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Moving more people everyday

Following Adrock’s post on Melbourne’s railway overhauls, I caught the the new Connex advertisement on TV one evening and it rocks my socks. Of course, everyone still hates Connex anyway.

It’s a great PR campaign for a network that is constantly failing, though – just blame the city that is growing exponentially.

Imagine if tomorrow you had to move a city,
Take nurses to hospitals, school kids to schools,
Futures analysts to, well… wherever it is futures analysts go.

Imagine getting all these people,
Hundreds and thousands of them to where they needed to be.
That’s what Connex does everyday.

It’s a big job, and as Melbourne grows it’s getting bigger.
Which is why we’re making changes to the network,
Adding more carriages, more staff and more services.
You can see our new plan at

Connex – We’re moving more people everyday.

And the score that plays throughout the advertisement reminds me of the theme from Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. Though, when the tractor in the advertisement stopped at the intersection (when everyone turned to stare in awe at the speeding Connex train), I was half-expecting a semi-trailer to come running into it and turn it into an advertisement for safe driving.

See the advertisement on Connex’s site here:

Canal Road Premieres Tonight


I love TV shows such as CSI and ER but they could write anything about Las Vegas or Chicago and I wouldn’t know any better. Then there’s Canal Road, which was shot in and around Melbourne. It was almost a year ago since I saw them filming on my street and the promos are making it look like a pretty cool series. Critics have chalked it up to be a combination of Underbelly (which I thought was great) and The Secret Life of Us.

The show premieres 8:30 tonight but is also available to watch for free on NINE’s website. Strangely enough, NINE’s site says: You can also copy and share each episode or even distribute the files via file-sharing applications, such as Bit Torrent. Please note this series is only available to viewers in Australia and New Zealand.

Ah right, like everyone did with Underbelly. Except because of the DRM, you can’t watch this from overseas.


NINE: Canal Road

Melbourne Metblogs: Canal Road

What’s all the fuss about?!

I’m possibly the only Victorian who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Underbelly. I care about it so much, I haven’t even seen it. At my housewarming party several weeks ago, the blokes were sitting around the barbie talking about which mafia leader eating what pasta dish at that Lygon Street joint.

I guess that’s completely relevant ‘coz they grew up in Melbourne and Mr ABC of ABC Drug Cartel used to make headlines and they grew up watching and reading up on them on the media. Perhaps they left out how they spent $10 a week on dope from the local deli just round the corner from here.

The only gangland killers I know are the teenage wannabes from Merrylands High School who surrendered themselves to the coppers the moment they turned up. What idiots. They didn’t even get to damage some public property before they were arrested. Pfft.

But hey, looks like Underbelly will now be shown in other parts of the world. That might just spur me to watch it at your nearest pay-per-view channel in Asia when I visit my relos. Yup, ‘coz that’s so much easier than driving to my mate’s place in NSW for the same reason.

adrock2xander still hasn’t seen Underbelly.

Watch it: Underbelly

Before the brouhaha that occurred involving the legal injunction against airing Underbelly in Victoria, I was only slightly interested in watching the series. But with all the hype and the absolutely ridiculous decision to ban of the show, I couldn’t resist and downloaded it from channel #BT. Surely people know the difference between fact and fiction, television and real life? Hasn’t there been loads of coverage including news stories, books, and even impersonations on comedy shows of Tony Mokbel?

In any case, download the ep here (via Bittorent).

The Age: Online Viewers defy Underbelly ban

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Sydney vs. Beckham

What the hell was that?

I’m not even sure you can even call that a soccer (football) game. Surely Channel 10 could have just had Beckham shoot goals by himself for 90 minutes. Never have I heard such crap commentary nor have I heard the word Beckham mentioned so many times in a game. For those who didn’t keep count, his name came up every 45 seconds (I really counted). Doesn’t matter that Sydney scored 5 goals, let’s keep showing Beckham. Let’s interview Juninho about what he thinks about Beckham. Oh and let’s keep the camera aimed at his arse for most of the time.

Words can’t even express how cheesy, moronic, and set up this game was. This is one event that I’m glad Melbourne didn’t host.

Image via AP

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Harold Holt: Suicide, Spy, or Accident?

Harold Holt was an interesting figure in the Australian political landscape. His accomplishments include the planning and preparation of the decimal currency, breaking down the White Australia Policy, and including indigenous Australians (Aboriginals) in the census. Despite that, he is world famous for his sudden death less then two years into being Prime Minister.

On the morning of December 17, 1967, he went for a swim at Cheviot Beach near Portsea. Despite advice from friends who were with him that day, he went out into the water known for strong currents and dangerous rip tides and never came back. His body was never found which has caused many conspiracy theories to develop in the 40 years since his disappearance.

One such theory is that he spent his lifetime as a spy for the Chinese. ASIO found out about this and was going to make an arrest in a few days. So on the day of his disappearance, he swam out and a Chinese submarine collected him. Sounds likely.

In a TV special premiering Tuesday and hosted by Ray Martin, the mystery around Holt’s disappearance will be further examined. This time the theory of his death is suicide. Unlikely? Yes, but more plausible then a Chinese submarine taking him away.

Who Killed Harold Holt?
9:35PM, CH 9

The Bulletin:Sex, Lies, and Suicide

Wikipedia: Harold Holt

Harold Holt Murder
(Good for a laugh. “Holt was murdered, because he was opposed to American bases such as Pine Gap being built on Australian soil”)

Picture is of the Harold Holt Swim Centre in Glen Iris. Oh, the irony. Taken by fotodudenz.

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The AFC Asian Cup 2007

I don’t know how many follow soccer, but there was a great match a while ago, with Thailand vs. Australia. We whopped them, with a 4-nil score (Socceroos come good to advance). This I guess is better than the 3-1 beating we took against Iraq!

Sadly, the Asian Cup doesn’t seem to be broadcast on free to air TV… Fox Sports 2 has it live though.

Canal Road

Nothing too interesting happens in Carlton North. It’s generally a quiet and mostly residential area. Much to my surprise when coming home this evening, I saw huge lights and many people gathered around a couple of nice houses on Drummond Street.

Super sleuth Neil went to investigate and apparently Channel Nine is filming a new show called Canal Road. It’s a legal and medical drama filmed around Melbourne and according to sources (a security guy on the street) it has a “CSI” feel to it. It stars Brooke Satchwell (Matt Newton’s ex punching bag) and is premiering in 2008. Let’s hope it does well so we can see our great city featured every week.

The Daily Telegraph: Brooke’s kiss of life

Picture via Herald Sun

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The Chaser at the Logies

On Sunday night the Logie awards were hosted at Crown Casino in Melbourne, and last night the Chaser’s War On Everything broadcast their own footage of the night, including a series of creative pranks.

Michael Bodey and Amanda Meade at the Australian describe part of what happened;,20867,21695696-7582,00.html. And during last night’s broadcast, an off-hand reference was made to singer/songwriter/comedian Andrew Hansen being absent from the show, ‘still detained by Logies security’.

So is it true? Not that he’s been detained by Logies security, of course, but that they had some sort of legal problem? Fellow comedian Chas Licciardello was only recently found innocent of wrongdoing after handing out fake weapons before a football match (to poke fun at the alleged violence of some Bulldogs fans), so it wouldn’t be the first time they’d had some pseudo-legal troubles with one of their pranks. I was wondering if anyone out there knew if there was a story behind this – or am i just drawing too much from an off-the-cuff joke?


It’s been a while since I last posted here, but I’ll cite being busy as a reason. All that aside, the real reason for being away is that I’ve been on vacation like most of everyone else, taking up time during the school holidays and Easter.

Being utterly tired, I turned on the idiot box, and found a rather interesting show, others living in Melbourne might appreciate: Postcards. Sundays, 5.30pm, Channel 9, just for a half an hour. The Otways were featured in the last episode, and it was rather refreshing, especially since I was visiting just that in the previous week. Will write more about the trips soon, but in the meantime, don’t forget to catch the 300th epsiode of Postcards next week on Sunday. And if you’re by a newsagent, take a gander at the magazine (I know I will – was looking for it at the airport’s newsagent today, to no avail.)

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