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TAC Ad – Pictures of You

picturesof-youThe TAC has run some pretty emotional and effective ads in its time.  “Pictures of you” has to be one of the saddest in my recent memory. The TAC has set up a website where you can find out more about each story featured in the advertisement. What’s really interesting is the choice of song for the ad and a little bit of Melbourne history behind it.

“Pictures of You” was originally sung by The Cure at a much faster tempo. Local artist, Angie Hart was commissioned by the TAC to do a remake of the song. According to her blog, when she first saw the video she cried (and that’s without the sad music).  Her bio on Wikipedia is an interesting read:

The family moved to Tasmania while Hart was still a baby where they lived in a Christian commune until she was 10 years old. They then moved to Melbourne to join another commune where they remained until Hart was 15 when, with the separation of her parents, the family left the church altogether.

It was this family disruption which led Hart to the Punters Club, a live music venue on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, one of Melbourne’s eclectic and bohemian inner suburbs. She frequented the venue to play pool and drink, though she was still under the legal drinking age. It often fell to bartender Simon Austin to eject her from the premises. Hart’s older sister was also bartending at the Punters Club in 1989 and when Austin, a guitarist and songwriter, mentioned he was starting a band and looking for a singer, Becky Hart suggested her little sister Angie.

The Punter’s club hosted many famous Australian bands in it’s time including Augie March, Jimmy Eat World, and Powderfinger. In 2002, it closed down and has been running as Bimbo Deluxe.  Most recently, the owner of Bimbo Deluxe, Cornerstone Hotels, has been put into receivership putting into question the future of Bimbos as well as a few other famous pubs around Melbourne.

By having my computer next to my television, I’ve learned a lot more about Melbourne today. Angie Hart is playing tonight at the Toff in Town.

Angie Hart

Youtube: The Cure-Pictures of You

Youtube: TAC Ad-Pictures of You

TAC: Pictures of You

the land of little rain.

It has been raining a bit in the city in the past few days. Well, its not really rain rain, and it really is just a bit. maybe a little drops of water here. and a bit more there.

All part of that four seasons in a day cliche I suppose. The age old conundrum of the Melburnian resident.

The Whitlams apparently weighed in on the topic back in 1998, in their song ‘Melbourne’. Their response : Melbourne’s a ‘rainy city’. Save the title, the song doesn’t mention us by name, and its more about being in love with ‘this [quirky] girl, and her town as well’. Have a watch :

The Whitlam\'s Melbourne on youtube.

Sure is catchy tune. And its so, simplistically happy. If I were to guess, and I mean a shot in the dark, hands tied behind my back, aiming at the toilet with the seat down, blindfolded kind of guess, the interesting girl probably is an avatar for Melbourne itself.

Heh. Okay, so even a drunk year 12 Xavieran can make that connection. But it really is a good song, however you interpret it. And any mayor-elect that promises to make this our City Anthem will have my vote!

Your Agenda: Dan Deacon

I just got back from Dan Deacon’s show at the Evelyn. There were some technical difficulties, but his showmanship kept people from getting antsy.

And after that, he put on a damn fine show.

If you’re going to the St. Jereome’s Laneway Festival tomorrow (and tickets have been sold out for… oh, months), make sure you check him out. Just goes to show that we’re not all so bad in Los Estados Unidos.

If you were there, what’d you think? For the rest of you, what shows have you been to that rocked? Feel free to pay out the ones that sucked, too.

ps – Dan’s playing a Tuesday show as well, but I’m not telling you where (because I’m selfish and don’t want you buying my ticket). You’ll have to ask around…

John Cage’s Friday Night Musicircus

John_Cage_pl2.jpgJohn Cage is the fabulous American composer who came up with the technique of ‘prepared piano’. He used different objects in the strings to completely and wonderfully change the sounds we’ve come to associate with the instrument. His most famous work is probably ‘4:33’, a piece in which no notes are played.

I love 20th century music, but, generally, Bartok is about as wacky as I like my classical music. But I LOVE John Cage. His piece are weird and fun, but also incredibly enjoyable.

As part of the Arts Festival, Fed Square is hosting John Cage’s Musicircus this Friday at dusk through til dawn the next morning.

There’ll be lots of different art, music theater, film and dance going around all over the Square. Food and drinks are available to keep you going straight on through dawn.

I’m really excited about this. It looks like heaps of fun.

John Cage’s Musicircus
List of artists performing
John Cage Wiki


I have had the Telstra “Spread the Good Stuff” commercial’s music as my ringtone for awhile now. While I had ripped mine off the TV advertisement a few days after it first started running (it was so bloody boppy I could not get enough of it), Telstra was so overwhelmed by requests to have the song made downloadable that they had Nylon Studios commissioned to produce an actual song.

Hence, now, from a 40 second commercial track, it has been made into a proper three minute song titled, “Sunkissed”. In my opinion though, it was better kept at 40 seconds.

If you are in love with it too, or want to find out what the fuss over a “song” is about, check out Telstra’s Spread the Good Stuff website:

Cost of nightclubs going up

Do you like to hit the nightclubs? I’d suggest taking an interest in how the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia has decided to charge for music. Currently, establishments pay 7 cents per person, for music played, but this has just increased to $1.05/person/night.

Increases in costs are never borne by the club, but by you, the attendee/clubber. This means a greater cover charge, or a greater cost in drinks.

If you think you’re safe because you’re vice-less, watch out as the PPCA are also attacking fitness centres – 96c/class to $31!

Further reading

Martinis and Bones Tonight


Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra are playing this evening at the Evelyn. I’ve never actually seen them, but met Mr. Martini when he rocked up to my patch of grass out the front and declared we were neighbours. We then shared a couple bottles of wine and tunes of his amazing gramophone. The wine was delicious, so I’m repaying with a plug.

They’re a six-piece gypsy rock band (Martini described them as a “circus band”) and sound like heaps of fun. If you haven’t settled on plans for tonight, may I suggest a trip to the Evelyn at 9pm. It costs $10 to get in.

If you can’t get in tonight, they’re playing again in Geelong next weekend!

Last night for the Night Market at Queen Vic Market

nightmarketCan’t be bothered cooking tonight or just looking for something different to eat? After 2 months, the Suzuki Night Market at Queen Victoria Market is closing tonight. There is free entertainment, wine, and of course a wide selection of food.

Tonight’s music lineup sound pretty interesting:

‘Super Afro Mandinko’ – funky 9 piece electric Afro-fusion band…

‘African Drummers’ – experience the splendour of the music from the courts of Ghana, West Africa and traditional percussion, song and dance…

Suzuki Night Market
Queen Victoria Market
5:30PM-10PM Tonight

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St Jeromes Laneway Festival

It’s on again, courtesy of our own alley phenomenon St. Jeromes.

It’s hard to believe you get to see the best indie line up in the world playing in usually derelict laneways and thoroughfares – it’s absurd and only for the creative of mind and those that seek out something far removed from the typical festival experience… It makes us laugh, but boy is it cool to see this event unfold and even better to watch how much fun people have, tucked away in an inner city laneway, having a few cocktails while hanging with mates and watching a truly special line up!

st jerome’s

Tkts are only available for Sunday…..check out the lineup and get in quick….

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival
MOSHTIX (03) 9017 1125, or from all MOSHTIX friendly outlets Polyester, St Jeromes and all the Fat Stores.
$72.50 + booking fee

Street Bands

one thing i really like about melbourne is the amount of musical talent on the streets. just go to Bourke Street just outside myers any day of the week in the afternoon and evening and there’ll bound to be some great music act playing live.

street band

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