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Costco costly: Price Comparison

Melbourne's Costco I haven’t been to the Melbourne Costco yet and based on what I’ve read online, I don’t think I ever will.  Don’t get me wrong, Costco is a great idea and whenever I am in the US, I try visiting there partly out of curiosity and partly to get a large quantity of US only products to bring home. But for a country with very little buying power, general isolation from the world, and the fairly good prices of local markets and Aldi, I don’t see the savvy shopper saving money.

Here’s why.


A knight in blue

I had to verify that its true and it is true. We have a knight in shining blue, a Sir Ken Jones to be exact. He is the latest deputy commissioner of crime of the Victoria Police.

I like him. A bit different and because he is an outsider, he is yet to be affected by corruption allegations and in fightings within the force. According to The Age, he rides a Harley Davidson and dares to try different things to reduce crime and corruption.

For some strange reason, he reminds me of Simon Pegg in the movie Hot Fuzz.

a famous tour guide.

alan joyce explains something about cricket

alan joyce explains something about cricket

howdy melbourne.

so i have finally gotten to post here. i have some thoughts about geelong, my home away from home to post in the near future, but for now i wanted to tell you all about a neat little occurrence that happened on my day outing to melbourne today.

of the things i really wanted to do in melbourne today – a tour of the world-famous melbourne cricket grounds was top on my list. now as an american i am completely baffled by cricket, but also absolutely fascinated by it. whenever i am in a commonwealth country i always turn on cricket and watch and try to decipher the code that seems so remote to me.

so when i heard that for 15 aussie dollars i could tour the melbourne cricket ground, you better believe that this shot to the top of the list.

and it didn’t disappoint. a match was going on between south australia and victoria in some tournament called the sheffield cup (cricket apparently has more tournaments than soccer) and so there was action on the grounds.

we got a great view of it and a great view of the stadium from all angles and deck. and it is breathtaking. an amazing facility with amazing views of melbourne and the field. i was having a grand time.

and then a guy on the tour tapped me and told me we had a famous guide. seriously. apparently our guide was a coach that had won the australian rules football premiership a couple of times. i looked him up, alan joyce, and sure enough he has.

according to the guys on my tour he volunteers at the cricket ground giving tours to give himself something to do. they made sure that i understood that this was a pretty big deal. they realized i was american and might not grasp it ;-)

that’s him up there in the picture explaining something to me about the second english side in australia. see, i am getting this terminology.

also, the afl was hosting a coaches seminar there and according to my tour mates they saw at least three other big name afl coaches running around the place

not bad at all and a neat side anecdote to a great tour.

just for the hell of it, here’s a pic of yours truly enjoying a little of the cricket.

enjoying a little cricket

enjoying a little cricket

It was great for the past 2 weeks

The commute to the city was smooth. The train ride back was fantastic! I was able to find a seat from Melbourne Central station all the way back to Watergardens station during peak hours.

But since yesterday, I guess everyone else is back at work. What with the school holidays, shopping for back to school products, tourists, etc, plus the potential heatwave arriving today, the train commute is going to be a nightmare!

Oh well, such is life!

Southern Star Observation Deck

Big Wheels Keep on Turnin'

Big Wheels Keep on Turnin

Although very similar sounding to a location you’d expect on the starship Enterprise, it’s actually that huge ferris wheel in Docklands. As of tomorrow, it will be open for business so you can get that great view of…umm…the docks? I’m still not convinced on Docklands as a city destination for entertainment. Lygon Street=Italian Feel, Chapel Street=Ritzy Feel, Swanston Street=Student Feel, Docklands=No feeling at all. Despite being the red headed step child of Melbourne, only time will tell with the addition of an ice rink and a Costco soon.

Like the Eureka Tower, expect to see a marriage proposal on tomorrow night’s news (Adrock, you should have held out a bit longer).


Southern Cross Observation Deck [via The Age]

Adult: $29 / $58 (no waiting in line)

Keep cars out of Swanston Street rally Tuesday 5pm @ Townhall

Fare Evaders! Who’d you call? GHOSTBUSTERS!



Here’s a funny one for all those who refuse to take public transport (admit it, you’re one of several millions in Melbourne who’ve swore allegiance to your car). I picked up this ghost buster brochure (right: series 6 of 10 Passenger Card) while travelling through the city last week and was laughing my head off just reading it.

In an attempt to ‘revive’ interest in tram transport, Yarra Trams has launched a Did You Know? series of competition where regular all you’ve to do is answer a simple question and a 16GB iPod Touch and a monthly metcard is potentially yours. But who cares about the freebies when the flipside of the brochure just makes your day?!

I like how we're talked down like we're stupid. So. Epic. Funny.

I like how we're talked down like we're stupid. So. Epic. Funny.

Keep a look out for other Passenger Cards out in the trams. I brought one home and pinned it on my wall ‘coz it really made my day. Kudos to the team who came up with it. Watch out fare evaders! :O

Check out the Yarra Trams website for more funny brochures and win some awesome prizes here.

Reach out to a stranger…

There’s a bloke who frequents the top of the stairs of the Macarthur street exit of Parliament station every morning. His name is Bryce and he sells the Big Issue. He used to tend the door at the Windsor across the street; and no doubt has plenty of stories to tell.

There are plenty of people in the city who also sell the Big Issue and just like Bryce, they have just as many people saying hi, as people walking past them every day without acknowledging their “Hello’s” and “Good afternoon’s”.

I feel bad when I don’t have the cash on me to buy a copy or when I’ve already bought the latest issue, but I learned a while ago that it’s OK to stop and chat sometimes – just because.

I think a lot of people look down because they can’t buy a copy that day, or because they are in too much of a hurry, or maybe because they’re tight, or don’t like them.

Whatever the reason, maybe it’s time you got to know one of these people. You don’t need to invite them home for dinner, but perhaps you could spare a few words now and then.

I reckon it might benefit both of you :)

Last day to donate

Today is the last day of June, it is also the last day of the 2007 financial year. Today is the last day to donate to obtain a tax deduction for the 2007 financial tax year. So, final opportunities to donate to charities!

There are many charities who will be grateful for donations. Below are some of them, the list is not extensive.

"wtf… fog."

Nightmare on Elm Street.That was the message I got over MSN on Sunday evening. I was out the entire day though, and did notice the rather apparent foggy-ness, so I quickly dismissed my friend with a “been there, seen it” gesture.

Until I looked out my window.

And realised all I could see… was… wait – I could not actually see anything.

On the right was the junction of Swanston Street and Queensberry Street. I swore there are buildings on the sides and somewhere up the front.

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