVE! from Joe’s Garage right now!!

Hey everyone!

the team from Melbourne Metroblog are now gathered in Joe’s Garage, Brunswick Street. We are blogging LIVE!, simultaneously and disrespectfully :O

If you are in the vicinity, swing by, say hi, grab a drink and tell us how much we RAWK!!

Finally, meet the bloggers!

If you have anything special to do on Sunday, drop your plans now because we have something more special for you:

Melbourne Metroblogging Meet-up
Date: 25 March 2007
Time: 12 p.m.
Venue: Joe’s Garage, 366 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

The Melbourne Metrobloggers will be having a meet-up at Joe Garage @ Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. However, this is more than just an ordinary meet-up because they will not only be getting drunk or chit-chatting or feeding themselves, but also blogging live! We are also anticipating a mysterious beta entry but you WILL have to join us to be the first ones to know what we have behind the curtain.

Do come and share your wisdom with us so that we can make this blog a better place for you to hang out.

Hey Melbourne! Come write for us.

Dear Readers,

Metroblogging Melbourne is growing… QUICKLY! To facilitate this, we are looking for more enthusiastic bloggers to come aboard and write interesting entries for us. As a Metroblogger volunteer, you will be free to write about whatever you want as long as it has some connection to Melbourne, but you must post AT LEAST three times a week. You also must live in or around Melbourne. Other than that, it’s open season!

We only have a few spots, so if you are interested, you need to move on this NOW! We will only be accepting applications until March 30 at noon, so drop us a line before then. Include the following:

– Full Name
– Writing or blogging history if applicable (if you have not written for a blog before that doesn’t mean we will not consider you!)
– A short explanation of why you would be a good blogger with us

That’s it! To apply, send an email to . We also welcome any questions that you may have. We are excited to hear from you.

– The Metroblogging Team

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St. Patrick’s Day and Metroblogging Signs

St. Patrick’ Day is an annual feast day which celebrates the death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. For most in the world, its a day where everyone wants to be Irish. Even with the F1 Grand Prix, FINA World Championships and NAB Grand Final occurring on the same day, every Irish pub in Melbourne was packed.

There is no better time to promote Metroblogging when you have a pub full of dressed up, drunk people. We couldn’t decide between the best picture, so it’s a tie between “Kiss me, I’m Irish” girl and “The Leprechaun”.

St Patricks Day 066

St Patricks Day 081

If anyone wants to submit a picture of yourself or a landmark (not Photoshopped) next to a Metroblogging sign, feel free to submit it and we will post it. More photos from Pugg Mahones below:

St Patricks Day 055 St Patricks Day 054 St Patricks Day 053 St Patricks Day 048 St Patricks Day 019

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Fabulous….it’s so….

Another glass of bubbles?

Why thank you, keep going, a little more……perfect!

It’s day three, and surprise, surprise I’m already salivating over the delicious offerings of our nations best…..All hail Toni….Alice…..Kirrily…Marnie….Tina and of course Camilla & Marc…….more importantly…..all hail Toni…..

Fashion week is here…..oh god….what am I going to wear tomorrow?!?

2007 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

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