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Black is the new eh…Black


If there’s any doubt that Melburnians love the colour black, just have a look at the tram stop one fine weekday morning. A tram had malfunctioned (what’s new, if it’s not Connex, it’s Yarra Trams) and her passengers were caught ‘in the crossfire.’ Apart from a few splashes of colour, just about everyone is decked out in black. Why do Melburnians love black so much? Surely the slimming properties and easy-to-match rumours are just old wives tales?

Double Rainbow


Spotted a double rainbow last Thursday evening at around 5.15pm after work in Doncaster. Beautiful hues across a red sky, coupled with a freezing cold snap that’s been gripping Melbourne for the best part of three months now. Guess we can’t have everything.

Where Art Thou Week 16: John Darling & Son Flour Mill


Brett scored top points for correctly guessing (and really quickly too) this week’s locale. I took this picture on this Tuesday morning after a quick stop at Bunnings. Was bored waiting for the train, so I thought why not rekindle my Where Art Thou post.

An iconic building for the best part of a century, John Darling & Son Flour Mill is located along the Sunshine end of Ballarat Road, right next to Albion station. Listed on the Victorian Heritage Council’s Heritage Register, the building is one of the most elaborate brick mills built in the early 20th century Victoria. The Darling family also played a large role in the Australian milling industry.

Yet another Sydenham line screw up


Here’s a scene we see so very often in Melbourne: coked-up addicts in trains. Or something along those lines. This bloke held up an entire train, which was forced to stop at St Albans station. The driver failed to rouse him from his stupor. Passengers were asked to leave the train and board the next train while paramedics took their own sweet time to arrive.

Connex staff told me to fuck off before I could take the picture from another angle. Oh well. At least I got the picture :O

Ominous-looking clouds


Inauspicious dark clouds hanging really low across the suburb of Cairnlea. It’s been really wet and cold these few days. Don’t forget your umbrella or stylish raincoat when you head out! And above all, stay warm.

More fog

fog cairnlea

Just an add on to Darren’s fog post (and mine several days back). The annual Fog Festival has descended upon our shores again. Drive slowly and carefully, and remember, do not turn on those pesky high beams. Image was taken Sunday night in Cairnlea at 11.30pm, after dinner at a friend’s. The fog makes for pretty pictures, but vision’s obscured to less than 30 feet. As of this morning, the fog’s having a field day with communications and transport.

Rental Crisis in Malvern


With vacancy rates at less than 1%, I’m sure there will be a few looking at this “property”.

via Melbourne Maniac: place for rent

Ban Bikes on Trains


Someone obviously got their wires crossed when they lifted the ban on bikes on trains. Simon caught this great moment at South Yarra Station recently.

Motorbike on Connex Train [via Digg]

Lygon Street Memorial


I had a chance to walk down Lygon Street over the weekend. Friends and family of the two killed (Raed “Ali” Marouche & Mohammed Moussa) have erected a memorial on the lamp post. Just meters down the road near the phone box, as seen in the far distance of the photo is the memorial for Damian Cooper. In an even stranger twist, it appears that the driver’s brother died in similar circumstances seven years ago, further up Lygon Street.


Melbourne Metblogs: Change out of a Tragedy and Hoons

Herald Sun: Two sons died on same street

IMG_5510 IMG_5508 IMG_5509

Loud Shirt Day, not Shirtless Day, or whatever…


On a day when swopping your staid work clothes for a loud shirt shows your support for the hearing-impaired people, good senior citizens of Melbourne decide to do swop their everyday wear for a commando look.

Clearly, it seems the only way to get anyone in Melbourne to take notice is to go topless. No doubt inspired by our Indian cab drivers several weeks ago, I think it’s about time someone put an end to all the topless shenanigans. It’s funny now, old people going topless, but who gona laugh when there are topless International Students demanding concession tickets and equality with Australian students?? Or topless Sydenham line passengers wanting an extension to Zone 1 stations to Watergardens as Sydenham currently has the least number of Zone 1 stops? How about topless motorists staging a protest against higher fuel prices? Are we gona have a topless protest just coz Mr John Smith isn’t happy?

How about just going completely nude? That’ll make a statement.

Image from The Age.

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