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Free on conditions …

That one is able to catch some form of public transport today. The only form of transport which I didn’t have any problems catching today, was the bus, travelling from station to station.

At the time of penning this post, the city loop was closed or shut down due to a massive power failure. Most if not all the lines are affected. From where I was left stranded, I had the impression most or all the lines are completely down, and no trains were running.

The whole situation worsened as power outages affected many suburbs, including mine, in the outer western area. Just what else can go wrong today? And its not even Friday the 13th. If only I had taken that ferry heading towards Tasmania …

News Links
The Age “Rail network meltdown
Herald Sun “Huge power outage hits Victoria

Free Public Transportation on Friday

Well, I guess you could call this a freebie if you don’t ride the trains every day. After Wednesday and Thursday’s predictable chaos with Connex’s train system (196 311 trains canceled), they have decided to make all public transport free on Friday. According to the Metlink website,

all metropolitan trains, trams and buses, including V/Line trains to and from Sunbury and Melton, will be free from first to last service on Friday 30 January 2009. NightRider buses will be free on Saturday morning, 31 January, until 4.30am. Travel on all V/Line-ticketed regional train and coach services will be free from the first service to the last service on Friday 30 January 2009.

A little bit better than getting a free ice cream.


Free travel on Friday 30 January

What time did you get home tonight?

The temperature soared to 43 degrees at around 5 pm. I certainly didn’t look forward to taking the crowded train home tonight. And with more than 150 train cancellations today, I was sure my train was not going to turn up on time. So, instead, I decided to hang out, stayed late at the office, went to the supermarket and kept to the freezer section, window shopping, did everything to stay cool.

The thermometer showed a high 38 degrees at 9 pm, I’m sure many Victorians are staying cool by staying out of the home, either by choice or because of canceled trains. Many went to the beach, stayed by the river and pretty much hanged out and ate out.

So, what time did you go home tonight?

Blast destroys Connex ticket machine

The attack is the latest in a string of problems for rail operator Connex, which has been under commuter fire for heat and maintenance-related train delays and cancellations.

Here’s another reason why the State Government needs to get their farking act together, remove the ‘exclusiveness’ of premium stations at every major and have ALL stations throughout the network fitted with real human beings.

What’s the point of having fake cameras that do not record, ‘safe’ zones within a yellow box and an emergency red button when ALL other stations are unlit, heavily-graffittied, dirty, smelly and a magnet for trouble, bogans and gangs?

Lynne Kosky the Farkwit, out.

A minister who actually utilizes public transport facilities and understands the deep-seated resentment of Connex and all things public transport, in.

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I missed out on the water and ice cream

Did anyone get the water and ice cream from Connex for trying to ride on their trains yesterday? I boarded from Melbourne Central station, so I guess I missed out on the entire giveaway.

Reading the news article on The Age on train cancellations, a spokesperson for Connex said the giveaway was a once off. Does that mean the cancellations and delay was also just a once off, never to occur again, say today?

I can imagine people fainting in the heat. I took the train in the late afternoon. The train wasn’t overly crowded, I was still able to bag a seat. Unfortunately, the ventilation of the carriage was as good as non existence. The further away from the exits, the worse it gets. It wasn’t until I arrived at my destination, did I realise that it was cooler outside the train than inside. The train carriages having been in the heat for the entire day, is just doing a slow cook, heating everything from the inside out. I imagine if I had left an egg in the carriage in the morning, by evening I would have had a hard boiled egg.

So, dear Connex and state government, if you are going to cook all your passengers and residents in the summer heat, please provide some spices and sauces. A free afternoon snack, in addition to a portable fan and an oxygen tank would be greatly appreciated.

I am NOT looking forward to taking the train today.

It was great for the past 2 weeks

The commute to the city was smooth. The train ride back was fantastic! I was able to find a seat from Melbourne Central station all the way back to Watergardens station during peak hours.

But since yesterday, I guess everyone else is back at work. What with the school holidays, shopping for back to school products, tourists, etc, plus the potential heatwave arriving today, the train commute is going to be a nightmare!

Oh well, such is life!

Free public transport Dec 24 & 25

Connex is definitely getting into the festive season this year and to think I was going to buy a ticket tomorrow. All trains, trams, and buses are free from the first service tomorrow until the last service on the 26th 25th. V/Line trains will be free only on Christmas day. A great little freebie before they raise all of the prices by 5% in the new year. Myki?

Metlink: Public transport this festive season [via Ozbargain]

Connex Freebies

Ho ho ho!

Ho ho ho!

Connex does a great job with it’s website, events, advertisements, and it’s technology. The only thing it can’t do right is run trains in a timely manager but hey, you can’t everything.

All this week, Connex has been offering commuters free coffee and chocolates at various train stations. Tomorrow they will be offering these goodies at Flinders Street station.  In addition to those freebies, the company has started a free rewards club called Connex Plus. The rewards club can get you discounted juice at Boost Juice, 10% off the Eureka Skydeck and various discounts to retailers around the city.

A bit of a wag the dog scenario to distract the ever mounting train chaos but hey I’ve never turned down chocolate.


Free Coffee & Chocolate [via Ozbargain]

Connex Plus [via Ozbargain]

Keep cars out of Swanston Street rally Tuesday 5pm @ Townhall

Human Powered Cycles new shop opening party!

Human Powered Cycles promote and foster sustainable transport with the skill, experience and tooling to repair not replace. As well as their commercial venture and its new shop in Thornbury, there is their community bike work organisation called Community Cycles (38 Harrison Street Brunswick East). Here they coordinate the Charity Bike Project where unloved bike and bike part donations go towards providing transport for Asylum Seekers, refugees, newly arrived migrants, unemployed and homeless persons, as well as low cost transport for struggling students and concession holders. On Mondays volunteers come and help refurbish donated bikes for this project. Community Cycles (as well as Human Powered Cycles) accepts these bike donations any day they are open, so if you have a bike not being used or in disrepair, this is a good place for it.

Help them celebrate the opening of their new shop at 562 High Street, Thornbury tonight from 6pm.

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